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Meat Pickup - Wednesday at 5:30 PM!

Thank you for your tremendous support of our Michael's Meat Fundraiser.  A reminder that meat pick-up will be at Columbus North on Wednesday (June 9) at 5:30 pm.  Any meat not picked up by 6:30 will be grilled and eaten by hungry swimmers right there and then!  We are kidding of course, but in all seriousness do not forget to pick up or arrange for the pick up of your orders! In all, we raised $2641 in support of our team!  Thank you, thank you!! Our top 3 fundraisers were: Noel Wu - 32 boxes Kalianne Kotheimer - 21 boxes Millie Evans  - 20 boxes 18 swimmers sold 10 or more boxes and earned a t-shirt! If you would like to volunteer to help unload the meat truck and distribute orders we could use 3-6 volunteers from 4:30-6.  Please slack Amanda Klein to let her know you can help.

Olympic Trials Swimming Brackets

Buckeye Swim Club Boosters, Inc. This is our last major fundraiser of the season!   This is a FUN way to raise funds and engage our swimmers (and parents!) in the US Olympic Trials.  The US uses Olympic trials to select our Olympic Team!  Please review the square poll forms for instructions on how buyers can win.   Return all sold/unsold forms to practice on or before Wednesday, June 9, 2021 .   This timeframe allows enough time for unsold squares to still be sold by others, if needed. We would love to see each swimmer sell 2 squares.   Women's Form Men's Form Instructions ·        If you have a person that is interested in purchasing a bracket poll sheet, each square poll form costs $50.   Be sure to clarify if they want a men's or women's bracket. o    Cash or Checks are acceptable.   Checks can be made out to - “Buckeye Swim Club Boosters, Inc.” ·        Please have the buyer fill out the contact information on the bracket poll sheet with all the requested

Mandatory SafeSport Training for Parents and Athletes

Every two years USA Swimming requires each SafeSport designated club to refresh their policies and renew their education base. As one of the first 50 clubs in the country to hold the SafeSport designation, Buckeye is continuing to lead the way in creating multiple paths towards protecting our athletes in and out of the water.  We have completed every step to renew our designation except education.  It is now time for each parent  on our team and swimmers 12 and over   to take the SafeSport course.  In order to do so you must have an account at USA Swimming.   Parents:   please take the course while waiting at practice or meet warmups.  It's quick and very informative.   Swimmers: this is a great way to spend your drive time to the pool (if you aren't driving of course). You may find the courses here: Please complete the course by June 15 - thanks!