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Swimmers of the Meet

Congratulations to our Swimmers of the Meet from our November Meets!  We recognize one girl and one boy swimmer of the meet based on time drops, attitude and the work the swimmer put in leading up to the meet.  At our first two meets our swimmers that achieved this honor all trained with us this summer and were consistent this fall in their efforts to improve.

KCST John Lunsford Memorial
We have a brother-sister duo to honor from this meet.  Congratulations to Macey & Chase Swearingen!
Chase went 8 for 8 in best times and completed his first 100 IM & 200 free.  He had 3 third place finishes and a win in the 25 back.  Chase has worked hard to improve his stroke length which has really helped him in all of his races. Congrats Chase!
Macey also went 8 for 8 in best times and started the meet with a stellar 200 IM, dropping 7 seconds and finishing 2nd.  Macey has been working hard at improving her timing in her strokes and ability to use streamlining to her advantage.  She proves over and over that technique beats brawn any day.  Congrats Macey!

Honorable MentionGreysyn Anderson, Grace Baker, Rheygyn Carr, Tavo De La Rosa, Cam Hackett, Wesley Hammond, John Haynes, Logan Indest, Ellie Ishida, Cris Kubatko, Richard Mazur, Arden Tonjes and Grace Weidenhamer!
Event Winners: Caleb Baker, Wyatt Hanley, Gabrielle Shirley, Chase Swearingen & Arden Tonjes!

Dayton Raiders Jarnagin Memorial
Parents of the Meet  - Anyone that was there at 10:45 pm on Saturday and back by 7:30 am Saturday.  Kudos to you!
Emma Secrest  - Emma has been working all fall to put together a meet like this.  She is a leader at practice  focuses on her details at practice and does a great job applying her coach's tips to her strokes.  Emma swam best times in 9 events!  This included dropping 12 seconds in the 200 free, 21 in the 100 fly nearly 4 seconds in the 50 back and 6 seconds int he 50 breast!
Drew Nederveld - Drew went 10 for 10 on best times at this meet   He started the week-end with a solid 200 IM and a fantastic 500 free.  Drew is a very focused swimmer  and is a great teammate to have in your lane.  He is always looking for ways to improve and be faster.  Congrats Drew!

Honorable Mention: Greysyn Anderson, Sydney Arnold, Lilly Dershaw, Donovan Hunt, Anish Indukuri, Anna McGrath, Nia Moutawakil, Thaine Nederveld, Taylor Nelson, Liz Passias, Elisa Robinson, & Macey Swearingen.

Event Winners: Jeremy Baggs - Jeremy won all 8 of his events, Bobbi Indest, Lincoln Shirley, & Macey Swearingen.


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