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2017-18 Information

Below is our first draft of the 2017-18 Information, including fees and schedule.  If you register before Regional's, you will receive $40 off registration!

Now that the booster club has firmly reestablished itself your fundraising fees (that were pulled out from your swim fees last year) are back in as part of you swim fee.  We have not increased swim fees, but have asked for $50 more at registration and a $25 family booster fee.

New group assignments will be released this week-end.  If you do not wish to change groups, go ahead and register right away.

All coaches are back for the 2017-18 year.

We will offer swim clinics for our Scarlet and Silver swimmers throughout August.  If you bring a new swimmer to the clinic, the clinic will be free to you.
Our registration & group fees include all training fees, pool time, coach’s fees, coaching at meets, current USA swimming registration, and a team t-shirt.  Our fees do not include meet event fees.

The Booster Club is now fully budgeted on its own and is a great support group to our program.  Booster fees are collected separately by the group and are outlined in the fee section of this packet.


Buckeye offers instruction, training & competition for all levels of swimmers seeking individual development in a unified team environment. We strongly believe in the importance of peers in a swimmer’s development. We will offer competitive group programs for seasoned swimmers that can’t get enough of the water.  These groups ask swimmers to attend between 75-90% of practices (attendance requirement increases with age/group).  We also have a terrific starter program for new competitive swimmers or kids that have interests beyond the pool.  These groups typically offer three practices a week and we like to see the kids twice a week. Those wishing to join our age group & competitive programs may need to participate in a tryout for correct group placements. Tryouts will be offered in July & August, Thanksgiving week and at the completion of the winter competition season.

General Program Notes:  Our Scarlet, Junior & Senior training groups are a year-round commitment to attend competitions and practices. Training breaks are offered twice a year after the last championship meet of each season (Senior & Junior breaks are typically 3 weeks; Scarlet & Silver breaks are typically 4-6 weeks).  Scarlet & Senior program spots are granted by ability, tryouts may be required to earn a spot in a group. Swimmers may need to maintain a minimum attendance at practices in meets to keep their spot. Those that dip below the required attendance will work with their coach to bring attendance to the desired minimum.

Silver Program
This group is designed for those athletes with some competitive experience who are competing at the local level and are interested in exploring swimming competitively at a higher level. Emphasis will be on continued skill development, learning to control speed, introducing age appropriate stroke techniques, learning to work cooperatively with teammates and learning how to swim a training set. This group is designed for athletes who enjoy competitive swimming and fitness but are not yet ready to dedicate themselves to swimming as their primary sport. Practices are offered 2-4 days per week during the winter season. Additional practices will be offered during the long course season.

Silver 2 Ages 9-14.  This is a recreational swim practice group for swimmers that are interested in swimming but do not wish to attend competitions.  Additionally, this is a great place for older swimmers to start that have never competed. This group will meet two-three times a week for one to one and half hours of swimming and/or conditioning. This group will provide a mixture of training and stroke technique coaching and will be offered seasonally year-round. Lead Coach: Jess Ward

Sundays: 4:30-6:00
Mondays & Wednesdays 5:45-7:00

Silver 1, Ages 10 & Under.  This group is geared to 8-under competitive swimmers and first year nine to ten-year-old competitors.  The group will emphasize stroke development, conditioning & practice rules/etiquette.  Swimmers are expected to attend 6 meets per year.  Lead Coach: Jess Ward

Sundays: 4:30-6:00
Mondays & Wednesdays 5:45-7:00
Bonus Practice (earn with 90% attendance) with Scarlet, Thursday's 5:30-6:45

Silver Fit, Ages 9-16.  This is a recreational swim practice group for swimmers that are interested in swimming but do not wish to attend competitions.  This is a great introduction to swim training group & also a terrific fitness activity between sport seasons.  Practices will focus on fitness with little stroke instruction.  This group will be offered in three 6-week sessions:  Fall October 8 -November 17, Winter January 2-February 5 and Spring April 15-May 25. Coach Lew Timberman

Sundays & Tuesdays 6:00-7:15 pm

Intro to Swim Team, ages 8-Under.  This is our introductory group for swimmers that are interested in swimming but aren’t sure if they are ready.  This group typically offers two 45-minute practices per week with a focus on stroke development, swimming language and practice rules/etiquette.  This group is offered seasonally when space is available.  Please email if you are interested in this group and we will keep you updated.

