Tuesday, March 20, 2018


From the USA Swimming office:
To  avoid risk  of  serious  injury,  no  swimmer  who has  not  been  properly  trained should attempt  to  perform  a racing start,  from  either  a  starting  block  or  the side  of  the  pool,  into less  than six  feet  of  water.

USA  Swimming has  implemented  a  racing  start  certification program  where  a swimmer’s  coach documents  his  or  her  professional  judgment  that  a  swimmer  has  demonstrated sufficient  skill  to  safely perform  a  racing  start  into  four  feet  of  water  in  competition.

There are  rare  occasions  when swimmers  may  participate  in swimming competitions  not  under  the supervision of  a  certified  home club  coach.  In  these situations,  it  is  the parent’s  responsibility  to make sure the swimmer  does  not  attempt  to perform  a  racing start  in less  than  six  feet  of  water  if  the swimmer  has  not been properly  certified  by  the  swimmer’s  home  club coach  to  do so.  (Additionally,  should this  situation arise,  the athlete  must  be assigned  to a  certified  coach on deck  at  the  meet.)  Coaches note: This situation is extremely rare on our team as we do not allow competition without a club Coach present.   You will typically see this at a meet that swimmers choose to compete in while on vacation.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Regional Wrap Up

(it’s never too late to recognize our awesome kiddos)
The team competed at Regionals last month at Ohio State and had quite the amazing meet.  Beyond winning events  and moving on to JO’S, it’s really important to us that all of our swimmers are continuing to show improvements.  And wow! did they ever!!

Personal Best Sweeps
The following swimmers had all best times, which is quite a huge accomplishment! Especially considering many of these kiddos swam over a dozen events in three days between prelims and finals.
Leah Adkins, Samantha Blackburn, Jonathan Diakogeorgiou, Amanda Jones, Tyler Klein, Justin Li, Thaine Nederveld, Aubrey Pritchard, Nathan Reynolds, Kaitlyn Sallows, Kayla Simashkevich, Will Stringer and competing in their first meets Karen Yang and Toby Halker!!

Bests less One (or Two)
The following swimmers hit best times in all but one event:
Nanami Campbell, Reece Hanley, Christopher Martin, Melaina Randall & Ella Seelandt!
And these awesome people hit best times in all but two events:
Sloane Anderson, Zoie Buck, Nicholas Mountz and Ashley Sallows!

Congratulations to all of our 9 to14 year olds for their outstanding efforts this season.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Spring & Summer Schedule

Our spring practice schedule and Spring/Summer fees are now available on the website and teamapp.
Registration is NOT required of returning swimmers.  Simply send Laurie and email that you wish to swim and we will invoice you.

New this season- Challenge Weeks.  During challenge weeks, we will challenge each training group to try something new and extend their swimming in a way that they haven't before.  Challenge weeks will start on the last Monday of every month (April 30, May 28 and June 25).  There will be an additional challenge week for Scarlet Gold swimmers the week of April 9.  The schedule for challenge week will be as follows:
  • Senior and Junior, no change in schedule.  
  • Scarlet Gold follows the Junior schedule and will train with Junior. We ask that swimmers help each other carpool so that they can attend all 5 practices (Sunday through Thursday) during this week.  This will be an increased opportunity to grow your training in a new way and challenge yourself to reach a higher level.
  • Scarlet 2, Silver 2, Scarlet 1 and Silver 1:
    • Mondays, no schedule change, focus on learning a new technique skill.
    • Tuesdays and Wednesdays all swimmers 6-7:45     
    • Thursdays, all swimmers 4:45-6:30
    • Sundays, no change 
    • *We ask that every swimmer try to attend all four weekday practices during challenge week.  We will learn a new technique skill on Mondays then apply it in various ways through the week.  There will be no penalty for low attendance during this week (beyond the lost growth opportunity).
  • Intro: Intro group will swim with Silver 1 on Monday from 6-7 and Thursday from 5:45-6:30

Girls and Boys Practices will return this spring to Sundays.  We love this and would certainly do it more often if we could figure out how to make it more convenient.

Summer Training - summer is a great time to add more to your swim schedule.  The kids do not have the stress of school and homework, which allows many to have increased focus at practice.  We expect to have morning practices at a local outdoor pool (Minerva Park is our first choice) and afternoon/evenings at the sports club.

Summer meets- there are not many! They are posted on our Google event calendar.  We continue to look for a good July opportunity for the swimmers.

Move Ups- any changes in group will be sent by early next week.  Please keep in mind that if you are invited to the next higher group you may choose to remain in your current group.

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