Sunday, December 4, 2011

Parents of Buckeye 1-ders and Buckeye Too groups,

Demand for the beginning competitive group has been overwhelming! We thank you for your support, but…we are having growing pains! This is good! With that in mind, change is once again upon us.

Beginning Monday, December 5, we have rearranged the Buckeye 1-ders and the Buckeye Too groups to better meet the needs of our youngest swimmers. We recognize that any schedule change can be disruptive to family schedules and will work with you over the next several weeks to help you transition to new times. We made as few changes as possible, keeping in mind sibling schedules, ability levels, and number of swim days per week. We tried to find the best fit for every child, to improve their strokes, increase their endurance, and match their social and emotional development. With all that in mind, we now have 3 groups for our novice swimmers. The Buckeye Too group, the Buckeye 1-ders, and our newest group, the Combo group.





5:00-5:40 @ Ohio Wesleyan
Pierce, Jack Mc, Bailey, Paige



5-6 @ Ohio Wesleyan
Michael, Jack Y, Miriam, Elise, Ellie, Anneliese, Mackenzie, Asher

6:50-7:45 @ North YMCA

5-6 @ Ohio Wesleyan
Abby, Audrey, Jayci, Jack S, Jonah, Sara, Katie, Reed, Hannah
Please review your child’s group, schedule, and locations above. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to talk with Coach Patty or Coach Laurie.

We will occasionally offer Saturday morning practices (once-twice per month) and follow those with Breakfast Club.

Again, thanks for all your support for your swimmer, the coaches, and yourselves. With the holidays upon us, life is chaotic. We always appreciate all you do for your swimmer and the club.

Have a great holiday season, and….Go Bucks!!
Coach Patty 
Note from Coach Laurie:  These changes will not be reflected on our team Calendar for 1-2 weeks.  Thank you for your patience!

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