Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Facility FAQ

Thanks to those of you that have committed to investing in our swimmers future. I have had several great questions and wanted to share those with everyone:

Q: When do you need our investment?
A: We need 60 investments immediately, with checks in hand. This is one commitment from each family in our program. Please speak with friends and family about getting on board.

Q: Is our investment transferable?
A: yes, your investment is transferable, if both parties (Buckeye and investor) agree. This is very helpful should you choose a team fee credit and then get transferred out of the Columbus area.

Q: Where are our investment dollars going?
A: The initial wave of investment will be applied towards the purchase of our pool. The initial deposit is currently due.

Q: Where will the pool be located?
A: We are working on a site that would be central to Olentangy School District. However, we are negotiating with a few different parties and will entertain any property in the Southern Delaware or Northern Franklin County area.

Q: Can I make multiple investments?
A: Yes, a family can invest more than once and can choose different maturity dates of their investment. We are looking for a total of 60 investments in this first wave.

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