Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

From all of us at Buckeye-Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Thanks for being a special part of the Buckeye Swimming Family!

Friday, December 21, 2012


Check out the picture it has great streamline tips. This is an easy way to improve your swimming. Notes:

-A good streamline reminds you to stretch through your core on the beginning of each lap, a feeling you should maintain as you break-out into your full freestyle stroke.
- This position gives your upper back and shoulders a mini stretch on every push-off which develops and maintains your flexibility over time. 
- The speed you will gain in the pool allows you to train with swimmers who would otherwise be a little bit quicker than you.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Championship Suit Orders

Winter & Spring 2013

If you are wanting to wear a technical suit at the end of the season (team suits are still acceptable) then it’s time to order your Championship Meet Suit for February and March Championship Meets.  As a Speedo Contract Team and Kastaway customers we are able to receive a discount from Kastaway and an additional discount from Speedo. These prices are nearly 40% off of MSRP.  The Booster Club will be talking all orders this year for championship suits, which will save you a little bit in taxes.  This year the Booster club is adding a 3.5% service fee onto your order (which is still less than your tax savings).  Orders are due by December 31.  Kastaway has many of these suits in stock –Coach Laurie will grab what they have as soon as you turn in your order.

The following suits are available to you:

Womens’ FS3 Elite Closed Back & Women’s Elite Recordbreaker Kneeskin $370
Women’s LZR Elite  Kneeskin $233
Women’s Pro Kneeskin $162
Women’s LZR Elite Recordbreaker $168
Women’s LZR Pro Recordbreaker $118
Girls FSII Recordbreaker (in black, black/grey or black/red): $106

Men’s FS3 Hi Waist Super Elite Jammer $245
Men’s LZR Elite Jammer $160
Men’s PRO Jammer $112


Suit Style:                                                                   

Please make checks payable to Buckeye Swim Club Boosters

Please direct sizing questions to your group coach
These suits fit differently than your team suit!  You should absolutely use the sizing charts below. The measurements are important.
Girls - 
Boys -
FSII Sizes 20-28:

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Last Minute Gifts

Buckeye has several boys team drag suits and size YL, Adult Small & Adult Medium team t-shirts.  These are great last minute gifts for your hard to shop for Buckeye Swimming fan!  Please email me if you are interested in anything.

Kelly German Entry Deadline

The entry deadline for the Kelly German meet held Jan. 18-20 is this Saturday, 12/22.  Please get your entries submitted so that we can get our entries in the moment they are open.  The UA meet filled in ONE minute and a few local teams (not ours thankfully) were closed out.

Holiday Practice Schedule

Buckeye 1, TOO & 3 - the Fall Session 2 has been extended and will end this Sunday, 12/23
Winter session begins Tuesday, January 8.  Please enjoy your Holiday!

Elite groups practice schedule
Regular schedule through December 23
No Practice 12/25 & 1/1 for all groups

Silver 1
Silver 2
Scarlet 1
Scarlet 2
Monday, 12/24

Tuesday, 12/25
No Practice – Merry Christmas!
Weds., 12/26
Thursday, 12/27

Friday, 12/28



7-9 am &
7-9 am
Sat. 12/29
8:30-10 am
8:30-10 am
8:30-10 am
8:30-10 am
7-9:30 am
Sunday, 12/30
Monday, 12/31
10-11 am turn clinic
8-10 am
8-10 am
Tuesday, 1/1
No Practice –Happy New Year!
Weds., 1/2
Thursday, 1/3
Friday, 1/4



7-9 am &
7-9 am
Saturday, 1/5

7-9:30 am

All practices are at Columbus North Sports Club unless noted otherwise.
* There are no small group practices from 12/24-1/4

Friday, December 14, 2012

Shop Amazon

Please remember to click through our website to shop at Amazon. This is a painless fundraiser. The boosters get a small percentage of your purchase!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Pool Dome is Here!

Last week, with the help of some wonderful volunteers, we moved our pool dome out of storage in Massachusetts to Marengo.  Over two days we unloaded to semi truck flat beds!  Many thanks to Heather Weidenhamer and her brother Eric for offering a free place to stash the bubble, my brother Rusty and his work with the loader  Randy Raque and his friend Buddy for their work with a  loader and Eric's neighbor norm and his tractor! To date we have spent just under $100,000 of our 1.25 million dollar budget.  Enjoy some pictures from the move below.



GCSTO Schedule

3 Event Limit – All Buckeye swimmers have been scratched down to 6 events total on Saturday & Sunday to comply with a request from GCSTO to limit entries.