Scarlet Program
This group is designed for those athletes with competitive experience who are in middle school, or younger athletes that are currently competing at the Ohio JO level. Emphasis will be on continued skill development, introduction to race strategy, advancing stroke technique, positive self-talk, taking responsibility for own progress, fitness, and an introduction to training. It is acceptable for swimmers in this group to participate in other sports. Multi-sport athletes will have attendance requirements waived during the fall season. This season we will specify shorter practices and a greater emphasis on technique for our youngest Scarlet members to help protect from over training (this group will not exceed 90 minutes in water).  We will also add an additional practice for our highest achieving Scarlet members. Lead Coach Laurie Karr.

Scarlet 1, age 10-un, Practice Schedule:
Sunday 1:00-2:30
Monday 4:30-6:00
Tuesday 6:30-8:00
Wednesday 6:30-8:30
Thursday 5:30-6:45

Scarlet 2, Ages 11-14, Practice Schedule
Sunday 1:00-3:00
Monday & Thursday 4:30-6:30
Tuesday & Wednesday 6:30-8:30

Scarlet Gold: Scarlet 2 plus Saturdays 7-9

Senior Program

This group is designed for those athletes with competitive experience who are either in high school and not yet ready for Senior training or those age-group athletes nearing Sectional cuts and are preparing to transition to the Senior Training Group. Emphasis will be on continued skill development, advanced race strategy, goal-setting, and an introduction to increased training loads. This group is designed for athletes who enjoy competitive swimming and fitness but are not yet ready to dedicate themselves to swimming as their primary sport or need more time for a demanding academic schedule. Practices are offered 5-6 days per week during the short course season. Additional practices will be offered during the summer season. Minimum age-12, recommended 8th & 9th grade.

Fall Practice Schedule:
Sunday 6:00-8:00 pm
Monday & Thursday 6:30-8:30
Tuesday & Wednesday 4:30-7:00
Saturday 7-10 am

This group is designed for those athletes wishing to swim in college and possess a desire to set Sectional and National meet qualifications as their primary goals. Emphasis will be on continued skill development and race strategy, seasonal planning, and increased training loads. This group is designed for athletes who are committed to swimming as their primary sport. Practices are offered 5-6 days per week during the short course season. Additional practices will be offered (and required) during the long course season. The coaches will be planning an optional travel trip after the high school season. Travel expenses and meet fees for this experience are not included in group fees. Minimum age – 14

Fall Practice Schedule:
Sunday 6:00-8:00 pm
Monday & Thursday 6:00-8:30
Tuesday & Wednesday 4:00-7:00
Saturdays 7:00-10:00 am

NPG  Invitation only group for high achieving Seniors.  Add two mornings per week during the school year at Planet Fitness.  Additional fees to include cost of facility use.
Senior Program Lead Coach: Lewis Timberman

High School Practice Groups
High School swimmers have several options at Buckeye:

Option 1: Join the Senior program which is a year-round commitment to the program, with attendance requirements.  Senior Program requirements are outlined on the next page.
Option 2: Join the Junior program which is also a year round commitment to the program, but has a slightly relaxed attendance policy.  Junior Program requirements are outlined on page 4.
Option 3: Fall High School Prep Program. This year will offer a High School Prep program from mid-August to the conclusion of the Senior Meet in November. This is a 12 week program. Participants attend all offered Scarlet or Junior practices (pick one group please) with no attendance requirement.

Team Uniform

Swimmers are required to wear the team suit and cap at all competitions. Caps are provided to swimmers as needed at meets. All swimmers are required to have their own pair of fins & Kickboard at practice.  Coaches may also require additional items.  Our suit this year will be Speedo's Caged Out in red.

Team Supplier
Our official team supplier is Speedo and SwimOutlet. Per our contract with Speedo, Speedo suits are required to be worn at all meets.  In turn Speedo & swimoutlet.com provide our team with discounts. Additionally, our National level swimmers receive free items from Speedo. We will schedule a team fitting day this fall to order our suits and equipment. Additionally, you may shop our team items at
swimoutlet.com/bkys throughout the year.

2017-18 Fees
Training Fee
Registration Fee*
Booster Fee
Per swimmer.

