Thursday, May 3, 2012

Team Awards 2011-2012

Each swimmer received a t-shirt with their name on the back.  Here is the candy to nickname guide that everyone has been asking for.  This has also been posted on the team website on the swimmers page:

Bit-O-Honey: sweet, kind, never complaining.  A good teammate.
Bonkers - a little crazy, a fun teammate to push you
Carmello/Swimello - sweet & easy going
Fun Dip - fun, dippy & a natural in the water
Gobstopppers - never stops talking
Gummy Bears - loveable
Gummy Worms - a wiggler
Hot Tamales/Fire - swimmer who has been on fire all year
Kit Kat - give me a break - for the swimmers who always has questions
Laffy Taffy - always laughing
M & M's - someone with lots of M's (Magnificent, marvelous, aMazing)
Mars/Milky Way - you are out of this world, may be a bit of a daydreamer too
Mounds - makes a mounds of a difference on the team
Mr. Goodbar - good friend/person, swimmer who exhibits the good qualities of a teammate & friendship, respects people
Crunch - can always count on you in a crunch, good leader
Snickers - contagious laughter, always swimming & giggling, keeps atmosphere light & cheerful, outstanding swimmer
Orbit - for the swimmer that is never still, always moving around and is going places/moving up
Peanut M&M's - small, sweet, tough, quick and maybe a little nutty
Reese's Pieces - love ya to pieces, brings heart to the team
Skittles - rainbow of fun, colorful suits
S'Mores/Swimores - makes the pool/team a better place, we want more of you!
Starburst - rising star, star of the show, may be a bit of a budding actor or actress too :)
Sweet Tarts - someone sweet & sassy
Twizzler - sweet,a  little twisted and true to his/her friends/teammates.

Please email me if I missed one!

If you did not receive your t-shirt, they will be placed in your mail folder later today.

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