Warm-Ups & Positive Check-In Times
Here are the assigned warm-up time periods:

Friday: 5:30 pm (please be ready to go at 5:20)

Saturday & Sunday A.M. Sessions: Please be ready at 8:15 am - All Buckeye, Bobcat, FAST, LTPY & MW swimmers 8:20 - 8:45 A.M./ Open warm-ups 8:45-9:00 A.M./ Meet Starts: 9:05 A.M. (expected finish time is 1:05 p.m. on both days with Sunday’s miles ending around 2:30 p.m.). POSITIVE CHECK-IN CLOSES AT 8:25 A.M. FOR ALL EVENTS

Please read on for a note from the meet host:
Greetings Holiday Meet Participants,
Just some quick notes to help everything go as smoothly as possible this weekend. If you are a coach receiving this please pass this on to your Holiday Meet participants if you would as this really helps keep the meet running smooth.

Salvation Army Holiday Cheer Event
We are asking all participants to reach down into their pockets and help out a child this holiday season by bringing in a new, unwrapped toy to donate to this worthy cause. We will have 2 collection areas… one will be at the heat sheet sales table located just inside the doors as you enter from the east side of the facility and one will be right at our concession stand in the wrestling room. Please consider bringing in something so that our goal of 300 presents donated to this charity is achieved. Last year we delivered over 200 gifts to the Salvation Army Holiday Cheer event MUCH to their appreciation as they were truly short of gifts and were looking for some way to fill in the gap at the last minute. The look on their faces when we pulled up with the gifts at that last minute was priceless! PLEASE HELP US OUT AND BRING ON IN A GIFT!

Please remember to park on the east side of our facility which is on the opposite side of the facility from the football field without exception. There is a lot on the west side of the facility but that is not to be used so that it remains clear for Academy functions. Those doors will, in fact, be locked so you’d have to walk all of the way around the facility to get in. Thanks.

Meet Operations
No Spectators On Deck – Please remember that only, coaches, meet personal and athletes are to be on deck at any USA Swimming sanctioned event.

Wheelchair Access – Anyone needing wheelchair access should contact their head coach, in advance, so that arrangements can be made with meet management for access to the venue.

No Peanuts at the Pool – We’re running a peanut free environment to help ensure the safety of any competitors with peanut allergies so please do not bring peanuts/peanut products into the event. THANKS!

Clothing – Please bring plenty of towels & extra dry clothes to ensure that your athletes stay as warm as possible at all times as, even with the heat the facility has, it can get cold in hallways and such due to folks coming in and out of the meet.

Ensuring Our 4 Hour Time Lines On Saturday & Sunday…
Positive Check-In/Deck Seeding – To ensure that we stay within our 4 hour time line on Saturday & Sunday we will also be having a positive check-in for ALL events and then seeding the meet from there. While this demands a few extra minutes up front and a very slight delay on getting heat sheets to spectators, the trade off is that this saves almost 30-45 minutes per session in terms of our time line.

No Relays – We are not planning on running relays on Saturday & Sunday. Refunds for relays that have already been paid will be made to the visiting teams promptly within days of the meet.

Female/Male Combined Events – Note that this meet format combines both genders of athletes and different age groups of athletes into the same event. This saves a tremendous amount of time in terms of “open heats” in the meet. Even though we are combining genders & age groups they will still be awarded separately. This format of combining everything simply adds a lot more competition to the meet and helps speed up meet operations.

Deck Entries – We will take deck entries into open lanes, only, so that we’re not adding heats. Note that on Friday, deck entries will be taken even if it does add a heat.

Flyover starts – We will use flyover starts for all events except the backstroke events.

Heat Sheet Sales
We will have the heat sheets for sale as soon as the deck seeding is complete. The heat sheet cost will be $2 for Friday night’s events and $4 each day for Saturday & Sunday’s events. Heat sheets sales will be at the table in the foyer as you enter the facility there on the east side. We will also send someone through the stands each day selling heat sheets, as well, once the meet starts. Please do your best to bring exact change for this if you would!

Saturday Practice 12/15

Open practice this Saturday is canceled from 8:30-10 am and for Buckeye 1, too & 3 groups.  Seniors will still have practice from 7-9:30 am

Holiday Practice Schedule

Most of the Holiday Practice Schedule is complete and posted online.  We need to add some practices for our Silver groups before posting.  In the meantime, feel free to look at the team calendar for what has been scheduled.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Scentsy Fundraiser Coming to the Pool

We will have a scentsy fundraiser at practice next Thursday (12/13).  This is being offered to you as a convenient way to get some Christmas shopping finished.  You can see all that scentsy offers by picking up a flyer by the team mail folders.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Team News

We are having some problems with our weekly news not being read by our families (mail chimp actually tells us if an email has been opened).  We have a vital bit of information that needs to get to everyone.  We will be printing this and giving it to the kids all week.  We will ask your kids to make sure you read this, and that is all.  We will not be asking that the kids read it or ask you to take action.  WE are asking you to take action.  Please take the time to support swimming, read this email, have a discussion and then act.


