Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Training Equipment

We have been able to source a package deal for our new swimmers training equipment.  Each swimmer on the team will need a mesh bag, kickboard, fins and pull buoy.  We have put together a package of those items, plus our team cap in red as follows:
Junior board, Junior buoy, your size Speedo fins, cap and mesh bag for $40
Regular board, pull buoy, your size Speedo fins, cap and mesh  bag for $50

To order send your shoe or fin size and color preference for board and bag (no guarantee we can provide your preference but we will try) to laurie@bkyswim.com

Payment will be due to Buckeye Swim Club when you receive our equipment.  We can guarantee all items by September 17, which will be the first date that we would expect all swimmers to have their own equipment.

All team equipment must be clearly labeled with each swimmers name.

If you would like to order individual items from the list you may do so at swimoutlet.com/bkys

Scarlet Gold, Junior and Senior swimmers will also need a snorkel.
Junior and Senior swimmers also need the Finis sculling paddles.

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