Register by July 6 and receive $40 off your registration fee!
$25 per family

Each swimmer will be asked to fundraise $75 in addition to required booster membership
Year round
(August 2017 to mid-July 2018)
Scarlet Gold

 (September 5, 2017 to early March 2018)
Scarlet 2
Scarlet 1
Silver 2
Silver 1
Silver Fit
High School
Not required

*The registration fee is nonrefundable.  By registering for Buckeye, you are committing to complete payment on fees outlined above.  There will be a 5% processing fee added to your registration.

Training Fees will be invoiced through QuickBooks Online.  Scarlet & Silver winter program training fees are due in full by October 1.  Senior/Junior annual training fees are due in two installments, half by October 1, the remaining by March 1. You may pay these online or write a check to Buckeye Swim Club. Declined payments will be charged a $25 administrative fee.  We will not collect training fees through active.com due to the high processing fee.  We are happy to break training fees into monthly payments.  Simply inform us that you plan to do so then make regular payments by the first of the month against your invoice.  We will charge an initial $10 set up fee then a $5 late fee for all payments that aren’t made by the 1st and as such require an administrative reminder.
Each swimmer will be responsible for either fundraising $75 in proceeds or writing a check to Buckeye Swim Club Boosters for the amount. In addition, each family will be charged a $25 booster club membership fee.
Meet fees will be charged to your preferred method that you set on active.com on the day that we are admitted into the meet (1-3 weeks prior to the meet).  Once entries are finalized and submitted, the meet host does not issue refunds. During the 2017-18 year we will charge a 5% admin fee per meet. Travel meets might include an additional travel fee for coach hotel stays.

Each swimmer is required to DECLINE or ACCEPT meet invitations before the indicated deadline.  We will charge a $5 administrative fee to your account for each meet in which you fail to do so.  New families will be given a two-meet grace on this requirement.

·         You may participate in our SCRIP program in which retailers give us a percentage back of your gift certificate purchase. That discount is directly credited to your fees.
·         We have family discounts. With 2 siblings, all fees are 5% off, 3 siblings are 9% off and 4 or more siblings are 12% off. This discount does not apply to registration or meet fees.
·         Scholarships are available to those who qualify for financial reasons.


Registration is Online! Please go to http://www.active.com/columbus-oh/water-sports/swimming-registrations/buckeye-swim-club-18-2017 to register. Please read all waivers thoroughly prior to finalizing registration.


At Buckeye, we like to recognize and reward commitment to our program. Swimmers that enroll in our year-round training group programs receive many benefits including:

·         Comprehensive training schedule. Very few programs in Columbus can offer more than 4 practices each week for their age group swimmers. Buckeye offers up to 6 practices weekly. This gives young swimmers the opportunity to attend at least 4 practices each week with some flexibility to participate in activities outside of swimming. This also allows older swimmers that have decided to commit fully to swimming, the opportunity to attend and improve at a higher level.
·         Individualized Instruction. The more a swimmer attends practice, the better the coach knows the swimmer. Attending consistently allows our coaches to learn what swimmers respond to, their individual learning needs and how to bring out their best in and out of the water. It is rare when a swimmer in our training programs needs to pick up private lessons.
·         The Team Push & Pride in Effort. Being a part of a group that has committed to something challenging can create an amazing dynamic where everyone pushes each other to excel. This also can lead to tremendous pride in individual and group effort. Teams that perform at the highest level are just that – TEAMS. Individuals rise to the expectations of the team and, often, surpass what they perceive as their capabilities.

Dan Ave T-Shirt/Family Fund

Central Ohio Swimming Community,

The Dublin Community Swim Team are pleased to be able to offer you an opportunity to purchase a t-shirt in memory of our unique, fun-loving and talented Coach Daniel Ave. This store has two shirt options with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Ave Family.

Please ACT IMMEDIATELY as the store will only be open until THIS Sunday, June 25th at 11:55PM. All orders placed will be directly shipped on July 5th.

Each member of the Ave Family will receive one of the tie-dye shirts.   

Please pass this information along to anyone who might be interested.  If you have any questions please contact Becky Davis at becky.davis.1017@gmail.com .

Thank you

Kim Wigram, CPRP


Sunday, June 4, 2017

Swim Parent Information- Welcome To BYKS

Following is a "New Parent's Guide to Swimming/Swim Meets".  I hope that this information is helpful to our new swim parents.  If you still have questions please feel free to contact me at lesallows@columbus.rr.com or find me at practice/meet.  I have 2 girls that are in Scarlet 2/Scarlet Gold practice and we will be at all the meets whenever 11-12 and 13-14 age groups are swimming!  Welcome to BKYS, we are happy to have you and your family!