I mistakenly finalized our entries for the GCSTO meet before email you the events.  Now the system will not let me email events to you.  Please go to our team stat page to check your events for this meet.
Friday events are numbered 1-3
Saturday events are #4-22
Sundays are #23-41

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Penguin Plunge note from the Meet Director

PARENTS:  Please check our website Thursday night or Friday for warm-up times.  They have not been sent to us, but we did not want to hold up the team news any longer.

We have run in to a bit of an issue with this year's Penguin Plunge. In short it is going to be very crowded. All entries have been accepted although our entries went up dramatically from last year to this year. In an effort to accommodate as many swimmers as possible without cutting teams or swimmers we are going to make a few adjustments. 
We have cut all 10 and under 100s and 200s. This enables us to accept everyone and maintain the published timeline. Since swimmers were permitted four individual events, we expect that most will have at least three remaining events to swim. (NOTE: Coach Karr will comb through the Buckeye entries and add kids back in to shorter events if they are cut form too many swims due to this change).

We will not be swimming any relays in any session, this will cut down on time as well as the number of people trying to watch at any given time. Our stands only have room for about 150 spectators, which considering we have around 200 swimmers entered per session this presents a big space concern in the stands.

Last year we ran in to issues with parents not being able to watch their swimmers swim, which led to frustration. What we ask is that each of you communicate with your parents and inform them that spending the whole meet in the stands is simply not an option. Parents should be in the wrestling room or in the pool lobby with their children and move to the stands only when their swimmer is swimming. Also, this may not be a meet to bring extended family or grandparents to see their swimmer compete.

Please let your team families know in advance that it will be crowded and we need their cooperation to run a successful meet, and to help ensure everyone can watch their swimmer swim. If this doesn't work at the Penguin Plunge we will be forced to reduce the number of swimmers and teams we accept entries for our following meets. We really want to accommodate every swimmer and team that wants to participate but need your help to make this possible. Again, please let your parents know in advance about our space issues so they will be prepared and so that we can avoid frustrations for all.

We will be collecting Toys for Tots that can be dropped off as you enter the meet. Thanks for your support.

Looking forward to a great meet!

John Sands
Meet Director

Monday, December 3, 2012

Thank You

Thank you to the parents that attend Parent's Night Out this past Saturday at Cute as a Button.  The evening was a fun time for our parents to socialize and shop!  Your efforts raised $250 for the booster club!

Saturday, December 1, 2012



A recent New York Times article (Looking for Fitness in a Glass of Juice, Reynolds) confirmed that a number of Olympic medalists benefitted from juice at the 2012 London Games; more specifically, Beetroot juice and Tart Cherry juice. The research on both is only a year old, but the findings seem to be positive for these natural and healthy foods.  

Beetroot juice comes from the purplish-red root of the beet and has been described as sweet by some, but earthy by others. Research done with cyclists and runners has shown an increase in velocity and in time to exhaustion after drinking Beetroot juice. It seems as if the Beetroot juice enhances the movement of oxygen and blood to the muscles and stimulates the muscles to make good use of the enhanced supply of oxygen. Beetroot juice seems to be most effective when it is part of an athlete’s daily diet, specifically 500 ml per day (about 16 ounces). Drinking one glass of Beetroot juice on a whim before practice apparently will not make a difference. 

While Beetroot juice may improve your training performance, Tart Cherry juice is more effective in combatting muscle pain from intense training. Research done with individuals participating in acute strength training and marathon running has shown a decrease in the amount of pain reported by those drinking 8-12 ounces of Tart Cherry juice twice a day in the weeks preceding their training or competitive event. The natural ingredients in Tart Cherry juice have a combination of anti-inflammatory properties and a host of anti-oxidants. 

As with many natural and healthy products which are best used in their most basic form, the supplement industry has tried to capitalize on their popularity with powders and capsules full of who-knows-what. Only be satisfied with the 100% natural juice versions of Tart Cherries and Beetroots. Additionally, more is not better, especially in the case of Beetroot juice. Nitrate, found in Beetroot juice, has been linked to cancer in exceptionally large doses. Both juices can be found at stores like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Parent's Night Out!

This Saturday, December 1 at 5 pm. Join us for a night of fun! We will have light food, drinks and will take care of some holiday shopping.   Bring a friend and you will be entered into a raffle for a team t-shirt! The boosters receive 20% of sales.  RSVP with Heather Weidenhamer 

Cute as a Button
38 W Olentangy St

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Children Who Swim are Smarter

Melbourne: Children who learn how to swim at a young age are reaching many developmental milestones earlier than the norm, scientists say.

As well as achieving physical milestones faster, children who swim also scored significantly better in visual-motor skills such as cutting paper, coloring in and drawing lines and shapes, and many mathematically-related tasks.

