Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Regional Meet Program Ads

Help Support Local Swimmers

Buckeye Swim Club and the Unified Aquatics Club are the proud co-hosts of this year’s Regional Championships at the Columbus School for Girls, Feb 18-20. To show support for the swimmers, we are selling ad space which will be displayed in the heat sheet packets.

We would love to include either your business advertisement or a personal ad for your swimmer, wishing them luck and giving encouragement (can even add a picture of your swimmer(s) if you would like).  We anticipate over 400 swimmers and their families from all over Central Ohio at this years meet.

The cost for advertising is as follows:
Full Page Ad $50
Half Page Ad $25
1/6 Page Ad $10

If interested, please provide the following information:
Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________
Phone #: _______________________________   Email: ____________________________________________
Check one:   ⃝     Full Page Ad                   ⃝    Half Page Ad           ⃝    1/6 Page Ad

Please attach business, full or half page ad you would like included. Also, include cash or check made payable to:   Buckeye Swim Club Boosters

If a personal ad, please provide the wording you would like below. Attach picture (if desired)


Thank you for your support of our swimmers! 

Please get your ads in early to help us compile and organize everything.
Email your submission to laurie@bkyswim.com 
Deadline is Tuesday 2/14.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January Swimmers of the Meet

Wow! What a month of great swimming from all of our Buckeyes.  It has been very difficult to narrow down the swimmers of the meet recipients this month.  We had a lot of fantastic swimming with quite a few swimmers hitting all best times at their meets.

Swimmers hitting all best times this month: Leah Adkins, Sophia Arnold, Nanami Campbell, Samantha Blackburn,  Elena Benz, Eddie Campion, Jonathan Diakogeorgiou, Lily Hashes, Andrew Huang, Amanda Jones, Samantha Jones, Tyler Klein, Owen Lewis, Thaine Nederveld, Abby Ng, Aubrey Pritchard, Kaitlyn Sallows, Ashley Sallows, Jack Secrest, Ella Seelandt, Sydney Seelandt, Evan Simashkevich, Kayla Simashkevich, Will Stringer,  Brody Van Frayen & Kevin Zhang.

Special recognition to Kaitlyn Sallows and Andrew Huang, both of whom are ripping apart our record board this season.  Additionally Kaitlyn is currently  ranked amongst the fastest 75 ten year old girls in the US in her best events and Andrew is ranked the fastest 8 year old boy in the US and top 10 in backstroke for 9-under boys.

Our swimmers of the meet for January are;
Jonathan Diakogeorgiou, age 12, had a huge meet to kick off January at the quad meet.  With three best  times and big drops in the back and breast, Jonathan has set himself up well to end the season strong.  Way to go JD!!
Sydney Seelandt, age 7, had a breakthrough meet at the UASC Triple Crown.  Sydney showed off all of her concentration at practice of late with big long strokes and huge time drops.  In all she dropped over 40 seconds! Congratulations Sydney!!
Leah Adkins, age 12, had a great Kelly German meet.  She swam three new events and dropped over 22 seconds in her other three events.  She has made tremendous strides this year as a newcomer to our sport.  Congratulations Leah!!
Jacy Mox, age 14, had a big Kelly German meet with 5 best times and four final swims. Jacy has been quietly improving her strokes and has really stepped up her commitment to practice.  In all Jacy dropped over 14 seconds. WTG Jacy!!
Jack Secrest, age 12, swam to all beat times at Kelly German. Jack broke 30 seconds for the first time in the 50 free and finaled in all three backstroke events.  Jack has been making steady improvement in his training and technique, all while pushing his lane mates to work harder. In all Jack dropped over 15 seconds. Congratulations Jack!!

Sign Up Genius Link for Regional Championships Pasta Dinner

Please use the link below to sign up for the Regional Championships Pasta Dinner!


Monday, January 23, 2017

Raffle Ticket Update- Due February 2

There are just over 40 raffle tickets available for sale.  Each ticket is $10 and families will receive $8 towards each ticket sold towards the fundraising requirement.  