A Buckeye Parent’s Guide to Swim Meets

Swim meets are a new experience for many Buckeye swimmers and parents.  The following information will help make that experience more enjoyable.

Swim meets are a great opportunity for swimmers, parents, and coaches to see how all of the hard work during the season is paying off.  For parents, it’s also a time to meet other parents and have fun interaction while the swimmers are spending time with their teammates and making new friends from other teams.  The entire swimming community is great and this is your chance to be a part of it all.

As your swimmer ages and progresses, more meet opportunities become available.  There are several types of meets in which Buckeye swimmers may participate.  We’ll cover those meets later and provide additional information regarding qualifying for those meets and special procedures that will apply to your swimmers for those meets.
Swim meets often have 200 to 500 swimmers entered in a meet.  Pool deck space is limited so we ask parents and swimmers to arrive early (15-20 minutes at minimum).  Swimmers should locate the BKYS team area on deck.  Spectator seating is often limited so we ask that swimmers remain on deck or in the “crash area” with their teammates and coaches. Parents should plan to arrive early to get seats in the bleachers.  BKYS parents try to sit together in one location to cheer on the team together.

Swimmers are to see their coach before and immediately following their event. 
In order for corrections/praise to be effective it needs to be given while the event is still fresh in the minds of both swimmers and coaches.
Coaches and officials make every effort to see that swimmers are in the correct heat and lane. However, it is up to the swimmer to be at the correct place at the correct time and pay attention once they are behind the starting blocks.  Parents are not allowed behind the blocks unless they are a timer (more on that later).  Some, but not all, swim meets have a staging area called the “Clerk of Course”or “Bull Pen”. The event name and number are announced in the gym and pool deck.  Swimmers should then report to the Clerk of Course. The Clerk of Course will organize and place swimmers in the proper heat and lane.
Pictures may be taken but NO flash photography is allowed at the start.  The starting system uses a flash and a sound signal to start the swimmers.  Camera flashes can cause the swimmer to “false start” (moving before the system flash / sound), resulting in a disqualification. 
Buckeye parents and swimmers have a reputation for being one of the most supportive and polite teams in our area. We lead by example and take pride in being a positive role model for all teams.

What to take to the meet:
  • Directions to the pool and your event entry sheet posted on the Active web page several days before the meet.  If this is an “away” or out-of-town meet, hotel information will also be available.
  • Swim gear – team suit and Cap, team shirt – we’re proud of our swimmers and want everyone to know they are BUCKEYES, goggles (take a spare pair just in case), 2 towels, deck shoes (old tennis shoes are great for this since they cover the entire foot and help prevent injuries), something warm for the swimmer to wear between events.  Most meets have a vendor selling various swim gear, T-shirts, goggles, suits, etc. – so don’t panic if your swimmer forgot something.
  • Snacks – apples, oranges, breakfast bars, cheese sticks, crackers, sandwiches
  • Drinks – water, sport drinks (Water is the best option.  Please limit sport drinks to one bottle per meet session)
  • Sleeping bag or blanket for swimmer to lounge on in crash area between events
  • At larger meets there is often plenty of “down-time” between events.  Help your swimmer plan ahead by packing: a book, homework, small games, deck of cards to keep them busy between events
(Please secure high cost items such as i-pods or leave them at home)

What happens at the meet?
Do not be late for warm-ups for several reasons:
  • Coaches are required to turn in a “Scratch Sheets” during warm-ups (late arrivals risk being dropped from the meet with NO REFUNDS)
  • Coaches need to know who is available for relay events
  • Swimmers hate being late.  Starting off the meet in a panic will not help your swimmer achieve the best results.  Of course things happen so please let someone know if you’re going to be late (text or call another parent or coach so everyone knows you’re on your way).

What are Warm-ups?
Warm-ups are the first thing that happens at meets.  It’s madness, it’s mayhem, it’s fun!  This is a bit of “practice swimming” to get everyone loosened up for the meet, a chance to get familiar with the pool and the starting blocks, and allows coaches to make sure everyone is there.  Warm-up times will be posted on our web-site the week of the meet.  Warm-up periods are often divided by age-group, gender, team, or a combination of all three.

