Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Senior Meet

Ohio Senior Meet Information:
Listed is the warm-up schedule for the Senior Championships at OSU this weekend.  Our warm-up is 8am on Friday / Saturday and 7am on Sunday.  Please be a few minutes early and ready to enter the water at those times – NOT ARRIVING IN THE GARAGE AT THE LISTED TIME.

Approximate Prelims Finish Times:
Friday – 1:00 pm (one pool)
Saturday – 11:00 am girls / 12N boys
Not counting 1000 / 1650 FS
Sunday – 11:15 am

Please take note of the racing format and timeline: We will use two-pool racing on Saturday and Sunday mornings as well as flyover starts for all prelim and timed-finals sessions.  When two-pool racing, women will be at the south (diving well end) of the pool and men will be at the north (scoreboard end). 

Friday and Saturday prelims will begin at 9:00am and finals will begin at 6:00pm.  Also, to ensure that we are done in time for the varsity meetthe Sunday session will begin at 8:00am.  When two pool racing is used, and for Friday morning warm-ups, the diving well lanes will be available for additional warm-up/cool down.

You can check OSSC web-site psych sheets.  Remember that the TOP 30 return for finals. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Senior Meet School Excuse form

Here's the school excuse form for senior meet - the school usually likes to see this with the ALE.

New Albany Awards

The awards from the Kicker Meet have arrived!  They will be placed in mail folders on Wednesday.

Mini Meet Updates

Warm up lane assignments:

Session 1:
Saturday Morning
8:10-8:30 AM
Lane 6: BKYS (15)
9:00 START

Session 2:
Saturday Afternoon
1:10-1:30 PM
Lane 5: BKYS (12) / WAC (1)

Session 3:
Sunday Morning
8:10-8:30 AM
Lane 6: BKYS (18)
9:00 START

Session 4:
Sunday Afternoon
1:10-1:30 PM
Lane 5: BKYS (12) / WAC (1)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Note from Coach Julie

Hello Buckeyes!

I have a passion for promoting swimming and keeping in shape, but also a compassion for helping out others.  As many of you know, I am a triathlete! A triathlete competes in a triple race event of swimming, biking, and then running to the finish line.

This year, I was chosen to be 1 of 56 triathletes in the U.S. to race for a national triathlon team called Eleonore Rocks. The mission of Eleonore Rocks is to provide a bit of comfort to the families, children and babies in medical crisis by donating rocking chairs to NICUs, pediatric units, and hospital rooms throughout the United States.

To find out more about the Eleonore Rocks organization, you can go to

A rocking chair will be donated to a hospital for every $450 that is donated through my link to help provide comfort to pediatric patients and their families.  You can even specifically designate your donation in the name of or to remember a special loved one.  There is a review box to post such remembrances on my site.

The direct link to donate to support my efforts toward this cause is:  Please read my profile about why I am so excited to be a part of this great Triathlon Team. :-)

Please don’t be intimidated when you see the $450 donation request. Just look a few spaces below that number and click on the down arrow to bring up the $5 + levels.

Any donation (Tax Deductible!!) that you might be able to make would be greatly appreciated.  You will get an email acknowledgement and also a letter of gratitude from the organization via regular postal mail.

Even if you are unable at this time to make a monetary donation, please log onto my Eleonore Rocks page and post a comment in the "write a review" link to support of my efforts.   All of your comments will be a great motivator in the coming racing event season.  I may be racing off, but I am also mindful that there are very small little ones that need the comfort of even a few quiet moments of snuggle time while enduring medical issues.

I am very excited to be associated with Eleonore Rocks this year!

Swim on!
Coach Julie

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pool Party!

Parents and swimmers had a ton of fun Saturday night at the Westerville Rec Center!  Thanks to all of our organizers and our Booster Club!  A special shout out to Wendy Butcher for making this happen and Barb Burton for the yummy pizza!


We are still in need of volunteers for Regionals.  This is a friendly reminder that this is our main fundraiser for the team, we do need everyone to pitch in and help at this meet. Anyone signed up to work two sessions will receive a free meet program!

Click to sign up:

Sign Up Now!

Practice Schedule

Due to the Regional Championship Meet there will be NO practices Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Also, Scarlet and Buckeye 3 will swim 5:45-7:30 on Thursday.  Coach Patty might schedule some of her groups on Friday and Saturday.  She'll email her parents this week if she decides to do this.

There are no Saturday & Sunday practices from 2/25 until we resume in April.

Our last regular practice this winter season will be March 8.  Only swimmers with meets in March and April will continue with practice's after March 8.

We start back in the water on April 18 :)

Regional Meet Entries

Please click the link below to check your swimmers meet entries for Regionals.  All events numbered in the 100's are on Friday morning, the 200's are on Saturday morning and 300's are on Sunday.  I can take additions until the end of the day Monday (no changes please).

BKYS Entry

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

Trip Planner Needed

I am looking for a parent that would be interested in planning our team travel trip to Virginia this summer.  I can help you with a lot of the starting information, but do not have time on my hands to plan the details.  Please email if you are interested.  ~Laurie

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Championship T-Shirt Orders Due Tuesday

We need a quick turn around on championship t-shirt orders.  Order forms have been placed in everyone's meet folders.  Please complete and turn in to Coach Karr's mail folder by Tuesday.  The shirt will have every swimmers name on the back and are $10 each.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Needed: everyone to volunteer

We do need every family to volunteer their time at the Ohio Regional Championship meet February 24-26.  Last year our families provided amazing support which made for a great success, we received such compliments from the teams we hosted that they all asked to come back to our Regional.  We then were able to use the funds from this meet to do many great things for our program, including purchasing and installing the two starting blocks at Columbus North. Those two blocks fit our needs beautifully at that pool and have made an immediate improvement on our kids starts.  This year the boosters has already put your fundraising dollars to great work by organizing a pool party this Saturday and purchasing a timing system for our new pool.  We believe this meet will be such a huge success that we will have leftover FUN money to use in ways that will continue to enhance and improve your experience at Buckeye.

Click to sign up:

Sign Up Now!

Pei Wei Dining fundraiser

Our next dining experience is Pei Wei on Monday, February 20.  I have include a link to the flyer, please print and take with you.  Pei Wei has asked that we give them an approximate number of diners, please help us with that by telling me at practice how many you expect to dine at Pei Wei.

Pei Wei Flyer

Pool Party!


WHERE    Westerville Community Center

WHEN       Saturday, February 18th

TIME                    7:15 – 9:00 pm            
Pizza in the Buckeye Room
8:00 – 10:00 pm        
Leisure pool and slides

RSVP         The number of swimmers to Wendy Butcher by February 15TH so we know how much pizza to order!

Even though we know all of our BKYS swimmers know how to swim, Westerville community center requires all children 6 and under to be accompanied by an adult.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Team Caps

We have a brand new logo that we had made just for our new team caps.  We revamped things to make the logo more visible on a cap.  We'll still keep the team logo that we have on all of our bags and tees, etc.  But we were looking for something different, fun, exciting and visible for the team caps.  The enw caps will be avialable at our first team championship meet (Regionals).  To further build suspense we are going to keep the logo secret until the caps arrive :)

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