Their oral expression was also better as well as in the general areas of literacy and numeracy, found researchers from the Griffith Institute for Educational Research in Australia.
The study surveyed parents of 7000 under-fives from Australia, New Zealand and the US over three years.
A further 180 children aged 3, 4 and 5 years have been involved in intensive testing, making it the world`s most comprehensive study into early-years swimming.
Lead researcher Professor Robyn Jorgensen said the study shows young children who participate in early-years swimming achieve a wide range of skills earlier than the normal population.
"Many of these skills are those that help young children into the transition into formal learning contexts such as pre-school or school," Jorgensen said.
"The research also found significant differences between the swimming cohort and non-swimmers regardless of socio-economic background," Jorgensen said in a statement

Friday, November 23, 2012

Booster Meeting 11/25

Reminder: the Buckeye Boosters will be meeting this Sunday evening (November 25) during swim practice at Ohio Weslyan pool. All are welcome.

Jeff Baggs

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How do I become a USA Swimming Official?

USA Swimming Officials clinic opportunity Sat. Dec. 15 @ Columbus Academy
1:30-4:30, cost is $6

The entry level position for Officiating is a Stroke & Turn Judge (Level 5) certification.
They are the officials standing at either end of the pool or walking along the side of the pool observing the swimmers to ensure that the technical rules of the individual strokes are being followed.  Progression from Stroke & Turn (S&T) includes the positions of Starter (Level 3) and Referee (Level 1).

What is required to be an official?
1.       You must become a non-athlete member of USA Swimming.  2013 annual membership cost $59.
2.       Complete the designated training program for the Stroke & Turn Judge position.
3.       Complete the background check required by USA Swimming. (Cost is $39).
4.       Complete the Athlete Protection Training (APT) required by USA Swimming (no cost involved).

What is involved in the Stroke & Turn Judge training program? 
1.       Attend a Certification Clinic (offered in the Spring and Fall).  At the clinic all steps to become an official will be explained to you.
2.       Complete Online Officials Tests covering stroke & turn/timer, clerk of course and timing judge on the USA Swimming website.
3.       Complete an apprenticeship of six sessions over two separate, sanctioned meets working with a certified official to gain knowledge of proper officiating protocol.

How do I get started?
1.       Talk to your swim coach, an official in your club, an OSI Commission Co-chair or the OSI Officials Chair for information on the steps you need to complete to become an official.
2.       Print and complete the USA Swimming non-athlete membership application found at the following link:
3.       Mail the form and payment to the address on the application (check payable to Ohio Swimming Inc.)
4.       Go to the USA Swimming web site at  In the upper right hand corner of the web site, click on “sign in”.  You then need to create an account in order to be able to access the Background Check, official’s tests, etc.
5.       Initiate the Level 2 Background Check found at the following link:
Complete the Athlete Protection Training found at the following link:

Monday, November 19, 2012

Updated Schedule for this Week

We have made a couple for changes for this week due to the holiday and some needs that were identified by our coaching staff at the meet this week-end.  Please note:

Monday & Tuesday  -no change

Wednesday, 11/21
Silver Small Groups are as follows:
4:45 will swim 12-1
5:45 will swim 1-2
6:45 will swim 2-3

Scarlet 1: 12-2
Scarlet 2: 12-2:45
Senior: 2-5

Thursday 11/22 - No practice, all groups.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, 11/23
Senior: 2-5
Scarlet 2: 2-5
Scarlet 1: 4:45-6:30
Silver 1 & 2: 5:30-7

Saturday, 11/24 - SHOP SMALL SATURDAY
Senior & Scarlet 2: 7-9:30 am
NO Open Practice, we are offering a Start & Finish Clinic for all of our Buckeye, Silver & Scarlet swimmers:
Ages 11 & over Start & Finish clinic 8:30-9:30
Ages 10 & under Start & Finish clinic 9:30-10:30

Sunday, 11/25  - No change, practice at OWU.

Earn $225 this Saturday

Shop Small with your enrolled Amex this Saturday and earn up to $225!  Here's how:

  1. Enroll your American Express card at 
  2. To earn $25 pay a minimum of $25 towards your team fees at practice this Saturday with your American Express Card.  Amex will give you a $25 statement credit for your purchase.
  3. To earn $225, invest $2500 into our pool project this Saturday by paying with your enrolled American Express card.  You will receive a $25 statement credit from American Express and over the course of three years you will receive $2700 back in fee credits at Buckeye (next year you get $1000, year 2 is $900, the final year is an $800 credit).
FEE CREDIT FAQ: What happens to my investment if we move or quit swimming?
Answer: we simply convert your investment to a 2, 3, 4 or 5 year note earning a percent back.  We already have one such investor that has chosen this option.

Happy Thanksgiving and remember to Shop Small this Saturday!  

Swimmers of the Meet

Congratulations to our Swimmers of the Meet from our November Meets!  We recognize one girl and one boy swimmer of the meet based on time drops, attitude and the work the swimmer put in leading up to the meet.  At our first two meets our swimmers that achieved this honor all trained with us this summer and were consistent this fall in their efforts to improve.

