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New Facility FAQ

Thanks to those of you that have committed to investing in our swimmers future. I have had several great questions and wanted to share those with everyone: Q: When do you need our investment? A: We need 60 investments immediately, with checks in hand. This is one commitment from each family in our program. Please speak with friends and family about getting on board. Q: Is our investment transferable? A: yes, your investment is transferable, if both parties (Buckeye and investor) agree. This is very helpful should you choose a team fee credit and then get transferred out of the Columbus area. Q: Where are our investment dollars going? A: The initial wave of investment will be applied towards the purchase of our pool. The initial deposit is currently due. Q: Where will the pool be located? A: We are working on a site that would be central to Olentangy School District. However, we are negotiating with a few different parties and will entertain any property in the Southern Dela

Swim Meet Entries Posted

Entries are now online for the Katy Callard meet and Bowling Green. The coaching staff worked hard to coordinate event selection between the two meets wherever possible. Many swimmers are in different events and/or are being asked to try something new this month. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR MOBILE USERS: Currently the site is not allowing users to browse their complete list of events when viewing via a mobile device. We are working on solutions to this problem. In the meantime, please use your PC to view meet entries.

Katy Callard Donation Drop Off

All non perishable items donated for the Katy Callard should be dropped off at the Columbus North Sports Club this Thursday from 5:30-6:30, at the North Y at 7:00 or at Wendy Butchers home anytime during the day on Thursday (address is 6535 Falling Meadows Dr., Galena, 43021) Perishable items and waters can be brought straight to the meet each session.

Stretch with me!

Pierce Bateman shows off his unique pre practice warm-up. 

Katy Callard Volunteers & Donations Needed

Buckeye is in charge of concessions at the Katy Callard Invite. Please take a moment to look over the list of items we need donated and the volunteer opportunities. You can easily sign up to help via Sign Up Genius. Thanks to all of our incredible parents for your outstanding support!! Donations Needed: Volunteers Needed:


By Jill Castle, MS, RD Red Bull, Rock Star, Amp, Monster Energy—enticing labels for a tired and thirsty swimmer. Energy drinks are one of the fastest growing segments of drink sales in America and their popularity is growing, especially among youth. Athletes use energy drinks to rehydrate after a workout, boost attention and focus during school, “wake up,” or as a routine beverage at meals. Don’t be misled by something that sounds too good to be true—while an all-in-one drink is tempting, it carries some serious considerations for young athletes. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), children and teens should avoid energy drinks. Confusion exists about the difference between a sports drink and an energy drink, so let’s clear this up. A sports drink contains a small amount of carbohydrate, minerals, electrolytes and flavorings and is designed to replace those nutrients lost through sweating after exercise. Gatorade is an example of a sports drink. Energy drinks contai

Thanksgiving Week Practice Schedule

We will have a special practice schedule Wednesday through Friday this week. Regular schedule resumes Saturday, 111/26. Wednesday, 11/23 Senior 1 & 2: 11:30-2:30 ( No assigned days off this week - all senior 1's can attend Tuesday & Weds.) Silver 1 & 2 practices are 12-3 (4:45 group at noon, 5:45 at 1:00 and 6:45 at 2:00) Scarlet 1 & 2: 2:30-4:30 Buckeye 3: 2:30-4:00 TOO: 3:00-4:00 1ders: 3:50-4:00 Thursday - NO PRACTICE, Happy Thanksgiving Friday, 11/25 Senior 1 & 2: 11:30-2:30 Silver 2: 2:15-3:30 Scarlet 1 & 2: 2:30-4:30 Buckeye 3: 2:30-4:00 Silver 1: 3:30-4:30

Everyone is needed to bring a pool to Columbus

"Shop" Buckeye by SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY (Small Business Saturday is November 26) and help us take control of our pool situation and EXPAND our amazing programs. Please forward our flyer below to your family & friends to help us raise the funds we need. Your immediate action is needed so that we can continue our pool project. Coach Lew has helped put together some more information to help you make your decision. OUR GOAL from you is sixty $2500 checks by Saturday, November 26. Please call or email Coach Laurie this week to make your commitment. SHOP BUCKEYE/POOL FLYER

Buffalo Wild Wings Home Team Advantage

Our team has been selected to participate in the Home Team Advantage Program this season at the Polaris Buffalo Wild Wings. Throughout the winter season, any family that eats at BWW should show their "Teammate Card" and BWW will donate 10% of your receipt (alcoholic beverages excluded) to our Boosters! Here is How the Program Works: Bring your Teammate Card into the Polaris Buffalo Wild Wings, before the expiration date. Details are on the back of the card. Show your card to your server and let them know you are part of the Home Team Advantage Program. The server will add your table's food sales to our team's running total. It's that easy! At the end of the season, Buffalo Wild Wings will donate 10% of the sales that our entire team generates throughout the season. Buffalo Wild Wings is a proud sponsor of the community and the local sports teams within it. The BWW goal is to help make this community the best place to live, work, play and dine. Buffalo Wild Wing

