Monday, August 13, 2012

Independent Practice

Hi Buckeyes!  Here is practice #1 of our practice on your own ideas.  All of these practices are only 2000 yards, you can do this on your own, with a friend or try to get your parent in shape (be their coach)!  Rest between swims is up to you & your training partner.

Warm-up: 200 free, 200 kick, 100 drill choice

Swim 10x50
odd 50's are free, moderate effort, long strokes
even 50's are choice - build your speed so that you finish the 50 faster than you started

Swim (do this 3 times):
6x25 (1 under water, 1 head above water swim choice, 1 free)
100 free breathe every 5 strokes

Race 3 x50 your choice

100 easy

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