Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Senior Meet

Ohio Senior Meet Information:
Listed is the warm-up schedule for the Senior Championships at OSU this weekend.  Our warm-up is 8am on Friday / Saturday and 7am on Sunday.  Please be a few minutes early and ready to enter the water at those times – NOT ARRIVING IN THE GARAGE AT THE LISTED TIME.

Approximate Prelims Finish Times:
Friday – 1:00 pm (one pool)
Saturday – 11:00 am girls / 12N boys
Not counting 1000 / 1650 FS
Sunday – 11:15 am

Please take note of the racing format and timeline: We will use two-pool racing on Saturday and Sunday mornings as well as flyover starts for all prelim and timed-finals sessions.  When two-pool racing, women will be at the south (diving well end) of the pool and men will be at the north (scoreboard end). 

Friday and Saturday prelims will begin at 9:00am and finals will begin at 6:00pm.  Also, to ensure that we are done in time for the varsity meetthe Sunday session will begin at 8:00am.  When two pool racing is used, and for Friday morning warm-ups, the diving well lanes will be available for additional warm-up/cool down.

You can check OSSC web-site psych sheets.  Remember that the TOP 30 return for finals. 

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