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Recipe of the week

Grilled Bruschetta Chicken Italian inspired chicken with mozzarella cheese, tomato and basil. Ingredients 1/2 cup shredded part skim mozzarella cheese 1 tsp leaves basil 4 tbsps fat free sun-dried tomato vinaigrette dressing 4 skinless chicken breasts 4  large whole  tomatoes Directions Place a large sheet of heavy duty foil over half of grill grate. Pre-heat grill to medium heat. Pour 2 tablespoons of dressing over chicken in a resealable plastic bag. Seal bag and turn over several times to evenly coat chicken with the dressing. Refrigerate for 10 minutes to marinate. Remove chicken from marinade and discard bag and remaining marinade. Grill chicken on uncovered side of grill for 6 minutes. Meanwhile chop the tomato finely and combine tomatoes, cheese, basil and remaining 2 tablespoons of dressing. Turn chicken over and place cooked side up on foil on grill. Top evenly with tomato mixture. Close lid. Grill additional 8 minutes or until chicken is

Nutrition for Recovery

11/30/2011 – from USA swimming Knowing how much carbohydrate, protein and fat to get in a day is good. But knowing when you should be getting those nutrients is even better. In general, follow these guidelines for incorporating carbohydrate, protein and fat into your day. ¨ Spread carbohydrate intake out over the course of the day (i.e. smaller meals and frequent snacks). This keeps blood sugar levels adequate and stable. ¨ Eat some carbohydrate before morning practice. Note: This can be in the form of juice. ¨ Eat carbohydrate in the form of a carb-electrolyte drink, such as Gatorade or Powerade, during workout IF workout is 90 minutes or longer. Gels are also acceptable. ¨ Eat carbohydrate and protein within the first 30 minutes after practice. This enables the body to replenish glycogen stores and repair muscle tissue. This is perhaps the most important time to eat!!!! ¨ Eat again (something substantial, like a real meal) befo

Nutrition for Female Athletes

Recently, I have learned that many of our teenage girls, especially athletes, are not getting enough calcium in their diet. A friend of mine is a National Ski Team doc and has noted that their teenage girls are experiencing back pain and injury.  He recommended the intake of calcium carbonate with Vitamin D in order to improve bone health and reduce the risk of injury.  The following is an article that outlines the need for  this is girls. An interesting note, this article was written in 1999 during the carb craze for athletes.  Currently the thinking is 15-30% protein, 15-30% fat and 40-70% carbs for athletes. BY KAREN SARPOLIS, M.D. Symptoms of Poor Nutrition And Guidelines For Eating Poor nutrition in female athletes is often underlying symptoms such as: tiredness, performance plateaus or decreases, burn-out, and repeated injuries. Female athletes may diet more aggressively than their non-sporting counterparts ( see female athletic triad ).  Female athletes often want to

Sleep and Longevity

By  Kulreet Chaudhary, M.D. Getting a good night’s sleep is an effortless technique to create longevity and health. Deep rest during the night helps you fight stress, maintain a healthy weight, and keeps your energy levels high. Timing your sleep is like timing an investment in the stock market – it doesn’t matter how much you invest, it matters when  you invest.  The deepest and most regenerative sleep occurs between 10 p.m. - 2 a.m. After 2am, your sleep becomes more superficial. If you are not getting the deep, regenerative sleep that occurs between 10 p.m. - 2 a.m., then you may wake up between 2 a.m. – 3 a.m., when the sleep cycle naturally becomes more superficial, and have trouble falling back to sleep.  If your body is chronically deprived of the regenerative sleep between 10 p.m. - 2 a.m., then you may still feel fatigued when you wake up in the morning. You have an internal clock lodged deep within the brain that regulates your sleep – the pineal gland. The pineal

Distance Winners

Senior swimmers Nick Ramos and Ellie Nebraska shown posing with their 1st place ribbons.  Nick won the 500 and Ellie the mile at the Katy Callard Memorial. 

Holiday Practice Schedule

Holiday Break Practice Schedule Weds. 12/21-Tuesday 1/3 This schedule includes a couple of open practices that our Buckeye Select swimmers can take participate in. Date Senior Scarlet Silver Weds 12/21 3-6 5:30-7:30 Small groups begin 15 minutes early( 4:30-7:30) Thurs 12/22 4-6:30 4-6:30                 6:45-8:00 At North YMCA Friday 12/23 7-9 am Open Practice 4-6 pm 12/24-25 NO PRACTICE, Merry Christmas! Monday 12/26 5-8 pm 1:  4-5:30 2: 6-8 pm 2: 4-5:30 1: 5:30-6:30 Tuesday 12/27 3-6 pm 5:30-7:30 Small groups begin 15 minutes early( 4:30-7:30) Weds. 12/28 3-6 pm 5:30-7:30 Small groups begin 15 minutes early( 4:30-7:30) Thursday 12/29 3-6 pm 5:30-7:30         6:45-8:00 At North

