Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Summer 2013 Meet Schedule

May 17-19 Cincinnati – two meets
Meet 1: CM Pepsi Cola Spring Invite, all ages, no cuits, timed final
Meet 2: Senior Circuit meet at Powel Crosley YMCA, Senior cuts, prelim/final

May 31-June 2 OSSC Spring into Summer, prelim/final, yards in prelims, LCM at finals

June 14-16 Flag City, timed finals in Findlay

June 21-23 FAST Summer Jam, Fishers (Indy), prelim/final, no cuts

June 26 Ohio open water championships

July 5-7 Mike Peppe*
*We will only take our 13 & overs and any 9-12 year old that is already qualified in the max events at JO's

July 7 BSC summer B meet at Ohio U

July 12-14 Age group regionals @ BGSC

July 18-21 Ohio JO Champs @ Miami

July 25-28 Ohio Senior Champs at Kenyon

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mini Meet Pizza Party

We will have a pizza party after practice on Thursday, 2/28 for all Mini Meet Participants.  Please bring $5 for pizza  and your own drinks for your children.  Thanks and GO BUCKS!

February Swimmers of the Meet!

WOW!!! What a month we had.  I am sometimes left wondering when our kids will stop dropping time. Her are our swimmers of the meet from February - the incredible swimming made for some difficult choices.

TYR Inivitational
Kelly Godfrey went 4 of 5 best times at the TYR meet and along the way learned a lot about her strengths as  swimmer.  This meet set her up for an outstanding Regional where she picked up her first ever JO cut and had near misses in a few others. All in events she would never have considered as her strengths at the beginning of the year.  Congrats Kelly!

Jeremy Baggs had a solid meet with a couple of event wins and 7 of 8 in best times.  During the meet Jeremy was met with a new challenge that he handled with poise & grace beyond his years.  Jeremy's maturity, but ability to keep things fun and in perspective is a part of his success int he pool.  Congratulations Jeremy!

Honorable Mention
The entire meet squad gets honorable mention as we were the top scoring team from Columbus at this meet. Great efforts from everyone to score points and contribute: Jeremy, Chase, Pierce & Reed Bateman, Cheyney & Rheygyn Carr, Maddie Eaton, Kelly, Wesley Hammond, Reece & Wyatt Hanley, Bobbi & Logan Indest, Ellie Ishida, Richard Mazur, Anna, Jack & Michael McGrath, Drew & Thaine Nederveld, Rachel Raque, Payton Roth, Emma & Jack Secrest, Gabrielle & Lincoln Shirley, Macey Swearingen & Arden Tonjes!

Event Winners
Jeremy Baggs - 50 fly, 100 IM
Macey Swearingen  - 100 free

NAAC Kicker Classic
Cheyney Carr had a great meet swimming 4 of 4 best times with a huge drop in the 200 free.  Cheyney finished 2nd in 3 of her 4 events as well. Congrats Cheyney!

Oli Gollmar was on fire, picking up not only her first JO cut but her 2nd in the 50 & 100 back   She went 4 for 4 in best times and set herself up to pick up more JO cuts at the Regional meet.  She also won all 4 of her events.  Way to go Olie!

Anish Indukuri had a great day swimming 4 of 4 best times and completing the 50 fly.  He had big time drops in his 100's and was able to finish 4th in the 100 free.  Anish is very diligent at practice, working hard on stroke drills.  Congrats Anish!

Honorable Mention Brianna Allenstein, Ulas Cini, Isabelle De La Rosa, Mateo De La Rosa, Kelsey Deistler, Katie Eramo, Donovan Hunt, Cris Kubatko, Ky Kralovic, Mia Provenzano, Julie Ritzler, Payton Roth, Gabrielle Shirely & Chase Swearingen!

Event Winners:
Caleb Baker - 100 back, 100 free & 200 free
Grace Baker - 200 free
Olie Gollmar - 100 back, 100f ree, 50 back & 200 IM
Wesley Hammond - 100 fly
Elise Robinson - 25 breast
Brendan Valleau - 25 fly

Regional Championships
WOW! What a meet....this was very difficult to choose
Anna McGrath  went 7 of 7 in best times at this meet, which included HUGE time drops in her races.  She made it back to finals in the 50 & 100 breast and 200 free as well.  Congrats Anna!

Grace Weidenhamer also went 7 of 7 on best times with huge time drops and some incredible racing moments. She is a great competitor that loves to track people down at the end of a swim.  Way to go Grace!

Caleb Baker  went 7 for 7 on best times and has really risen to the challenge of competing with the 13-14 boys nicely (he just aged up 2 months ago).  He is getting close to JO's that weren't a reality 6 months ago.  His drive to win and dedication to improving are outstanding.  Congrats Caleb!

Honorable Mention
Erin Baggs -all best times
Jeremy Baggs - NASA cut int eh 13-14 200 breast at time trials
Grace Baker - 6 best times
Chase Bateman - 6 best times, 2 new JO cuts
Audrey Butcher 5/6 best times
Grace Butcher - HUGE DROPS - 6/7 best times
Ulas Cini - all best times
Kelly Godfrey - all best times, one new JO cut
Olie Gollmar - all best times, # new JO cuts
Wyatt Hanley - 3 best times, finalist in 50 back (age 7)
Natalie Hegg- 3 best times, overcoming adversity award!
Maura Hickey - all best times
Bobbi Indest - broke 30 in the 50 free!
Logan Indest - 6 of 7 best times, one new JO cut
Ellie Ishida - all best times, one new JO cut!
Emma Logan - 3 best times
Katherine Miller - 4/5 best times
Nia Moutawakil - 5/6 best times, 3 brand new events!
Drew Nederveld - all best times, HUGE DROPS
Thaine Nederveld - 6/7 best tiems, one new JO cut
Liz Passias - 5 best times
Sloan Phallen - all best times
Abby Robinson  - all best times
Emma Secrest - 6 best times
Chase Swearingen - all best times, age 7 multiple event finalist!
Alex & Isabelle Walters - all best tiems!!
Graham Weidenhamer - all best times, 2 new JO cuts!

the coaches are BUCKEYE PROUD!!!

Practice Schedule February 28-March 7

Thursday, 2/28
Seniors 4-6:15
SILVER 1 & 2 5:15-6:30
SCARLET 1 & 2 6:30-8:00
no change for Patty's kids

Friday, March 1
8 & unders 4:30-5:45
9 & overs 5:30-7

Saturday, March 2
Seniors 7-9:30 am, JO swimmers 8:30-10 am

Sunday, March 3
Seniors only 6-8:30 pm at Columbus North Sports Club

Monday, March 4
Seniors 3:45-6:30
JO Participants 6:15-8:00

Tuesday, March 5
Seniors 3:45-6:30
Open Practice 6-7
JO Participants 6:30-8:30

Wednesday, March 6
Seniors 3:45-6:30
JO Participants 6:15-8:00

Thursday, March 7
JO participants 4:45-6:15
Open Practice 6-7


March 11-April 6 we will have regular practices for those that have qualified to USA Sectionals, Can Ams and NASA.  We will also have open practice 2-3 days a week for kids that want to stay in touch with the water.  Schedule is TBA for this.  Seniors

Spring Session for Buckeye 1 & Too will start April 9
Spring swimming for all Buckeye 3, Silver Elite & Scarlet Elite resumes April 21 with a new schedule.  Senior practice dates and breaks are TBA.

Mini Meet Warm-up Assignments

Our team is assigned the following times and lane:

Saturday & Sunday morning GIRLS:
8:10 am (in the water, please be ready at 8) in lane 2

Saturday & Sunday afternoon BOYS:
1:30 pm (in the water, please be ready by 1:20) in lane 6

Good luck to the best tots in swimming - Buckeye 8 & unders!!  Swim FAST and have FUN!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Saturday relays

Just a reminder that our Saturday relays swim at finals. Sunday relays are at prelims.

Senior Practice Sunday

Seniors will practice this Sunday 6-8:30 at Columbus North Sports Club. First hour is dry land.

OSSC Regionals Foul Weather Plan

In the event that Franklin County announces a Level 2 Snow Emergency on or before 7 a.m. on Friday, then all Friday events will be converted from a Prelims/Finals format to a Timed Finals format with warm-ups beginning at 4:10 p.m. and competition beginning at 5:30 p.m. The warm-up schedule announced for Prelims will be followed if this change occurs and Time Trials will be held at the end of the session.

