Monday, April 29, 2013

Pool Committee Forming

Update - we are still looking for 2-3 more people (have 3).  Really you just need to be upbeat and have the ability to keep me (Laurie) focused and moving towards digging a hole and filling it with water.  I'd like to meet this week, so please respond today that you want to join us!

We are forming a pool committee to help us get this pool built and up and running.  We now have land options and need to make some decisions in the coming weeks to get moving forward again.  We need a group of people to start helping in order to see this to the end!  Here is what we are looking for:

  • Anyone that is positive, motivated and can do research necessary to help build (talking to architects, engineers, builders, etc).
  • Anyone that has experience or connections with the things we need:
    • Excavating
    • Plumbing
    • Electric
    • Engineering (Civil & Structural)
    • Building/Construction
    • Home builders
    • Concrete work
We would like to see if we can entice a home builder or construction company to build our building (locker rooms and offices) at or below costs in exchange for a year of free swim lessons to give to their future clients.  If anyone knows of such a builder, please get them in front of us.

Email Coach Laurie if you would like to help!

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