Friday, September 28, 2018

Team Gear

As some of you have heard we have been debating whether to keep our team suit (Speedo Caged Out) for this season.  We have decided to do so believing that we have a small enough number of new swimmers that everyone should be able to get the suit should they need it.  If you need a suit,m we recommend that you order asap from SwimOutlet. 

Some additional reminders and links about all things team gear related:

  • We present ourselves at meets in a team uniform with a uniform look. All items should be team approved and have our logo and be in the team approved colors.
  • Always shop at   -not only do they have great prices, they also give a percent back to the Boosters.
  • We are sponsored by Speedo.  per our agreement all swimmers MUST wear Speedo suits at meets.  According to Speedo they will have small enough size tech suits this year for our younger swimmers (should those continue to be allowed).
  • The team backpack is Silver.  Please order the backpack in Silver  - this is the only bag that is permitted to have our logo on it.  Then do the cruise ship tip and add a brightly colored bag tag so that it is easy to find in the sea of team bags.
  • We are OUT of caps and will be placing a new order soon.  Be gentle with yours!

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