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Holiday Gifts for your Favorite Swimmer

 A holiday gift guide sure to fulfill every swimmer's chlorine-filled dreams. From our favorite team supporter, Makenzie Karr:

1. Anything from Swim Swag. This new line of merchandise is designed and sold by Missy Franklin and her husband Hayes Johnson. Every purchase comes with a handwritten note from Missy and Hayes!

2. A new suit. There is no such thing as too many suits. My favorite places to buy suits are Jolyn and Swim Outlet.

3. Fun caps. Jolyn and Swim Outlet have an endless number of caps for every personality.

4. A new racing suit. Let’s be hopeful here. I’m partial to the Speedo LZR, but there are a lot of great options out there from TYR, Arena, and Speedo. When representing Buckeyes, swimmers are required to wear Speedo. 12-Unders should steer away from the vanquisher & power plus suits and stick with approved 12-under LZR's, fastskins, and aquablades. 

5. New goggles. Everyone should always have a spare pair in case a strap snaps or nose piece breaks. My favorite goggles have always been Speedo Vanquisher, but every swimmer has their own favorite pair, so check with your swimmer first!

6. Personalized towels. Especially in the age of COVID, nobody wants to get their towels mixed up.

7. A swim bag. Our team bag in Speedo Red has plenty of compartments for towels, suits, goggles, snacks, and water bottles. It’s common for kids on the same team to end up with the same bag in the same color, so consider getting their name printed on their bag too!

8. Personalized Water Bottle - for COVID-free hydration.

9. Low-sugar sports drinks. My favorite is Nuun Sport, I started using it while I was training for Pelotonia and haven't touched Gatorade since!

10. Stretch strap, foam roller, and stick. Especially older swimmers will 100% have tight muscles and knots to work out over winter break. Bonus: the stretch strap and stick are easy to pack for meets.

11. Workout clothes for dryland.

12. Bombas socks. They have tons of different socks from cozy to athletic. Every time you buy a pair they also donate a pair of socks to a homeless shelter. Double the giving 💕

13. Any gear that's worn down or they don't have of their own. This can include kickboards, fins, paddles, pull buoys, snorkels, and nose clips.

14. Lotion. Chlorine + cold air = dry, sad skin. I love CeraVe and Cetaphil.

15. Personalized sign to display their medals from Etsy.

16. In true pandemic fashion, a personalized swimming mask from Etsy.


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