Thursday, June 21, 2012

Online Entry Features

I am learning the new online entry system along with you, and will send along features as I figure them out.
  • I can change any entry - make additions, deletions and changes if I feel that there are better event options for your swimmer. 
  • Your credit card is not billed until the day I finalize entries - this is typically the day that I send entries to the host. You are also billed only for the events that the coaching staff approves, so if that happens to be fewer events than you initially chose, you won't be over billed. 
  • After finalize entries I send an email to each participant. It has a nifty little summary of your events. 
  • You receive a receipt, via email, of your entry fees that are billed to your credit card. 
  • You can access the list of team meets via our online entry portal at any time. 
  • You can access a nice summary of your events simply by logging in to your account on active.
Here's a direct link to our Meet Portal: 

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