Thursday, October 25, 2012

Your assistance is needed

Tuesdays are very busy days at our pool.  We have every one of our team members scheduled in a manner that is works well in the water, but is very crowded on deck.  Please help us create more on deck space by:

  • Placing swim bags on top step only, with every thing zipped inside your bag.
  • Silver, Scarlet & Senior - drop your child off at practice so that we can use space typically reserved for parents watching practice.
  • Anyone observing practice will need to keep their conversations at a low level to help our coaches communicate to kids without raising our voices.
While I have you, one last reminder.  Seating for parents is available only along the  pace clock side and entrance end of the pool.  Do not sit under the clock, near the white board or with swimmers bags.

AS always - thanks for being great swim parents!

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