Please turn in all tickets no later than Thursday, Feb. 2 at 7:30 pm.  

Tickets may be given to Jeff or Salatha Evers, Austin or Ashley Martin, John Diakogeorgiou, Ron or Laurie Sallows, Coach Karr, or they can be sent by mail to:

Buckeye Swim Club Boosters, Inc.
Attn: Ron Sallows

If you have any questions or want additional tickets for purchase, please email Ron Sallows at rsallows@columbus.rr.com

Fundraising Fee Update

Buckeye Swim Parents, 
When the Fall / Winter swim season started, Buckeye Swim Club was looking for 
opportunities to reduce the club fees for the season.  The idea was that people 
would have the option of fundraising for a portion of the fees, if they were so 
inclined, to reduce their cost.  For those people who did not want to fundraise, 
the option was always available to just pay the “fundraising fee” outright, just 
like it was part of the original club fees. 
The Boosters became involved only by providing two (2) avenues for fundraising:  the raffle and the Butter Braids fundraiser.  The amount of profit 
generated from these fundraising enterprises for each family would go to offset 
the established “fundraising fee” for each swimmer.  Again, those families not 
inclined to participate in fundraising activities can simply pay the fundraising 
fee outright.  Because the fees are related to fundraising they are routed 
through the Booster Club, but the majority of the funds will ultimately end at the swim club to 
cover swimmer expenses at the discretion of the Buckeye Swim Club. 
Just to be clear, the fundraising activities do not yield a one for one offset 
to the fundraising fee.  It is only the profit from that activity that offsets.  
For example, my son is in the Scarlet group and has a fundraising fee of $300.  
If I purchased 30 raffle tickets at $10/ticket my total would be $300.  However, 
the profit and therefore, the contribution to offset my fundraising fee is 
$8/ticket.  Therefore, my contribution to my $300 fundraising fee is 30 tickets 
x $8/ticket = $240.  I still owe $60.  So, if I didn’t make up that difference 
with the Butter Braids fundraiser (again, the profit only contributes to offset 
the fee), I am responsible to write a check for the difference.  Assuming I 
didn’t participate in Butter Braids, I owe $60.  Without any additional 
fundraisers available, I would have to write a check to the Booster Club for 
The reason I am reaching out now is that the fundraising fees were due on 
January 12th.  With very limited number of raffle tickets left to sell (Ron 
Sallows can comment on the number remaining) and the Butter Braids activity 
complete, we are essentially at the point of paying whatever fundraising fee 
balance remains.  At this point we have approximately 50% participation, meaning 
around 50% of the families have contributed some, not necessarily all of the 
fundraising fees.  Even though 50% of the families have contributed something 
towards the fundraising fees, only 37% of the total fees have been received. 
As the season draws to a close in the upcoming month, these fees need to be paid 
to cover club expenses for our swimmers.  The “fundraising fee” for each group 
were designated by Buckeye Swim Club  at the beginning of the season as follows: 
• Seniors – $400
• High School - Exempt 
• Juniors - $400 
• Scarlet - $300 
• Silver - $200 (exception is new Intro to Swimming class who are Exempt) 
Much like the club swim fees themselves, these fundraising fees apply to each 
swimmer in the group, so if a family has two Scarlet swimmers, their fundraising 
fee total would be $600. 
Checks may be given to any of the Buckeye Swim Boosters Board members:  Ron 
Sallows, John Diakogeorgiou, Ashley or Austin Martin, and Jeff Evers.  Checks 
can also be given to Coach Karr.  Finally, if you would prefer to mail your 
checks, you can send them to me at the following address: 
Buckeye Swim Boosters, Inc. 
Attn:  Jeff Evers 
5855 Cali Glen Lane 
Westerville, OH 43082 
Thank you for your continued support of the Buckeye Swim Club and the Booster 
Club.  If you have questions on your specific fundraising requirement and your 
contribution to date, you can email me at:  jeff.evers95@gmail.com. 
Jeff Evers 
Buckeye Swim Boosters, Inc. – Treasurer 

Championship Pasta Party

Buckeye Swim Club
Championship Pasta Psych-Up Party
Save the Date – February 16th - 6pm-8pm
All Buckeye Swim Club families are invited to attend the Pre-Regional Swim
Championships Dinner. The dinner will be a potluck and each family will be asked
to bring a dish to share. A food sign up list will be emailed in the near future.
Hope to see you there!