KCST John Lunsford Memorial
We have a brother-sister duo to honor from this meet.  Congratulations to Macey & Chase Swearingen!
Chase went 8 for 8 in best times and completed his first 100 IM & 200 free.  He had 3 third place finishes and a win in the 25 back.  Chase has worked hard to improve his stroke length which has really helped him in all of his races. Congrats Chase!
Macey also went 8 for 8 in best times and started the meet with a stellar 200 IM, dropping 7 seconds and finishing 2nd.  Macey has been working hard at improving her timing in her strokes and ability to use streamlining to her advantage.  She proves over and over that technique beats brawn any day.  Congrats Macey!

Honorable MentionGreysyn Anderson, Grace Baker, Rheygyn Carr, Tavo De La Rosa, Cam Hackett, Wesley Hammond, John Haynes, Logan Indest, Ellie Ishida, Cris Kubatko, Richard Mazur, Arden Tonjes and Grace Weidenhamer!
Event Winners: Caleb Baker, Wyatt Hanley, Gabrielle Shirley, Chase Swearingen & Arden Tonjes!

Dayton Raiders Jarnagin Memorial
Parents of the Meet  - Anyone that was there at 10:45 pm on Saturday and back by 7:30 am Saturday.  Kudos to you!
Emma Secrest  - Emma has been working all fall to put together a meet like this.  She is a leader at practice  focuses on her details at practice and does a great job applying her coach's tips to her strokes.  Emma swam best times in 9 events!  This included dropping 12 seconds in the 200 free, 21 in the 100 fly nearly 4 seconds in the 50 back and 6 seconds int he 50 breast!
Drew Nederveld - Drew went 10 for 10 on best times at this meet   He started the week-end with a solid 200 IM and a fantastic 500 free.  Drew is a very focused swimmer  and is a great teammate to have in your lane.  He is always looking for ways to improve and be faster.  Congrats Drew!

Honorable Mention: Greysyn Anderson, Sydney Arnold, Lilly Dershaw, Donovan Hunt, Anish Indukuri, Anna McGrath, Nia Moutawakil, Thaine Nederveld, Taylor Nelson, Liz Passias, Elisa Robinson, & Macey Swearingen.

Event Winners: Jeremy Baggs - Jeremy won all 8 of his events, Bobbi Indest, Lincoln Shirley, & Macey Swearingen.

Approaching Deadlines

This Saturday 11/24 is our deadline to sign up for the following events:
Katy Callard Distance meet on 12/2
New Albany Meet on 12/9 (if you have not attended a meet yet, this is the one we want you to swim)
Parents Night Out at Cute as a Button on 12/1 (email Heather at

New Albany Meet 12/9

This meet is a  great meet experience for our 'rookie' or new swimmers.  Over the coming days I will be speaking with kids that I want to see in the meet and kids that I would like to see take this meet off.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Columbus North

Our apologies for the no notice on the pool closing last night.  Due to a staffing issue (and apparently after some debate) it was decided that the pool could not remain open & was closed at approximately 4:15. It is our hope to notify everyone by 3 pm if this prevents us from swimming today.

Meet Schedule Changes

Saturday events are starting about 4 hours later than originally published. Please review the complete schedule here:
Friday 5:30 pm warm-up
Saturday 12 & unders: NOON warm-up, meet ends at about 6:00
Saturday 13 & overs: 6:30 warm-up, session ends at 10 pm

Sunday 12 & under: 7:30 am warm-up
Sunday 13 & over: 1:00 warm-up

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Practice Schedule this week-end

Due to the meet in Dayton we do have changes to the schedule this week-end.

Friday 5-6:30 Open Practice
Saturday 8:30-10 Open Practice
Sunday - NO PRACTICE all groups

We will have a modified schedule Wednesday through Friday next week due to the Thanksgiving Holiday.  This will be available shortly.

Pool Project Update

Yes, there is still a pool in the works!  I wanted to take the time to update everyone on what progress has been made, where we stand today and what is need to move forward.  Please take a moment to read our status update and our needs lists.  In order to build we need our swim community to pitch in in many ways.

Today's Status
We will make our final payment on the bubble this week.  It is currently in storage in Massachusetts  so our next step will be to get it moved here.  Overall cost of the bubble, storage and transport to Columbus is approximately $92,500.  We do have a potential buyer for this bubble that would secure everyone's investments should we not be able to move forward in Columbus.

We have spent the late summer & early fall speaking with builders throughout Ohio and getting bids for our project.  In order to keep our doors open, our budget is tight (1.2 mil for the building and land).  No one was able to bid the project within our budget.  Most were 20-50% too high.  So, we have broken the project into two pieces.  Our essential piece is everything under the bubble (two working pools).  Our 2nd piece will be the building that houses our locker rooms and offices.  We have tentatively chosen CUC and PSS Pools out of Cincinnati to do the pool and dome work.  Our new budget should arrive at the end of the week.

