Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pool Project Update

Yes, there is still a pool in the works!  I wanted to take the time to update everyone on what progress has been made, where we stand today and what is need to move forward.  Please take a moment to read our status update and our needs lists.  In order to build we need our swim community to pitch in in many ways.

Today's Status
We will make our final payment on the bubble this week.  It is currently in storage in Massachusetts  so our next step will be to get it moved here.  Overall cost of the bubble, storage and transport to Columbus is approximately $92,500.  We do have a potential buyer for this bubble that would secure everyone's investments should we not be able to move forward in Columbus.

We have spent the late summer & early fall speaking with builders throughout Ohio and getting bids for our project.  In order to keep our doors open, our budget is tight (1.2 mil for the building and land).  No one was able to bid the project within our budget.  Most were 20-50% too high.  So, we have broken the project into two pieces.  Our essential piece is everything under the bubble (two working pools).  Our 2nd piece will be the building that houses our locker rooms and offices.  We have tentatively chosen CUC and PSS Pools out of Cincinnati to do the pool and dome work.  Our new budget should arrive at the end of the week.

Land:  The land at Orangepoint Commerce center is no longer under contract with us.  Orange Township has shown little interest in bringing our project into their township.  In fact, they have expressed that we would have a difficult time getting past administrative review in order to build   Thus we have started the land search again.  The pool will be located in Olentangy School District (this is a requirement for our loan).  There are some possible sites that are still central to the district near Home Rd & 23.  We are also speaking with a nearby township that has shown interest in our project.

What We Need
We have several needs that you and your neighbors could help with.  Please read on.
Investment:  We do still have our loan, however the underwriter would like to see us raise more community investment.  To date we have community investment at about $70,000.  We are seeking another immediate $50,000 in small investors and would like to meet with potential large investors.
What you can do:  Please consider investing $2500 in the project.  Your return on investment is greater than any CD you can find at a bank.  In some instances you will see a better return than in the stock market. This year, we gave out $12,000 in fee credits to last years investors.  This is a great way to invest in your community and get a little cash back in return.
Do you have a friend that likes to invest in businesses or make large donations to worthy causes?  Please get us (the boosters and myself) in front of this friend. We would love to talk to anyone that can throw $25,000 and up into our project.

Donations of Goods
We are looking for a builder or builders that can donate work or goods on the office/locker room building portion of the project. We would need excavation, lumber, dry wall, fixtures, architect design, etc.  If you know anyone interested in donating the cost of the entire building, please let them know we do have naming rights available to the facility.

Thank You
I want to take a moment to thank our investors and supporters.  Without you, we would be dead in the water.  There have been many times this summer & fall where I have been ready to sell the bubble and move on.  Thank you for helping me to stay on task and push this project forward.  With your continued support, we will see this through.

Thank You,
Laurie Karr & Your Buckeye Swim Club Boosters Board
For investment please contact Laurie Karr at
For donations, please contact the Buckeye Boosters:
Jeff Baggs or
Heather Weidnhamer

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