Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Move Ups

I have been receiving a lot of questions about move ups, when they happen for each swimmer and how we decide to move swimmers on to the next groups.  I thought I would take a moment to address how our groups are structured and when swimmers are moved into the next group.

Most move ups are generally made in the FALL, we like to use the spring & summer to hold as many combined group practices as we can to help transition swimmers from one group to the next.  The biggest and most difficult transitions for a swimmer occur when they move into a new training group that has a new name (e.g. moving from 1 to 2 is fairly simple for a swimmer, but moving from Silver to Scarlet or Scarlet to Senior is a big jump).

Our groups are set up so that a swimmer stays in a  group for about two years, these two years typically coincide with swimming competitive age groups.  (Note: the ages you are about to read are GUIDELINE ages for each group, older and youngerswimmers are sometimes placed into different groups). Silver comprises our 10 & under competitive program (1 is 8-un, 2 is generally age 9 to 10).  Scarlet makes up our 11-14 year old/middle school program (1 is age 11-12, 2 is age 13-14).  Senior makes up our High School program with swimmers age 14 and over.  Our Buckeye Select program is for our pre-competitive youngsters and older swimmers that are not interested in training for competitive swimming.

This spring and summer we have arranged our practices to challenge our swimmers to train at the next level, whether that means swimming faster in their own group or trying to keep up with a group in the next lane.  Many of our practices will be combined with multiple groups with swimmers placed in appropriate lanes to challenge them to the fullest.We are very excited about this opportunity for our swimmers to step up their training over the next 15 weeks and hope that everyone can get to as many practices as possible top take advantage of these opportunities.

Side note: we DID have a lot of move ups last spring.  This was due to our final transition from our old grouping system to the system of groups we currently use. It is very unusual to see move ups in the spring, they typically occur in the fall.

Please feel free to send any questions you have about your swimmers group placement to me at any time.
Coach Laurie Karr

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