To ensure the safety of your swimmers, there are specific procedures for warm-ups.  The coaches will make every effort to make sure swimmers understand these procedures and follow them.
  • No diving in the pool during general warm-ups
  • During warm-up enter the pool feet first - one hand on the deck
  • Starts, which are conducted at the end of general warm-ups, are the only time you are allowed to dive in under coach control).  Swimmers can be removed from the meet for not following safety procedures

Heat sheets:  This is a list of all of the swimmers in the meet sorted out by the heat and lane they will swim in for each event.  Heat sheets are typically sold at the meet.  Most parents highlight the swimmers from their team so they can cheer the Buckeyes on from the stands.  Heat sheets are posted for swimmers in the “crash area” to help swimmers be at the right spot at the right time.
Younger swimmers often write their event number, heat, and lane assignments on their arm.  We ask that swimmers age 11 and up learn to read a heat sheet and refrain from this practice.
If your child entered the meet after the host deadline, they may not be listed in the program as these are printed 3 to 5 days ahead of the meet.  Late entered swimmers will need to check with their coach for their heat and lane assignments.

The races:  Swimmers will compete against others of the same age and gender. They will be “seeded” into heats with those who have similar times.  New swimmers with “no times” (NT), will all swim together, usually at the beginning of each event.  For most meets, each heat gets faster.  This is a great opportunity for the coaches to have new swimmers watch more experienced athletes demonstrate skills that we may have worked on in practice – parents can learn something too so watch as much swimming as you can!

Events alternate girl/boy throughout the meet.  There is usually an announcer letting swimmers know where to be and when, but parents can help make sure their swimmers get where they need to be prior to their event.

Swimmers are to see their coach before and immediately following their event. 
In order for corrections/praise to be effective it needs to be given while the event is still fresh in the minds of both swimmers and coaches. (Yes, you’ve seen that before – good catch!).

Who are the guys and gals in white tops and navy bottoms?
Those people are dedicated volunteers.  They serve several functions during the meet so you’ll see them everywhere.  They “marshal” warm-ups to ensure safety, they start each race, they observe the swim strokes and turns in each lane to ensure that the swimmers are “legal” as they swim.

Legal?  Yes, “legal.”  Each stroke has a set of rules for how it is to be swum:  specific arm motion, specific kick, specific turn, and even a specific finish.  These are all things we work on in practice so your swimmers know the rules.  Sometimes they get excited and “forget.”  It is the job of the official to keep an eye on all of this so that everyone is under the same rules for competition and things are kept fair.

Disqualifications are handled by the officials.  They don’t enjoy disqualifying swimmers.  Officials take the time to explain to the swimmer and coach what the problem was so we know what to work on in practice. 

Please do not confront or argue with an official or judge as this can result in your removal from the meet.  If we become “unglued” our swimmers miss the opportunity to learn from their mistake and how to do it correctly next time.  We, as coaches, probably take it more personally than you as a parent.  Let us handle it.  You can help best by helping us teach everyone to exercise good sportsmanship:  no arguing with officials, throwing goggles, temper tantrums (and that goes for the swimmers and coaches too!).

What happens after the event has been completed?
All of the swimmers times are compiled and placed in order fastest to slowest.  There may have been some shuffling around since swimmers may “drop time” (go faster) or “add time” (go slower) than their entry time.

Your swimmer may add time (go slower) than they did the last time they swam the event.  Relax – we may have been working on a specific technique in practice and we want to spend this event reinforcing that technique in “race conditions” with your swimmer.  They may add time but have perfected something we’ve been working on for days or weeks.  These little adjustments are what we feel will pay off in the end for your swimmer.

Event results are posted in public areas for parents and swimmers to view. The times posted are usually accurate.  Electronic touch pads are very sensitive and are confirmed with two stop watches. When there is a large discrepancy between the touch pads and stop watches, the computer alerts the meet manager and an average is taken to determine the time.  If you feel there is an error, let one of the coaches know and we will take care of it.

There are often awards at meets (ribbons, medals, plaques) based on times swum during the events.  If your swimmer has received an award these will be picked up by the coaches at the conclusion of the meet and distributed to swimmers at practice during the week after the meet.