Refunds will not be given to account for the difference in the Prelims/Finals and Timed Finals formats, since the facility has already assumed the cost to host the meet; however swimmers who are within a ½ second per 50 yards of the JO cut who finished in the top 16 for their event will be permitted to reenter that same event in time trials at no additional cost to the swimmer or team. This excludes events that were initially planned as timed final events.  Per Ohio Swimming rules for Timed Finals, a maximum of five individual swims will be permitted for the day.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hi Buckeyes!  This somehow got left out of this weeks team news.  

I am also hearing that there may be weather issues Friday morning.  If I am informed of a delay I will post to the blog at 
If I hear of a plan from OSSC  I will email it out to you.  Most swim meets are not delayed unless the county goes to a level 2 or 3 emergency.

Regional Information

8:10 a.m. warm-ups (two 25-minute assigned sessions followed by one 10-minute sprint warm-up)
9:10 a.m. clear the pool for equipment test and measuring
9:20 a.m. prelims begin
Estimated prelims end: Friday 11 a.m., Saturday 12 p.m., Sunday 12:30 p.m.
Estimated time trials start: Friday 11:15 a.m., Saturday, 12:15 p.m. and Sunday 12:45 p.m.

4:20 p.m. warm-ups (general with sprint pace lanes announced during last 15 minutes)
5:20 p.m. clear the pool for equipment testing and measuring
5:30 p.m. finals begin
8 p.m. estimated finals end

Based on the number of entries, the 500 and the 1650 are scheduled to be swum in the evening session.
Just as a reminder for those who wish to enter time trials, a USA Swimming card must be presented for swimmers who are not in the meet and all entry fees must be paid by check or credit card.  Cash will not be accepted.

There are 340 swimmers entered into the meet, so I have assigned two 25-minute sessions of warm-ups followed by 10-minutes of sprints, etc.  See assignments below. 

Prelims Warm-up Assignments
Friday Prelims
First Warm-up
8:10-8:35 a.m.
Second Warm-up
8:35-9 a.m.
South Lanes 1-10
North Lanes 1-4
South Lanes 1-10
North Lane 1
North Lanes 5-8
North Lanes 2-8
North Lanes 9-10
North Lane 9

UN-Cols. Rec
North Lane 10

Saturday Prelims
First Warm-up
8:10-8:35 a.m.
Second Warm-up
8:35-9 a.m.
South Lanes 1-10
North Lanes 1-3
South Lanes 1-10
North Lanes 1-2
North Lanes 4-5
North Lanes 3-7
North Lanes 6-10
North Lanes 8-9

UN-Cols. Rec
North Lane 10

Sunday Prelims
First Warm-up
8:10-8:35 a.m.
Second Warm-up
8:35-9 a.m.
South Lanes 1-10
North Lanes 1-4
South Lanes 1-10
North Lane 1
North Lanes 5-8
North Lanes 2-9
North Lanes 9-10
North Lanes 9 and ½ of 10

UN-Cols. Rec
North Lane ½ of 10

Friday Parking – Parking will be available at an hourly rate in the Tuttle Park Place Garage.  Parking fees will be paid on the way OUT of the garage.  Please be prepared to pay by credit card.  Paying by credit card will allow transactions to occur more efficiently than cash transactions.  There may be a line formed to exit, so please exercise patience when exiting the garage. 

Saturday and Sunday Parking – Parking will be available at an hourly rate in the Neil Avenue Garage.  Parking fees will be paid on the way OUT of the garage.  Please be prepared to pay by credit card.  Paying by credit card will allow transactions to occur more efficiently than cash transactions.  There will likely be a line formed to exit, so please exercise patience when exiting the garage.  Those who wish to avoid the possibility of experiencing a wait to exit the garage, or who would like to pay a flat rate, should park legally in an A, B, or C parking space in the Ohio Stadium lot (unrestricted spaces only) and pay the Pay-n-Display machine by credit card before parking.  Parking cards should be displayed as directed.

Getting to the Pool – Please note that John Herrick Drive is temporarily closed for steam tunnel repairs.  If your GPS advises you to use Herrick between Cannon and Neil, 12th Avenue should be used as an alternate route.

