Tuesday, December 11, 2012

GCSTO Schedule

3 Event Limit – All Buckeye swimmers have been scratched down to 6 events total on Saturday & Sunday to comply with a request from GCSTO to limit entries.

Warm-Ups & Positive Check-In Times
Here are the assigned warm-up time periods:

Friday: 5:30 pm (please be ready to go at 5:20)

Saturday & Sunday A.M. Sessions: Please be ready at 8:15 am - All Buckeye, Bobcat, FAST, LTPY & MW swimmers 8:20 - 8:45 A.M./ Open warm-ups 8:45-9:00 A.M./ Meet Starts: 9:05 A.M. (expected finish time is 1:05 p.m. on both days with Sunday’s miles ending around 2:30 p.m.). POSITIVE CHECK-IN CLOSES AT 8:25 A.M. FOR ALL EVENTS

Please read on for a note from the meet host:
Greetings Holiday Meet Participants,
Just some quick notes to help everything go as smoothly as possible this weekend. If you are a coach receiving this please pass this on to your Holiday Meet participants if you would as this really helps keep the meet running smooth.

Salvation Army Holiday Cheer Event
We are asking all participants to reach down into their pockets and help out a child this holiday season by bringing in a new, unwrapped toy to donate to this worthy cause. We will have 2 collection areas… one will be at the heat sheet sales table located just inside the doors as you enter from the east side of the facility and one will be right at our concession stand in the wrestling room. Please consider bringing in something so that our goal of 300 presents donated to this charity is achieved. Last year we delivered over 200 gifts to the Salvation Army Holiday Cheer event MUCH to their appreciation as they were truly short of gifts and were looking for some way to fill in the gap at the last minute. The look on their faces when we pulled up with the gifts at that last minute was priceless! PLEASE HELP US OUT AND BRING ON IN A GIFT!

Please remember to park on the east side of our facility which is on the opposite side of the facility from the football field without exception. There is a lot on the west side of the facility but that is not to be used so that it remains clear for Academy functions. Those doors will, in fact, be locked so you’d have to walk all of the way around the facility to get in. Thanks.

Meet Operations
No Spectators On Deck – Please remember that only, coaches, meet personal and athletes are to be on deck at any USA Swimming sanctioned event.

Wheelchair Access – Anyone needing wheelchair access should contact their head coach, in advance, so that arrangements can be made with meet management for access to the venue.

No Peanuts at the Pool – We’re running a peanut free environment to help ensure the safety of any competitors with peanut allergies so please do not bring peanuts/peanut products into the event. THANKS!

Clothing – Please bring plenty of towels & extra dry clothes to ensure that your athletes stay as warm as possible at all times as, even with the heat the facility has, it can get cold in hallways and such due to folks coming in and out of the meet.

Ensuring Our 4 Hour Time Lines On Saturday & Sunday…
Positive Check-In/Deck Seeding – To ensure that we stay within our 4 hour time line on Saturday & Sunday we will also be having a positive check-in for ALL events and then seeding the meet from there. While this demands a few extra minutes up front and a very slight delay on getting heat sheets to spectators, the trade off is that this saves almost 30-45 minutes per session in terms of our time line.

No Relays – We are not planning on running relays on Saturday & Sunday. Refunds for relays that have already been paid will be made to the visiting teams promptly within days of the meet.

Female/Male Combined Events – Note that this meet format combines both genders of athletes and different age groups of athletes into the same event. This saves a tremendous amount of time in terms of “open heats” in the meet. Even though we are combining genders & age groups they will still be awarded separately. This format of combining everything simply adds a lot more competition to the meet and helps speed up meet operations.

Deck Entries – We will take deck entries into open lanes, only, so that we’re not adding heats. Note that on Friday, deck entries will be taken even if it does add a heat.

Flyover starts – We will use flyover starts for all events except the backstroke events.

Heat Sheet Sales
We will have the heat sheets for sale as soon as the deck seeding is complete. The heat sheet cost will be $2 for Friday night’s events and $4 each day for Saturday & Sunday’s events. Heat sheets sales will be at the table in the foyer as you enter the facility there on the east side. We will also send someone through the stands each day selling heat sheets, as well, once the meet starts. Please do your best to bring exact change for this if you would!

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