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Oh What a Year! 2020 in Review

 January 2020

We started the year with a bang. Zach Ward traveled to Knoxville to compete in a TYR Pro Series meet. This was a long course meter meet at which Zach swam personal bests in the 200 fly and 400 IM and he lowered team records in both events.
February 2020
February brought the start of our swimmer's Championship season, starting with the High School Championship series. Ben Dunham placed top 16 in the Division 2 state meet! Regionals were held at OSU and coach Laurie did a pushup for each second dropped (lots and lots of pushups)! The Junior and Seniors went to Auburn, Alabama with the Bobcats and 98% of all swimmers achieved personal best times!
March 2020
Our littlest swimmers attended the Mini Meet which ended up being our last big meet for some time. Our 8-unders loved the treats and trophies given to each swimmer. 13 swimmers qualified and trained for Junior Olympics while our seniors prepared for Sectionals. It all came to a halt on March 13.
April and May 2020
We found our footing and worked through COVID-19 and quarantine. We started having zoom dryland and swim school. We had the opportunity to speak to Anita Nall a former Olympian on how to fuel our bodies properly. Fuel, Compete, Repeat. We took full advantage of zoom swim school and started air swimming, hoping that results would translate to the water, fingers crossed.
June, July, and August 2020
We were finally able to get back in the water at Minerva and Northland. We trained and found that the air swimming did pay off! With not a single meet on the horizon our swimmers continued to train as hard as they could. Coaches saw improvements by leaps and bounds from the last time we saw them swim back in February.
September 2020