Coaches Hospitality – Due to the length and timing of the sessions we will provide bagels, yogurt, coffee and snacks for the prelims sessions and a light dinner during finals; however lunch will not be provided.  Please plan accordingly.

We look forward to your visit this weekend!  See you soon!


Regional Team Spirit

We'd like all parents and swimmers to put together a coordinated effort to look as one this week-end.  Please keep the following in mind when preparing your attire:

Friday - Grey shirts
Saturday  - White shirts
Sunday - Red shirts


Good Luck to all of our swimmers this week-end!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Help Needed

We are looking for a parent that can help create a cover for the starting blocks that will lock in place. The cover should help prevent unauthorized use of our starting blocks. If you think you can help please email me right away. Thanks!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Good Luck at Districts

Good luck to all of our high school swimmers competing at Districts Friday & Saturday at Ohio State!  You can cheer on your favorite Buckeyes each day at 2:30.

Jenna Tugaoen (Wellington)
Erin Baggs (Beechcroft)

Andrew Davis (Olentangy)
SamE Dawson (Olentangy Liberty)
Tom Dawson (Olentangy Liberty)
Kyle Deistler (Olentangy)
Eliza Elliott (Olentangy)
Ally Fomich (Olentangy)
Keanan Fomich (Olentangy)
Cameron Hackett (Delaware Hayes)
Jeremy Karr (Olentangy Liberty)
Makenzie  Karr (Olentangy Liberty)
Evan Miller (Thomas Worthington)
Kara Miller (Olentangy Orange)
Skyler Pollock (Delaware Hayes)
Anthony Sanfillipo (Delaware Hayes)

Thursday Practice Schedule Change

We will have weekly Thursday practice schedule changes through the end of the season (just a  few more weeks)!  This is due to the senior swimmers moving their practices from the North YMCA back to our pool,  which is more suitable to their needs this time of year.  Good news is that our younger swimmers are going to get to swim in the warmer YMCA waters this spring!

Please check Thursdays every week before heading to the pool.

This Thursday, 2/14
Silver 1 5:15-6:30
Silver 2 5-6:30
Scarlet 1 & 2 6:30-8:30
Patty's kids - no change
Seniors distance group 6:30-8:30
All other seniors 4-5:30

Reminder - no Saturday 7 am practice for seniors/scarlet 2 this week-end.

Championship Shirts

We have taken over 120 orders for championship shirts.  Don't be left out!  You have to the end of the day to get your orders in.

Amazon Click Through

Please keep clicking through our website to shop at Amazon. The boosters gets a percent of your purhcase when you click through.  Thanks!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Regional Entries

Regional entries have been posted to our team stat page.  We have until 2:00 on Tuesday to make corrections, additions and or changes.  Many of our swimmers did not sign up for Friday, although there are great event offerings Friday morning (50 breast, 100 back, 50 fly  - double the distances for 13-14's).  Please let me know if you want in these events. The kids love when their classmates find out that they missed school for a championship swim meet!  Great recognition from their peers and teachers for their hard work.

Check entries here: Team Stat Page

Email me if you need a change!

Practice Schedule Change, Thursday!

Due to High School Championships,t he Seniors need to move practice from the North YMCA on Thursdays to Columbus Sports Club.  This will impact everyone this month as we'll need to shift some groups around to make space.  This Thursday's (2/7) schedule is:

Silver 1 -4:45-6:00
Silver 2 - 5:30-7:00
Scarlet 1 & 2: 6:30-8:30
Senior - District Taper 4:30-6:45
Senior - Sectional Taper 7:00-8:30
Patty's groups will not be affected by this

Order your 2013 Championship T-shirt

We have a great t-shirt for everyone to order this year!  They will be heather red with white writing in a take off of the Coca Cola logo.  Very cool looking shirt that will stand out nicely. We would really like to see all of our parents in the stands in these so that our kids and the rest of the teams can clearly see our awesome support section.  You can pick up a t-shirt order form at practice this week  and orders will be accepted through Sunday, 2/10.  They are $10 each for parents and swimmers.

Front of shirt will be Buckeye Swimming in Coca Cola font style

Back of the shirt includes everyone's names. Please check the list below that your child's name is included and spelled correctly.

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