Wednesday, May 23, 2012 Fundraising

We’ve joined forces with Amazon for an easy fundraiser.  At the top of the BKYS team page and on our blog you will see an banner.  If you are planning to purchase from Amazon, all you need to do is click to them from our website and BKYS will receive a percentage rebate of your purchases.  The more that our members purchase by clicking from us, the greater the percentage of rebate.

Your Amazon account information is secure and remains the same, you still get to use your Amazon Prime membership, and you still get any other rewards that you would normally receive from them. 

Click from BKYS, log in as you normally would, and make your purchase.  That’s it.  If you’re a Kindle user, you will need to make your purchases by this method for us to receive credit (you can’t shop from your Kindle – sorry, Jim).

Look for more information soon that lets you know what percentage of rebate specific items earn.  ALL items count toward the total rebate (including gift cards).

It’s an easy way to support the team so shop.  A lot.  And ask your friends and relatives to click through us too so they can help too!

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