Hot Tub, Noise and Parent Supervision

With everyone finished with fall sports and in swimming full swing we have times at the pool where we are very busy. Because of this the noise level at the shallow end and hot tub has become a bit overwhelming. We have groups working hard to hear their coaches and focus on their swimming that are distracted by other swimmers, siblings and adults. To help us create the best learning environment for our swimmers please follow these guidelines: Limit Hot Tub use to 5 minutes. PARENT SUPERVISION is REQUIRED for any swimmer in the hot tub. NO adults and siblings in the coaches and swimmers prep area please. All adults and sibling should utilize the seating along the south and east side of the pool. Children not in practice must be supervised at ALL times. Please speak with coaches prior to the start of practice or when the coach has finished their groups for the day. Please avoid interrupting a coach during practice time. Thank you to everyone for helping us create a positive and prod

Latest Meet Invoices

The most recent set of meet invoices were emailed on Thursday. These invoices are auto generated via a nifty little Excel add on. However, this add on is not able to turn on the online payment feature for these invoices. This must be manually checked within QuickBooks. If you would like to pay a meet invoice online, you can simply pay what is due within your team fee invoice (and I will then change the payment to post to your meet invoice) OR email me and I can turn on the online payment feature.

Dayton Raider Paul Jarnagin Meet Schedule

Warm-up Schedule (please plan to arrive at the pool 15 minutes prior to the start of warm-ups): Friday 5:45 pm Saturday 12-un 8:25 am Saturday 13+ 2:10 Sunday 12-un 8:10 am Sunday 13+ 1:25 pm The psych sheet has been posted on the Dayton Raiders meet website - please use the link provided on our Meet Information page or here:

Applebees Fundraiser is Tuesday!

APPLEBEES FLYER Tuesday, November 15 is our Applebees Dine to Donate Nite CARSIDE to GO is included in this event!! Please plan to pick up or dine in at Applebees on Tuesday - this event directly benefits our Boosters. The boosters provides a lot of great things for our kiddos and coaches including: the two new blocks that will shortly be installed at Columbus North, our team banquet (boosters provides the DJ & dessert), assisting our swimmers in National travel expense (each meet is typically $750-1200), assisting our coaches in travel to out of town meets, supporting our coaches education and swimmer DVD library, providing technology for coaches.

We need your immediate help!

"Shop" Buckeye by SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY (Small Business Saturday is November 26) and help us take control of our pool situation and EXPAND our amazing programs. Please forward our flyer below to your family & friends to help us raise the funds we need. Your immediate action is needed so that we can continue our pool project. Coach Lew has helped put together some more information to help you make your decision. OUR GOAL from you is sixty $2500 checks by Saturday, November 26. SHOP BUCKEYE/POOL FLYER

Swim Officials have a great view!

Will Indest is shown here learning the ins & outs if officiating at the UA meet. 

Buckeyes BOO practice 10/30

Mis, Sophia and Sydney swimming in full costume :)

Order Team Gear Online

Buckeye Swim Club Swim Team merchandise has been updated and is now on the Kast-A-Way Swimwear Web Site. Your swimmers can log on and purchase their already discounted team merchandise, as well as all the other items we carry, right over the web. To access this secured site, have your swimmers/parents complete the one time registration process. Once this registration is complete, click on Sign In. Enter the email address and password you used when you registered and click on the Sign In box. (Your registration information will be emailed to you at the account you entered. Make sure to file this information so you have access to it for future use.) You have now successfully signed in to your account. To view your team page, click on Team/Guard Central to view your team page. Here is where you login to your team account with the Team Login and Password listed here: Enter the Team Login: BUCKEYE (case sensitive) Enter the Team Password: HILLIKER (case sensitive) Or you may also

COSA is looking for volunteers

COSA needs volunteers for the 2011 Ned Reeb Invitational. They are asking each team to provide enough volunteers to cover one position for the day - this breaks down to 3-6 volunteers per team (shifts can be split up). Many of our senior swimmers will attend this meet, please take a look and see if you can help. Admission is free for volunteers! If you play your cards right, you could work next to the amazing and cool Melanie Tugaoen :) Katy Callard Invitational call for Volunteers WAC and DCST are hosting on behalf of COSA and will be providing volunteers to work the meet as timers, hospitality, etc. We, as COSA, are required to fill the rest. If we can have at least 2 volunteers from each team sign up to volunteer that would be appreciated. To sign up, go to: