Wednesday, May 3, 2017


We have been accepted into this meet (it filled in less than 5 minutes).  Please note the following:

  • In years past our swimmers have struggled with certain aspects of this meet.  Please remember it is a tough early meet, with little training under us.  Those that have responded to our technique corrections early will do best.
  • We are not participating in the 3rd 'distance' session each day.  We have many reasons for that.  One is it is a long wait or a drive back for our older swimmers.  Two, our younger swimmers found this session a little confusing last year and three:
  • Coach Jenn is it!  Jess leaves mid day Saturday for North Carolina, Lew is in Chicago attending a coaches clinic and Laurie will be in Italy.  Please be nice to Coach Jenn.  Help her out by having your kids ready to go early each day.
  • We have been planning and preparing for these absences for several weeks now. We have also been planning and preparing for the overall challenges that this meet brings.  Each day the team gets closer and closer to being ready.  Overall, we (coaches) are pleased with the progress made!

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