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When you tell someone you're going to do something, you do it!

Note from Coach Laurie: Parents & Swimmers, I found this in my email inbox this morning and quite enjoyed the lessons for in & out of the pool. It is a nice reminder to myself as a coach to my responsibilities to your children and our expectations at Buckeye. It's also provides a bit of insight into the mind of a coach. Enjoy! By Jackson Leonard Our swim club learned a lesson last week that is worth sharing. John is a great 13 year old boy who has recently found enjoyment in chopping wood and hauling water. It took four months, but he is no longer the stereotypical 12 year old boy and is now a real young person who is loving  training   (vs swimming) and has taken completely to hard work. Occasionally he says something that reminds me he is  barely  13, but for the most part, he's becoming a great guy.  Two Fridays ago, we finished practice with 25's underwater dolphin kick with fins. I made a point to say we w

Championship Meets

Note: If you are not attending you must go through the decline process on Active! All of our Championship meets are now available for sign up through the Active Portal.  All of our Silver & Scarlet swimmers are required to attend Regionals (if age 9-14) and/or Mini Meet (if age 8 & under). The Senior travel trip to Auburn is also available. Please go to the active site today to register. NOTE: Friday preliminary events are in the morning at Regionals.  This means that your children are swimming during the school day. Regional registration is due Feb. 3 Swim Meet Registration Link

January Swimmers of the Meet

Congratulations to our Swimmers of the Meet from January!  We recognize one girl and one boy swimmer of the meet based on time drops, attitude and the work the swimmer put in leading up to the meet. Triple Crown Bobbi Indest - Bobbi had a great meet swimming all best times, achieving new JO time standards and winning the 200 free.  Keep up the good work Bobbi! Elizabeth Passias -after working diligently throughout December, Liz put together a great meet.  She kicked it off with a new event -the 100 fly, then dropped over 38 seconds in her remaining 5 events.  Congrats Liz! Thaine Nederveld - Thaine also swam an all best time meet which included huge drops in his 50 back, 100 free and 200 free.  He now has his sights on JO cuts. Congrats Thaine! Graham Weidenhamer  - Graham had an outstanding meet, dropping A LOT of time in all 6 of his swims. In all he dropped over 24 seconds.  Congrats Graham! Honorable Mention (these swimmers also had all best times at this meet): Briann

TYR Meet Notes

We will update with assigned warm-up times as soon  as we receive those.  Please note that we will not warm-up until 5:00 on Friday. 2 01 3 T Y R Sp or t W i n te r I n v i t a t i o n a l MEET NO T ES             M eet Schedu l e : Fr i day T i m e d F i na l s Wa r m - up 4:30-6:00 p m S t ar t : 6:10pm Sa t urday & Sunday AM P r el i m s Wa r m - up 7:30-8:30 a m S t ar t : 8:40am Sa t urday & Sunday P M P r el i m s Wa r m - up 12:30-1:30 p m S t ar t : 1:40pm Sa t urday F i na l s Wa r m - up 4:30-5:30 p m 1650: 5:30pm Sunday F i na l s Wa r m - up 4:30-5:30 p m S t ar t : 5:30pm ·          A l l e v e n t s o n F r i d a y n i gh t a s w el l a s a l l e v e n t s 2 0 0 yds . o r l ong e r (165 0 fr e e a n d 200s ) o n S at u r d a y m o rn i n g a r e po s i ti v e