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Safety Poster Contest

2013 USA Swimming Operational Risk Committee Safety Poster Contest Sponsored by Swimmer’s Edge Contest Details The objective of the Safety Poster Contest is to build awareness for safety in the competitive swimming environment.  Each Local Swim Committee (LSC) gets to pick its winner.  From the LSC winners the Operational Risk Committee will pick 10 posters to be displayed at the USAS Convention. The Grand Prize winner will be selected at Convention based on voting by visitors to the display.  All athlete members are eligible.  The Operational Risk Committee of USA Swimming invites you to create a poster for our Annual Safety Poster Contest, sponsored by Swimmer’s Edge .  The theme for this year’s contest is Safety at Swim Practice .  This contest promotes safety in our sport and is targeted to our athlete members.   The goal is simple: create a poster about Safety at Swim Practice (water or dryland) the rest is up to you and your imagination.  Please remember no co


I just sent out the first practice related change message via Ringya.  It appears that many of you have home phones and invalid numbers listed as your mobile phone.  Please, everyone, go to the Ruigya app and update your information so that we can quickly contact you when we have changes.

Practice Schedule May 24-June 5

Practice Schedule May 24-June 5 Please make note of changes to the schedule as we try to work with holidays, meets and school schedules NOTE: Please bring running shoes to all OUTDOOR practices. Friday, May 24, 2:00-4:00 Silver, Scarlet & Senior 2-4 at the Powell Pool (Olentangy Swim Association, 245 Village Park Dr, Powell, OH 43065) No practice at Columbus North *If you are still in school, you are welcome to come late and possible stay a little later than 4. Saturday, May 25 at Powell Pool (Olentangy Swim Association) 9:00-11:00: Silver, Scarlet & Senior 10:00-11:00 Buckeye 1 & Too The weather looks a little chilly for Saturday morning, we will do our best to have a  productive practice.  Silver and Scarlet should be prepared for dry land.  We'll warm the kids up nicely on land then throw them in. Sunday & Monday - NO PRACTICE - enjoy your holiday week-end Tuesday, May 28 through Thursday May, 30 - regular practice schedule Friday, May 31 throu

Memorial Week-end practice schedule

We will be on a  modified schedule for the holiday week-end.  We plan to offer practice Friday & Saturday outdoors.  Friday practice will be in the early afternoon and Saturday practice in the morning.  We are waiting to hear the open status of the pool that has indicated that we can rent from them this week-end (they are doing repairs on a  leak) and expect to know on Thursday.  PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL ON THURSDAY NIGHT.  If we cannot get into the outdoor pool, we will be at Columbus North Sports Club. No practice Sunday and Monday - enjoy the holiday!!

Mike Peppe Entries are Due today

The Mike Peppe (pronounced peppy) meet entries are due today.  Please note that ALL seniors should attend this meet.  Age group swimmers should attend this meet only if they ARE NOT attending Regionals.  If swimmers are trying to qualify for JO's Regionals is indeed the better meet (there are more swim opportunities).  Sign up here:

Hotel for Indy Meet

Staybridge Suites 9780 Crosspoint Blvd Indianapolis, IN 46256 (317) 577-9500 We have 7 Studios Queen bed with pullout and kitchen for $93.00 plus tax 7 King fro $103.00 plus tax The cutoff is June 20th just mention you are with Buckeye Swim Club. The price is a little higher for less than a 2 night stay. Thanks to Sandy Hammond for arranging this!

Summer Jam & Mike Peppe Entries

Summer Jam entries have been sent.  1/3 of our swimmers appropriately responded to the invitation.  Note that we received the meet file on Wednesday morning and were asked to get our entries to the meet host at 8 am this morning.  We have asked if we can add swimmers as late as Friday this week.  We do not yet know if they will accept additional entries.  HOWEVER, if you would like to be one of those swimmers considered, please log in and enter by Wednesday night. Please note that Peppe entries are due 5/20.