Land:  The land at Orangepoint Commerce center is no longer under contract with us.  Orange Township has shown little interest in bringing our project into their township.  In fact, they have expressed that we would have a difficult time getting past administrative review in order to build   Thus we have started the land search again.  The pool will be located in Olentangy School District (this is a requirement for our loan).  There are some possible sites that are still central to the district near Home Rd & 23.  We are also speaking with a nearby township that has shown interest in our project.

What We Need
We have several needs that you and your neighbors could help with.  Please read on.
Investment:  We do still have our loan, however the underwriter would like to see us raise more community investment.  To date we have community investment at about $70,000.  We are seeking another immediate $50,000 in small investors and would like to meet with potential large investors.
What you can do:  Please consider investing $2500 in the project.  Your return on investment is greater than any CD you can find at a bank.  In some instances you will see a better return than in the stock market. This year, we gave out $12,000 in fee credits to last years investors.  This is a great way to invest in your community and get a little cash back in return.
Do you have a friend that likes to invest in businesses or make large donations to worthy causes?  Please get us (the boosters and myself) in front of this friend. We would love to talk to anyone that can throw $25,000 and up into our project.

Donations of Goods
We are looking for a builder or builders that can donate work or goods on the office/locker room building portion of the project. We would need excavation, lumber, dry wall, fixtures, architect design, etc.  If you know anyone interested in donating the cost of the entire building, please let them know we do have naming rights available to the facility.

Thank You
I want to take a moment to thank our investors and supporters.  Without you, we would be dead in the water.  There have been many times this summer & fall where I have been ready to sell the bubble and move on.  Thank you for helping me to stay on task and push this project forward.  With your continued support, we will see this through.

Thank You,
Laurie Karr & Your Buckeye Swim Club Boosters Board
For investment please contact Laurie Karr at
For donations, please contact the Buckeye Boosters:
Jeff Baggs or
Heather Weidnhamer

Shop Amazon

As we near the Christmas shopping season, please take a moment to click to Amazon through our website prior to shopping.  We get a percentage back on everything that your purchase at Amazon after clicking through.  This is a great and easy fundraiser for the team.  Please encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Parents & Swimmers in Coach Laurie's groups (Silver 2 & Scarlet) should all have received access to Evernote a month or so ago.  This free app will allow you to view Laurie's personalized notes for each swimmer.  If you have not yet accessed Evernote please do so.  If you need a new email sent with your access info, please email Coach Laurie.

Attendance & Saturdays: We generally do not take attendance at 'open' practices.  If you have attended a Saturday practice and would like that included in your stats, simply email me the day/dates.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thank You!

The coaches would like to thank all of the parents for their tremendous support this season.  It has been so rewarding for us to hear your kind words of encouragement to us and each other.  We are fortunate to have such a large group of swimmers (new and returning) and to see so many swimmers in the pool together having fun and swimming faster.  With our growth, we have faced new challenges with scheduling and space and we appreciate how everyone has adapted to the constraints of our current facility.

Tuesdays are our most challenging day and our Winter Schedule, which started yesterday, went very well.  Your cooperation with remaining in designated parent areas has allowed us to accommodate all of our practice groups comfortably.  Here are a few tips and reminders that will help everyone:
  • Drop your swimmer(s) off when possible
  • Remain in the designated parent area during practice
  • Allow the coaches to coach during practice.  If you need to speak with them, try to arrange a time via e-mail or catch them quickly (limit your time with coaches before or after practice so they are able to work with the next group)
  • Allow the coaches to work through difficulties with your swimmer.  Part of group activities is learning and gaining independence and confidence in themselves and others to "look out for them."
  • Be sure to stay clear of the pace clocks.  All groups are either using the clocks or developing this skill.  This is a greater interference than you may realize, so please be conscious of where the clocks are and avoid those areas
  • Please avoid the area at the shallow end of the pool (whiteboard) - this is reserved for coaches and all of the junk that they need to spread out during practice
  • Remind your swimmers that the tiled seating area (north side) is for swimmer bags, towels, shoes, etc.  We are using every bit of deck space!

Thank you again for your support of the team.  We have had three very successful meets and the parents have been a huge part of that!

Distance Meet 12/2

We are adding a distance meet to the schedule. The meeting will be held at Worthington on Sunday, December 2 at noon. Events beings contested are the 500, 1000 and Mile. Interested swimmers should speak with Coach Laurie.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

T-shirts are in!

Swimmers t-shirts have arrived! Most have already been handed out to our swimmers, however we still have a few to distribute. Please find Coach Laurie if you need a tee. Also, we have a handful of extra t-shirts for parents. These will be available for purchase at practice the week of 11/12.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Swimmers of the Meet

Congratulations to our Swimmers of the Meet from our first two meets!  We recognize one girl and one boy swimmer of the meet based on time drops, attitude and the work the swimmer put in leading up to the meet.  At our first two meets our swimmers that achieved this honor all trained with us this summer and were consistent this fall in their efforts to improve.