Technical/Championship Suit Order

Kastaway has put together an order for Technical/Championship suits at discounted prices for our team. By February these suits are generally sold out everywhere, so if you want one for High School championships or Ohio JO's you will want to order now.  Younger (11-un) & smaller swimmers will do fine in an Aquablade or Fastskin 2 in these meets. Also, these suits (e.g. LZR elite) aren't sized for pre-pubescent children - a typical fully grown girl fits in a size 24-25. Note: Technical suits are generally useful for about 10 swims (not 10 meets, 10 splashes in the pool).  So a $300 suit would come out to $30 per race. Per our Speedo contract, US Sectional qualifiers  receive a larger discount and should order directly through the BKYS coaching staff. GIRLS ORDER FORM BOYS ORDER FORM

Order your Parent Polo

Show your team spirit at meets! Kastaway has put together a parent polo order form for a Custom Parent Polo.  The polo will be red and white (pictured below) with the team logo on the front left chest or center upper back (your choice - please specify on order).  Please use the order form provided in this link:  PARENT POLO ORDER FORM Order forms must be returned to Kastaway by Friday, 12/23.

Winter Meet Registration Due

Due Monday, 12/12 Please click the link below to register for winter swim meets. This form covers meets through the Barbara Kay Mini Meet. We will individually contact swimmers that qualify for Ohio Senior Meet, Grand Prix, Ohio JO's, Fl. Sectionals and NASA. WORD Doc - fill it out and email it back Pdf

Swim Week on Universal Sports

Universal Sports Fans! Dive into the biggest week of swimming this year with Swim Week on Universal Sports Network. Watch the premiere of the new original docu-reality series 'Against the Tide' with Ed Moses and catch head to head gold-medal action with Duel in the Pool. Swim Week Schedule: 'Against the Tide' − 5 night original series premieres 12/14 @ 9pm PT/ET: Ed Moses looks for redemption and strives to make the 2012 US Olympic team. Will he succeed? Duel in the Pool − 2 day all-star race starts LIVE 12/16 @ 7pm ET: Gold Medalists Ryan Lochte and Natalie Coughlin swim as Team USA takes on Europe. World Cup Moscow, Winter National Championships, and World CupBerlin − 3 straight days of championship action starts 12/13 @ 7pm ET: Michael Phelps races and more.

Paralympic CanAms

Day 2 brought a best time and finals for Richard in the 50 free!! Julie, Richard and friends on the pool deck Sunset at The Splash!

New blocks!

The new starting blocks are in and ready to use :)

Winter Meet Registration

Due Monday, 12/12 Please click the link below to register for winter swim meets.  This form covers meets through the Barbara Kay Mini Meet.  We will individually contact swimmers that qualify for Ohio Senior Meet, Grand Prix, Ohio JO's, Fl. Sectionals and NASA. WORD Doc - fill it out and email it back PDF - print and return

Good Luck Buckeyes

We have Buckeyes competing in several big meets this week: First up is Richard Mazur, who will compete in the Paralympic Can Am at The Splash in La Mirada , California Thursday through Saturday.  This will be Richards first international competition in approximately 7 years. Most of our high school swimmers will represent their schools at the Ned Reeb Memorial Invitational at Ohio State on Sunday.  We have swimmers representing Delaware Hayes, Dublin Jerome, Dublin Scioto, Olentangy, Olentangy Liberty, Olentangy Orange and The Wellington School. Our age groupers will be attending the Holiday Invitational at Bowling Green State University on Saturday & Sunday. GO BUCKEYES GO! SWIM FAST AND HAVE FUN :)

Parents of Buckeye 1-ders and Buckeye Too groups,

Demand for the beginning competitive group has been overwhelming! We thank you for your support, but…we are having growing pains! This is good! With that in mind, change is once again upon us. Beginning Monday, December 5, we have rearranged the Buckeye 1-ders and the Buckeye Too groups to better meet the needs of our youngest swimmers. We recognize that any schedule change can be disruptive to family schedules and will work with you over the next several weeks to help you transition to new times. We made as few changes as possible, keeping in mind sibling schedules, ability levels, and number of swim days per week. We tried to find the best fit for every child, to improve their strokes, increase their endurance, and match their social and emotional development. With all that in mind, we now have 3 groups for our novice swimmers. The Buckeye Too group, the Buckeye 1-ders, and our newest group, the Combo group. Mon Tues Weds Thurs Frid Sat