Several people have asked which meet they should attend Flag City in Findlay, Ohio or the Summer Jam in Fishers, Indiana (Indianapolis). The Summer Jam is indoors and will be more comfortable for our younger swimmers (Silver 1, 8 & under).  Our 9-10 swimmers can pick either meet or do both (both meets are timed finals for this age group).  We would like our 11 & overs to swim both meets.  Swimmers will be entered int heir best events at the Summer Jam. At Flag City, they will be entered into events that they do not normally try, or in their best stroke but a different distance.  This will give our swimmers the opportunity to grow their events list and abilities.  This also keeps their best events 'fresh' for the Summer Jam. Peppe vs. Regionals The other popular question is which meet to swim -Mike Peppe or Regionals.   Here's the entry guide: If you are swimming Ohio JO's and not Regioanls, enter Peppe if you would like. If you are swimming Regionals but


Some of you have recently received an invite to a smart phone app called Ringya.  This is coming from me and isn't some strange form of spam   The app allows me to upload our roster for each training group.  I believe this will be very useful this summer if we ever need to cancel or change due to weather.  The app allows us to text each member on the roster with last minute notifications or changes.  Please log into the app if you would like to make sure your information in correct.  It also gives you a contact list of all of the parents in your group.

Ohio Department of Health Concussion Information Sheet

Dear Parent/Guardian and Athletes, This information sheet is provided to assist you and your child in recognizing the signs and symptoms of a concussion. Every athlete is different and responds to a brain injury differently, so seek medical attention if you suspect your child has a concussion. Once a concussion occurs, it is very important your athlete return to normal activities slowly, so he/she does not do more damage to his/her brain. What is a Concussion? A concussion is an injury to the brain that may be caused by a blow, bump, or jolt to the head. Concussions may also happen after a fall or hit that jars the brain. A blow elsewhere on the body can cause a concussion even if an athlete does not hit his/her head directly. Concussions can range from mild to severe, and athletes can get a concussion even if they are wearing a helmet. Signs and Symptoms of a Concussion Athletes do not have to be “knocked out” to have a concussion. In fact, less than 1 out of 10 concussions

Ohio's Return to Play Law

Ohio's Return-to-Play Law: What a Parent/Guardian Needs to Know – Youth Sports Organizations For athletes participating in youth sports organizations (non-school sports): 1. Starting April 26th, 2013, parents and athletes are required to receive a concussion information sheet annually for each sport. 2. Coaches, referees, or officials must remove an athlete from play if the athlete is exhibiting the signs and symptoms of a concussion during practice or a game. These include: • Appears dazed or stunned. • Is confused about assignment or position. • Forgets plays. • Is unsure of game, score or opponent. • Moves clumsily. • Answers questions slowly. • Loses consciousness (even briefly). • Shows behavior or personality changes (irritability, sadness, nervousness, feeling more emotional). • Can’t recall events before or after hit or fall. • Any headache or “pressure” in head. (How badly it hurts does not matter.) • Nausea or vomiting. • Balance proble

Summer Practice Schedule

Here's the tentative summer practice schedule :)  Can't wait to start enjoying some outdoor pool time.  Please note that we are training mornings at the Norhtland Community Pool - this is different than Northland Swim Club (where we were last year).  It is 161 & Beechcroft.

Silver & Scarlet Conferences

Parent-Coach Conference times are now available for all parents of Silver & Scarlet swimmers.  Please choose a 15 minute slot to have a brief conversation with Coach Laurie regarding your swimmers progress, our plans for further progress and any concerns you might have.  Please note that pressing concerns should not wait until conference time.  If you have an immediate need please email or call ASAP.

Cincinnati Meet Closed

Unfortunately, our team was not able to get entries in before the Cincinnati meet was closed. Because of this, we will not attend either meet in Cincinnati the week-end of May 17-19. We are working on a  team building activity for May 18 or 19 and will let you know if we are able to put something together. We will be submitting meet entries the moment they open for the OSSC meet, and hope that will be sufficient to get into the meet.  Please make sure you accept or decline your entry ASAP.  Thanks!