How can I help my swimmer improve?
Encourage your swimmer to “Do your best” every time they hit the water.  Swim meets are competitive, but the main purpose is to show swimmers that all their hard work at practice is paying off for them personally.  The best thing parents can do for their child is support them regardless of how they perform at a meet.  Some will get great times, others not so great and everyone gets disqualified at least once in their swimming career.  Just hug them and be proud of them for getting out there and doing their best.

  • Don’t compare your child with another on the team or worse with a sibling (each child learns at their own pace).
  • Avoid the temptation to coach or give your child last minute tips, the coach has specific technique tasks that they will give your child and too much coaching will only lead to confusion and disappointment.
  • DO NOT BRIBE YOUR CHILD.  Payment or rewards for time drops or performance sends the wrong message to your child.  Tell them you are proud of them even when they come in last or are disqualified. It is all about the journey not just one race.  
  • Don’t participate in negative conversations or gossiping about other swimmers, parents, coaches. If you have concerns or issues please speak to your coach after the meet or between sessions.
  • Focus on the positive – Imagine you’re the swimmer in the back seat on the way home from a meet and imagine what you’d like to hear from your parents. “Wow, you really had a great start in that backstroke event!” or  “I can tell you’ve been working on your flip turns at practice.”  
  • Encourage their enthusiasm about swimming, but remember that the children are there to have fun. 
  • Get them to practice as often as possible
  • Make sure they’re getting enough rest and eating well. 
  • Volunteer to help with team events.  Our swimmers work hard, so they deserve to have well-run meets, fundraisers and fun activities.  These only happen when parents step-up to make them happen. 
  • Let the coaches do their jobs. 
  • Learn as much as you can about swimming to share the sport with your swimmer.  Go to www.USASwimming.org and click on the “Parents” section for resources and tips. 
  • Consider becoming an official – You’re at the meet anyway!  It’s cooler on deck, you get a free heat sheet, and you usually get snacks during the meet!

Still have questions about meets?
Ask another parent or coach.  If you have questions about what’s happening at the meet, please ask a “veteran” parent or one of the coaches.  They’ll be happy to try and help.  Jot down any questions that you have and bring them to practice – you might not be the only one with that question and we can let everybody in on the secret! 

During and after the meet: 
  • Please police your area in the stands (throw your discards in the trash can, make sure you or your neighbor didn’t forget something – camera, purse, pen, etc).  We’ll remind the swimmers to do the same thing on deck and in the “crash area.”
  • Cheer for your child as well as their teammates and friends.  Swim meets are a lot more fun when you’re cheering for more than one swimmer.  If you’re at a football game you have to cheer for everyone – and there’s no quarterback in swimming…

Types of Meets:
 Dual Meet:  This is the most informal of meet formats.  Two teams swim against each other for points.  These meets are usually a quick morning, afternoon, or evening contest.

USA Invitational Meet:  This is the meet most attended by Buckeye athletes.  These meets are hosted by local clubs and offer a wide variety of events over the course of a weekend.
  • Open Invitational – any swimmer may enter regardless of their time in the event(s)
  • Time Standard Requirements – swimmers are permitted to enter the meet if they have a “qualifying time” in each event they enter
  • Timed Final Meet – every swimmer swims his/her events entered once and is then ranked accordingly
  • Prelim/Final Meet – every swimmer swims his/her event once in a “preliminary session.”  After preliminary swims, the swimmers are ranked and a predetermined number of swimmers is invited back to swim the event again in a “finals session” (Typically a consolation heat and a championship heat.  The number of swimmers returning for “finals” is determined by the number of competition lanes available – 6/12, 8/16, 10/20).  Specific rules apply to prelim/finals meets in regard to “scratching” from the finals session.  Please talk to a coach prior to the meet to become familiar with these procedures.
  • Championship Meet – swimmers must achieve specific “time standards” to attend these meets.  Championship meets are offered by Ohio Swimming, Inc. (a sub-governing body of USA Swimming), the USA Central Zone, and USA Swimming.   Please ask your coach if you are uncertain as to whether you have met the requirements.

USA Deck Pass is a great tool for parents and swimmers.  Create an account, download the app and get started!  Click on the link below for more information and to sign up for your own Deck Pass account.  FREE!

Meet Mobile - Get meet results as soon as they become available while the meet is running and look up previous meet results.  It does require a subscription, but the cost is minimal.


Oh What a Year! 2020 in Review

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