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Fitter & Faster tour comes to Delaware

Coach Rietz kindly shared the following email with me: Dear Parents and Swimmers, I have some very exciting news to share with you: the Fitter & Faster Swim Tour Presented by is coming to Delaware, OH on Sept. 16th ! The first 30 registrants for this event receive $45 off the event day fee ! The good news is: our team has an exclusive opportunity to sign up for this event before it is announced to the public! Use promo code delaware-presale . I strongly encourage every swimmer from our team to sign up before the ticket sales are open to the public, as this will be a memorable learning experience! Regards, Coach Bill Rietz Delaware Hayes and DARTS Head Coach

New Sunday time

We have a new time for Sunday practices at Ohio Wesleyan.  All practices will be in the 6:10-8:30 time frame.  Most groups will meet at 6:00 for some light dry land and then into the water at 6:10. Our first Sunday practice (9/16) will most likely include our team meeting and suit fittings with Kastaway.  New suit this year! Website and calendar updates are due soon as this coach finds time :)  It sure does help that the house is quiet again!

Registration Reminder - deadline is approaching

I recently spoke to a couple of parents that didn't realize that they weren't registered for the next season.  Please make sure you have taken care of your registration for the upcoming season.  It is online & very easy.  Once complete you will receive a couple of confirmation emails - one of them looks like this: Dear Laurie , Thank you for signing up Makenzie Karr to become a member of the Buckeye Swim Club 2012-2013 ! Please review the registration details below, and keep a copy for your records. We're happy to have Makenzie Karr on the team! Registration details Athlete Makenzie Karr Date registered August 23, 2012 Registration ID C-0CLLWLQP Team name Buckeye Swim Club 2012-2013 Group name Senior Elite Location Columbus North Sports Club Season

Practice #6

What a great day to start school!  The sun is out and our homes are quiet again :)  Here's another practice for the kids to try this week: WU: 200FS-200 drill choice-200 kick choice Swim: 50 back-100 free-50 breast-100 free-50 fly-100 free-50 free 50's are 25 build, 25 fast.  100's are long & smooth Kick choice: 200 on back-200 on side-4x50 fast Swim 6x25 odds underwater evens fast choice 150 easy


Today we will work on pacing - do the following 4 x 300 -100-2x50 Each set can be a different stroke or you could kick or drill a set.  Your goal is to be very steady on the 300.  Build your tempo/speed on the 100 and get after it on the 50's.


It's a beautiful week-end.  Grab a bike and take a family bike ride.  There are lots of wonderful bike paths & bike friendly routes in the Central Ohio area, stay safe and stay off the road.

Independent Practice #2

Scarlet 2's and High School swimmers that want access to senior group practices should email Coach Laurie. Warm-up: 300 free-200 kick-100 IM Swim: 100 Free (LONG STROKES)-200 choice-3x100 IM Kick: 4x75 (50 easy with partner, 25 race) Ladder Swim 25 fast free 50 moderate breast (GLIDE) 75 bk-br-fr moderate 100 IM fast 75 free fast 50 choice easy 25 free fast 100 easy HAVE FUN!!

Independent Practice

Hi Buckeyes!  Here is practice #1 of our practice on your own ideas.  All of these practices are only 2000 yards, you can do this on your own, with a friend or try to get your parent in shape (be their coach)!  Rest between swims is up to you & your training partner. Warm-up: 200 free, 200 kick, 100 drill choice Swim 10x50 odd 50's are free, moderate effort, long strokes even 50's are choice - build your speed so that you finish the 50 faster than you started Swim (do this 3 times): 6x25 (1 under water, 1 head above water swim choice, 1 free) 100 free breathe every 5 strokes Race 3 x50 your choice 100 easy

Registration Reminder

Please remember to complete your swim registration before the end of the week.  Also, many of you have done a great job finding new swimmers from your summer club. I have recently managed to meet some, but was surprised to learn that they are joining us.  Please make sure your summer friends are contacting me to be evaluated -before school starts.  My guess is that the end of summer has 'snuck up' on all of us, or they do not realize that our next season begins in September. ONLINE REGISTRATION LINK

Team Days at Alum Creek

We are planning to mix it up a little bit this September by offering team days at Alum Creek State Park Beach, Saturdays from 8-10 am.  Weather permitting we will train 9/8,15, 22 & 29. Ideally this training is for swimmers age 10 & up.  Swimmers should be ready to run a minimum of 1 mile and be ready for some intense conditioning exercise in and out of the water.  If the water is warm enough we will swim along the beach. Swimmers will need running shoes, a swim suit, a bright cap, goggles, towel and a change of clothes. Schedule Note: Seniors & High School group swimmers this training will be in place of North Y Saturday am practice.  North Y Saturday ams will start in October.

Open Practices

This year we will offer open practices for all Elite group swimmers Saturdays from 8:15-9:45 at the Columbus North Sports Club.  These will be very general practices to give anyone that wants extra pool time an extra day in the water.  Start date for these is TBA.

Buckeye Select Schedule

We have a partial Buckeye Select schedule to get everyone kick started into the fall.  The schedule below is for the fall session for 1 & TOO.  Please see the note below about 3. Buckeye 1 with coach Patty: Tuesday & Thursday 5-5:45 Saturday 9:00-9:45 Sunday TBA Buckeye TOO with Coach Patty: Tuesday & Thursday 5:45-6:45 Saturday 8:10-9:00 Sunday TBA We are still working on times and coaches for Buckeye 3.  We may have some weekday evening space & Saturday am, but will be hiring a dedicated caoch for this group.

Off Season Practices

Beginning on August 12, I will attempt to post daily practices that our swimmers can do with each other, a friend or a parent.  The idea would be for kids to have fun swimming or training with someone they normally would not in a fairly unstructured format.  The swimmers can choose to train with a parent and be their 'coach' while both of you get/stay in shape.  Practices will be short (approximately 2000 yards) and easily adapted to any skill level.  I'll also post conditioning ideas. These will be posted on our blog, which will also auto post to our facebook page. Coach Lew will be sending more extensive workout ideas to our Senior swimmers, which will also be made available to our High School group and Scarlet 2 group.