All regional participants will be invited to practice prior to the pasta party.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Reminder no scarlet, Silver, intro practice

Due to the meet and an event at MC Fitness, there is no practice for Scarlet, Silver & Intro groups Sunday 1/22.

Kelly German Saturday Finals

Congratulations to all of our swimmers on some fantastic swimming today and last night.  Because it was very difficult to hear the announcer we are sending the list of finalists for tonight. Finals are at Worthington, 10-unders have first warmup at 5 pm.

Nanami Campbell 50 fly, 100 IM & 50 back
Wyatt Hanley 100 IM, 200 back, 100 free
Andrew Huang 50 fly, 100 IM, 50 back
Jacy Mox 200 back
Zoe Owens 50 back
Melaina Randall 100 breast
Nathan Reynolds 50 back
Ashley Sallows 100 br, 200 fly
Kaitlyn Sallows 50 fly, 100 IM, 100 free
Jack Secrest 50 back, 209 back
Brody Van Frayen 50 fly, 50 back

Reminder that we warm up at 7:20 am Sunday.
Let's keep the good swims coming Buckeyes.  Love today's team spirit too!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Upcoming Practice Cancelations

We will be canceling the following practices due to meets, please mark your calendars:
Sunday,  January 22 all Scarlet & Silver practices. *there is also a community party at MC Fitness that day from 12-4. All Buckeyes not competing Sunday evening have been invited to attend.

Sunday,  February 5 all groups. All of our coaches will be put of town at meets.

Sunday,  February 19 no scarlet and silver practice due to regionals.

Practices end with each swimmers last meet. This means the majority of our 9-14 year olds will finish at Regionals on February  20. Swimmers 8-under continue to weeks for mini meet. JO swimmers and high school age swimmers continue into March for their last meets.

Our spring schedule will be released in mid February.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Kelly German Updates

We have posted our team entries with correct entry times in our meet folder.  This can be found on the team website (buckeyeswimclub.com) under Schedule, click on Meet Schedule, look for the blue box for the Kelly German files and click on that.  Current notes for the meet are as follows:
  • All 200 yard events on Saturday and Sunday will be positive check-in and limited to the top 3 heats.  If you feel your swimmer will not make the cut and you want to change them to another event, that is fine.  **we (buckeye) removed a few swimmers from 200's and updated times for others**
  • Host will be limiting the 8 & unders to 3 events only (previously had been 4).
  • The teams will be swimming for Sat/Sun prelims only at the following pools:
    • Worthington
      • Delaware
      • Hilliard
      • Pau Hana
      • Lake Erie
      • Upper Arlington
      • Westerville
      • Worthington
    • Columbus Academy
      • Buckeye
      • Dublin
      • Greater Columbus
      • Liberty Twp.
      • New Albany
  • Friday night events and all championship final will be swam at Worthington
  • Will be combining same distance/stroke events to minimum the time at the pool.  We will still swim the championships by age and gender.
Coaches Note-  several families did not enter this meet, or respond to entry requests.  We even extended the deadline, which came and went two weeks ago.  If this is you, there is nothing we can do.  Please make sure you are logging in to your portal and responding to meet deadlines. Next meet is Dayton Raiders.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Regional Date Change

The regional meet has been officially moved to CSG and will be swum February 18-20.  This meet is appropriate for all 14 and younger swimmers. As discussed in our booster meetings, we will be Co hosting this meet with Unified.  Look for volunteer opportunities soon!

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