CAC Pentahlon
Audrey Butcher - Audrey went 5 for 5 on personal bests at this meet finishing the day with huge drops in fly, breast and the 100 IM!

Nate Holzhauser  - Nate also went 5 for 5 on personal best, earning swimmer of the meet honors with a 16 second drop int he 50 fly and finishing the day with a  huge drop in the 100 IM.

Honorable Mention (these swimmers also had all best times at this meet): Katie Eramo, Logan Indest, & Gabrielle Shirley.
Event Winners: Macey Swearingen  - 50 Breast!

Worthington John Bruce
Logan Indest -Logan went 7 for 7 in best times with some real high quality swims.  He started the meet with a beautifully paced 500 free and kept the ball rolling with smart swims throughout the week-end.  His ability to control his speed and technique led to huge time drops.

Mia Provenzano -Mia went 3 for 3 on best times and completed her first ever 100 IM.  Mia has been working hard to improve her technique and always brings a great attitude to practice.  This really showed in her results this week-end.

Honorable Mention (these swimmers also had all best times or all first time events at this meet)Greysyn AndersonSophie Arnold, Jeremy Baggs, Caleb Baker, Pierce Bateman, L:ivy Boling, Rheygyn Carr, Thomas Dawson, Isabella DeLa Rosa, Mateo De La Rosa, Tavo De La Rosa, Maddie Eaton, Katie Eramo, Wyatt Hanley, Natalie Hegg, Nate Holzhauser, Donovan Hunt, Bailey Kearney, Zach Kubatko, Anna McGrath, Micahel McGrath, Thaine Nederveld, Sloan Phallen, Julia Ritzler, Hannah Scott, Emma Secrest, Lincoln Shirley Savanna Tonjes , Sydney Webb & Graham Weidenhamer!

Event Winners: Tom Dawson (400 IM) &  Keanan Fomich (200 Free).

RECORDS! Richard Mazur broke 2 American Paralympic Records at the John Bruce Meet in the 100 Freestyle & 100 Backstroke!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Winter Practice Schedule

Winter Practice Schedule

This Friday marks the start of the Ohio High School Swim Season.  For us, this means that we start sharing our pool with Northland High School.  Northland swims until 4:45 at Columbus North on weekdays.  We have set up our schedule this year so that we will feel a minimum impact by this change. Our largest change is to solve a problem we already have - our Tuesday night crowding.  This change will ease our crowding in the water, but will not ease our deck crowding.  We are still asking parents to help the coaching staff keep all of their focus on the kids by dropping off for Tuesday practices.  Please make note of the new Tuesday schedule:

Scarlet 1 & 2 4:30-6:30
Silver 2 4:45-6:30
Silver 1 6:00-7:00
Buckeye TOO (and select Buckeye 1's) 6:00-7:00
Senior 6:00-8:30

Please contact Coach Laurie immediately if this change prevents you from being able to attend a regularly scheduled practice.

The only other change due to the winter schedule impacts Seniors:  Mondays and Wednesdays are 4:00-7:00

The new schedule has been updated on our team calendar and will be updated on our website by Thursday afternoon.

Shutterfly site for team pictures

Calling all shutterbugs!  We need you to take lots of pictures at our meets and share them on our team share site, which is hosted by Shutterfly.  The process to share and access pics is simple -the next time you visit our website please click on 'Pictures" and request to become a member of our Shutterfly picture share site.  After the next meet, simply upload your pictures into our picture page.  It is helpful if we put all pictures from the same meet into one album.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Inclement Weather Policy

With strange weather already here, I would like to take a moment to address how we decide to cancel practices for inclement weather, and how that is communicated to you.  If we do need to cancel an evening practice due to weather related issues, we generally make that decision by 3:00.  This is then posted on our Facebook page, tweeted and then posted on our website.  We do not generally email out last minute changes.  If you think there may be a weather related cancellation, please check the website before heading out the door.

On a side note, our club is private, meaning we are not governed by the typical liability of holding a practice that a public/school based club would have during poor road conditions.   It is ultimately your choice to get on the road to drive to practice, so when the weather is bad we ask that you use your best judgement and do so only if you are comfortable.  We never have repercussions or reprimand a swimmer for missing practice during poor road conditions.

Beggar's Night October 31

Due to Beggar's Night on Wednesday 10/31 Small Group and Scarlet 1 & 2 practices are cancelled.  Scarlet 2 swimmers may attend senior practice from 4-6.  Scarlet 1 swimmers that are interested in this option should contact Coach Laurie.

Unfortunately, we will be able to offer a make up for Small Group Practices. We do generally try to reschedule those when conflicts like this arise, but this week we cannot.

