Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Swimmer's of the Meet

On December 18 we braved the Columbus ice and headed to Cincinnati for an awesome IMX meet at the Mason Community Center.  We were extremely pleased with our swimmers fantastic performances  with just about everyone trying longer events for the first time.  Kudos to Katie, Nanami, Savannah, Jonathon, Andrew, Sebby, Thaine, Abby, Nathan, Ashley & Kaitlyn!  In the end we'd like to give extra recognition to two swimmers.

First Andrew Huang, age 8,  had remarkable performances in the 200 free (best by 13), 200 back (obtaining an 11-12 JO cut) and 400 IM.  His 200 back was negative split (second half faster than first), showing an incredible maturity for a youngster. And he nearly beat his best 100 back time on that last 100! Next, a huge shout out goes to Abigail Ng, age 13, who has really stepped up her training this year and it showed in a big way.  She dropped over 32 seconds in her three events starting her day with a very impressive 400 IM.  Congratulations Andrew & Abby!

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