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Team Gear

As some of you have heard we have been debating whether to keep our team suit (Speedo Caged Out) for this season.  We have decided to do so believing that we have a small enough number of new swimmers that everyone should be able to get the suit should they need it.  If you need a suit,m we recommend that you order asap from SwimOutlet.  Some additional reminders and links about all things team gear related: We present ourselves at meets in a team uniform with a uniform look. All items should be team approved and have our logo and be in the team approved colors. Always shop at    -not only do they have great prices, they also give a percent back to the Boosters. We are sponsored by Speedo.  per our agreement all swimmers MUST wear Speedo suits at meets.  According to Speedo they will have small enough size tech suits this year for our younger swimmers (should those continue to be allowed). The team backpack is Silver.  Please order the backpack

Meet Invites - Decline or Accept

We are starting to send out meet invitations via our Active Parent Portal.  Each swimmer is required to either DECLINE or ACCEPT the invite PRIOR to the deadline.  We will update our team meet calendar with deadlines to help you keep those organized. It is best practice to respond to a meet the day you receive the invite.  Then set a reminder in your calendar of the deadline, so that if you want to make changes you can. The coaches spend far too much time tracking down missing responses.  Let's make sure the coaches are free to spend their time focusing on helping our swimmers improve instead. Thank you  - and as always feel free to send your questions to coach Laurie.

How to Respond to a Meet Invite in Parent Portal

Once meet invites are sent out from Swim Manager, this is the process to confirm attendance: Note:   Meet entry process is only available during Online Meet Entry period Parent will receive email indicating organization is accepting entries, as well as a link to the  Parent Portal Note:  Please see  Sign in Swim Portal  for further assitance Note:  If it redirects to please open the link in an  Incognito Window Click on hyperlink to portal and log in  Once in portal, select  View Meets  tab Select  Attending  or  Not Attending Note:    If organization allows parents/ athletes to pick what events to attend, the eligible events will display once  At tending  is selected. Check the box next to each event you wish to compete in.  Select  Save  ​ Note:   When Online Meet Entry period has ended, meet status will be changed from "In Progress" to "Closed" in Swim Portal.

How to Whitelist an Email

It is really important to us that you are receiving our emails.  We generally send from one of two platforms, Active and Mailchimp.  To make sure our emails aren’t going to junk, please whitelist us!  Here is a great tutorial that covers just about every email platform imaginable: You will want to white list Active as Mailchimp-  the Mailchimp email comes from

Pool Repair Update

Pool repairs, while delayed, are going very well.  Fixed to date: Entire pool has been repainted The leak has been located and has been partially repaired, the rest to be repaired this week. The underwater lights are repaired and working! The club intends to refill on Friday.  We will have practice Saturday morning for Senior, NPG, Junior and Scarlet Gold at 7 am.  Please come prepared to do dry land.  We will not have Silver practice at the pool Saturday morning.  Silver Recreation and Silver Competition are welcome to attend practice Sunday 3:30-4:30. All swimmers should be prepared for dry land these first few days as it will take some time to heat the pool. 

Meet Schedule

We have updated our meet schedule and uploaded the pdf to the website here:   Meet Schedule This is up to date through the summer long course season. New this year, you will be able to view meet host information packets directly in the google calendar. We have removed the October Dayton meet from the calendar altogether.  We have added the Ohio Swimming Safe Sport Pentathlon on October 7.  This is a local meet with a very important message.  The age group swimmers season plan was not originally set up to be prepared for competition by October 7.  We will not change our preparation, however we believe this will be an important learning experience beyond the pursuit of best times and did not want to miss the opportunity.

Schedule this Week

We have a verbal agreement from Aquatic Adventures in Hilliard to rent their pool (6 lanes) from 5:30-7:15 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week.   We will have our swimmers in as follows: Senior, Junior, NPG, Scarlet Gold & Scarlet 2: 5:30-7:15 all days Scarlet 3: Tuesday & Wednesday 5:45-7:15 Scarlet 1: Tuesday & Thursday 5:45-7:15 Silver Competition: Tuesday & Thursday 6:00-7:15 Silver Recreation: Tuesday & Wednesday 6:00-7:15 Intro: Thursday 6:30-7:15 Canceled:  On Friday, our older swimmers will have the opportunity to participate in a dry land training session with Coach Beth (a certified personal trainer) at Grace Powell Sports.   Senior, Junior and NPG will be from 4:00-5:00, Scarlet 2 & Gold will be from 5:15-6:15.  NEW:  On Saturday, our younger swimmers will have the opportunity to participate in a dry land training session with Coach Beth (a certified personal trainer) at Grace Powell Sports.    Scarlet 1, 2 & 3, Silver

Fall Party

Buckeye Swim Club Fall party SAVE THE DATE!! Join us for food, fun and friends for the fall team gathering at Lehner’s pumpkin farm. Enjoy the Corn maze, barnyard golf, barrel rides, bounce house and jump pad just to name a few. The team will take a private hayride at sunset and any brave Buckeyes can try to navigate the corn maze after dark. Sign-up genius with information regarding food will be posted soon.   Saturday 9-22-18 4:45-8:00   ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE CONTACT AMANDA KLEIN (TYLER'S MOM) 614-774-0140 (CALL OR TEXT) KLEINFA@AOL.COM Brought to you by the Buckeye Swim Club Boosters

Training Equipment

We have been able to source a package deal for our new swimmers training equipment.  Each swimmer on the team will need a mesh bag, kickboard, fins and pull buoy.  We have put together a package of those items, plus our team cap in red as follows: Junior board, Junior buoy, your size Speedo fins, cap and mesh bag for $40 Regular board, pull buoy, your size Speedo fins, cap and mesh  bag for $50 To order send your shoe or fin size and color preference for board and bag (no guarantee we can provide your preference but we will try) to Payment will be due to Buckeye Swim Club when you receive our equipment.  We can guarantee all items by September 17, which will be the first date that we would expect all swimmers to have their own equipment. All team equipment must be clearly labeled with each swimmers name. If you would like to order individual items from the list you may do so at Scarlet Gold, Junior and Senior swimmers will also need a

Practice Schedule Next Week

The pool is set to beginning draining for repairs on Monday, September 10. Repairs and refilling the pool are expected to take ONE week. We have scheduled three practices for the week of September 10 as follows: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 4:00-5:30 at the Worthington Pools outdoor Adult Lap pool. We understand that many of our swimmers will not be able to arrive until close to 4:30, we will organize practice to put swimmers in as they arrive. The following groups should attend all three days: Scarlet 1, 2, Gold, Junior, High School, Senior & NPG. The following groups should attend Monday and Thursday only: Silver Competition, Silver Recreation, Scarlet 3. Intro group swimmers should attend this week in lieu of next weeks practices.