Monday, October 8, 2012

MUST READ-How to Sign Up for a meet

Due to SLOW responses for the first few meets we are implementing the following protocol to sign up for a meet:
  1. Go to our Meet Information Page on our Website
  2. Look at the upcoming meet schedule -if a meet is open for sign-up you will see an Enter Meet button:
  3. Note the deadline below the button - this is important.
  4. Click on the button.
  5. Follow the response instructions to enter the meet.
    **You will receive an email reminder to enter each meet about 3 days prior to the deadline.  When you receive this, it is time to get on it and submit your response.  If you have already entered the meet and have a receipt indicating so, you do not need to worry. Please, don't reply to that email!  Instead, read the email and follow the instructions.**
Want to know more about the meet you are entering?  Open the Meet Book -it has a schedule of events and approximate warm-up times.

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