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Meet Invites - what to do with them

We just emailed you your meet invites.  PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THESE EMAILS! 
Simply hit the respond now button (see the example below) and click on attend or decline.  We really need you to decline if you are not attending.

You will get these emails even if you have already signed up.  The system is not smart enough to pull out those that have already accepted.  

Your credit card is not charged until we finalize entries.  This is typically done AFTER we hear from the meet host that our entries were accepted (5-10 days before the meet).

Enjoy your summer with this sign up system - we like it about as much as you do - we are getting rid of as soon as swimtopia is ready to take us on as a new client.  Check them out at

Sample e-mail:
We are now accepting entries for the upcoming 2013 OH OSSC Spring into Summer Splash. Please respond to let us know whether or not you plan to attend the meet.
Swimmer name: Makenzie Karr
Swimming ID: 040296MAKAKARR
2013 OH OSSC Spring into Summer Splash
May 31 to June 2, 2013
McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion
Swimmer surcharge: $3.50
1847 Neil Avenue
Individual event fee: $6.00
Columbus, OH 43210
Relay event fee: $0.00
If you are having problems viewing this email, copy and paste the following link into your browser to respond to the invitation:


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