Friday, October 26, 2012

KCST Meet Notes/Warm-up times

Warm-up Times
Swimmers need to report to the coach at the following times ready to hop in the water:
Friday- 5:30
Saturday & Sunday AM (age 10 & Under) 7:30
Saturday afternoon (age 11 & over) 1:30
Sunday afternoon (age 11 & Over) 1:10

KCST would like to welcome all visiting teams and their families to the 2012 Lunsford Swim Meet held at the City of Kettering Recreation Complex. We have a few of items that we would like you to pass on the your swimmers and their families.
  • For all sessions there is to be no parking in the Senior Center parking lot, please have your families park in the lot close to the football field or to the right of the Rec. Please see picture below.
  •  Bleacher seating has been increased on deck but we do ask that you do not save seat and that swimmers do not put swim bags in the bleachers. There is space behind the bleachers for bags and towels.
  • SwimVille will be at the meet for Saturday & Sunday Sessions with all your swimmers needs.
  • KCST and the City of Kettering will be providing concessions.

For both Saturday PM & Sunday PM sessions KCST will use FLY OVER STARTS.

Hotel Info

Sandy Hammond would like you to request your hotel rooms under specially negotiated group hotel rates for the Buckeye Swim Club group. Please visit the link below to request your hotel rooms securely online under this group block:

Please contact Sandy Hammond with any questions ( Note: Do not reply to this email, it will not go to Sandy Hammond.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Your assistance is needed

Tuesdays are very busy days at our pool.  We have every one of our team members scheduled in a manner that is works well in the water, but is very crowded on deck.  Please help us create more on deck space by:

  • Placing swim bags on top step only, with every thing zipped inside your bag.
  • Silver, Scarlet & Senior - drop your child off at practice so that we can use space typically reserved for parents watching practice.
  • Anyone observing practice will need to keep their conversations at a low level to help our coaches communicate to kids without raising our voices.
While I have you, one last reminder.  Seating for parents is available only along the  pace clock side and entrance end of the pool.  Do not sit under the clock, near the white board or with swimmers bags.

AS always - thanks for being great swim parents!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Best start ever?!

Your coaching staff was debating on deck this week-end whether or not this was our teams best Worthington  start in our 23 year history.  As soon as we get results from the meet we are going to work on getting those stats to you.  It is certainly the best start we have had in over 10 years.  Congratulations to our hard working coaches and swimmers on diligently preparing for this meet!  It was great seeing the cheers, grins and fun being had by our team at the meet (oh yes  -and superbly FAST swims)!

Meet results will be posted in our team stat page as soon as they are available!  Check it out later this week. Reminder

Just a reminder that the receipt you receive from Active for meet entry has APPROXIMATE start times listed.  These in no way correspond to actual warm-up times.  Warm-up times are configured by the meet host after they receive everyone's entries.  Always check the team news/your email, or the team calendar the week of the meet to get actual warm-up times.  From here forward we will also try to get those posted on our website.  Thank you!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Laurie's crazy week

I have a bit of a scheduling mess this week with a family event tonight at OLHS & Wednesday night again at OLHS for HS swimming.  This week-end I am in sunny California for a family wedding.  As always, our amazing coaching staff will take good care of our swimmers in my absence.

Team T-shirt Orders

Parents you may order a t-shirt for yourself by reply email with your size.  They are $10 for parents (we already have swimmers sizes and there is no charge for swimmers tees)

So! Yours truly has finally gotten it together and figured out a t-shirt for the season.  I was having extreme difficulty settling on something that captured how I felt about all the greatness going on in our program and the amazing loyalty we have from our families.  Finally we have something - it is at the printer and should be to us in a week or so.  They will not begin printing until next week, so parents can order shirts (kids get them as part of your fees).  Just let me know what size you want, payment is due to the boosters on receipt of the shirt.  This is a white 100% cotton pre-shrunk t-shirt with "Buckeye Proud" on the back and our team logo on the front left chest.  Orders are due Tuesday morning. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Grant Opportunity

Responsible Sports Community Grant | $2,500 Grants for 15 Organizations
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Responsible Sports Community Grant

Buckeye Boosters wants you to check out Responsible Sports!
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Our organization can earn a $2500 Responsible Sports Community Grant to be awarded this Fall from Liberty Mutual Insurance! But we need you to make it happen! 181 youth sports organizations across the country have earned these valuable grants so far by demonstrating their commitment to responsibility. We could be next! Learn More.

It's easy:
1. Complete the online course and quiz
2. Credit Buckeye Swim Club Boosters, Columbus, OH
3. Connect with your community for support

Visit today!

Thank you!
Laurie Karr and The Responsible Sports Team
Past Community Grant Winners
Did You Know?
The Liberty Mutual Insurance Responsible Sports program has given away over half a million dollars to date...

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