Monday, January 7, 2013

Booster Updates

We are simply asking each family to consider investing $2500 into our project - THIS IS NOT A DONATION!  Most of us can attest that we have $2500 sitting in savings earning 1.5% or less. Please grab that $2500, invest it in our project and earn a higher rate while getting something back in your own community.  If you apply your investment to your swimming fees you get $2700 back - that is ~4% interest in 3 years.  

Expenses are happening now - your investment is needed now.
In December we moved the dome to Columbus at a cost of $8800. We wrote a $22,500 check in November to make our final payment on the dome.  While the project has been fully funded, that money will not kick inf or several months.  Thus, it is critical that we find families to invest to help pay for these costs. 

Please take a few moments to discuss this investment within your family.  Email me if you need more details about the project.  Click here for the note that you receive for fee investment credit.
If you know of ANYONE that may be able to invest at a larger scale ($25k and up) - please get me in front of them.  Our underwriter has asked that we try to find more investment from local resources.

Pool Update
11/27: Coach Laurie & Parent Ashley Bell attended the Berlin Township trustees meeting last night.  We had a very, very good initial contact with Berlin in regards to building our pool on their property.  If the pool goes there, it becomes outdoors in the summer.

As you may have heard we are working hard towards building an indoor pool.  What you may not know is that your support is vital towards getting this project completed.  Also, the lack of pool space in the Central Ohio area and, more specifically, in the Olentangy District is outstanding.  Did you know that there are 65 Central Ohio High School swim teams but only 6 of those teams have swimming pools at their school?  When your kids join their high school swim program they either face cuts or crowded lanes.  Furthermore, most Central Ohio Club teams are now full, including Buckeye.  In order to continue to provide the quality program we pride ourselves for, we must expand.   

Thank you for your time.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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