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Just a few more days!

We are about halfway through our winter break training with just a few extra practices to go.  If you are in Columbus, please attend as many practices as you can as these can have a very positive impact at the end of the season.  This may be the first time for some of our swimmers to do doubles (two practices a day).  This is a great opportunity to practice new skills, fatigue the body, grow some strength and add some speed!  Encourage your swimmers to come in with a positive and hard working attitude towards every practice. 

Meet Sign Ups

Tomorrow is the last chance to declare for the Kelly German meet.  A large number of you have not sent a response.  As a result, we have resent the invitation to all families.  Your prompt response saves the coaches a LOT of time. Time that can be spent on how best to torture  help your swimmer become faster.  Please reply and make sure you save your response.  Thanks!  While in your portal, take a look at other upcoming meets and submit responses sot hat you do not miss future deadlines.

Inclement Weather Policy

With cold and snow here, I would like to take a moment to address how we decide to cancel practices for inclement weather, and how that is communicated to you.  If we do need to cancel an evening practice due to weather related issues, we generally make that decision by 3:00.  This is then posted on our Facebook page, tweeted and then posted to the teamapp.  We do not generally email out last minute changes.  If you think there may be a weather related cancellation, please check the website before heading out the door. We utilize a lot of information to make these decisions: including the local weather forecast, school closing, the county level system (a level 2 in Delaware county generally warrants practice cancellation, any level in Franklin could as they rarely declare one) and the road sensors and cameras available on On a side note, our club is private, meaning we are not governed by the typical liability of holding a practice that a public/school based club would hav

January & February Meets

Fortunately, we have been accepted into the UASC Triple Crown! However, we have been very concerned with the lack of good meet opportunities locally.  After looking at the information for upcoming local meets, we feel we have a decent solution that will prepare our swimmers most effectively to succeed at Championships. Triple Crown - we will swim both days (relays have been eliminated from this meet). Kelly German January 19-20 (Friday and Saturday only) Scarlet 2 & Gold: 400 IM Friday; 100 free, 200 back and 200 fly Saturday. Scarlet 1: 200 free & 200 IM Friday; 100 free, 200 back or 100 br, 200 fly or 100 IM Saturday. Silver: Any events on Saturday Junior: Lew’s choice Friday and Saturday January 26-28 is the Indy meet for some of our swimmers, everyone else is eligible to attend the UAC Frosty Fun meet Sunday, 1/28 at CSG.  Last chance to qualify for Indy is at the Triple Crown. February 3-4 we will add the GCSTO Last Ditch Meet on Saturday and Sunday only.  Swim

Masters & Intro Sign-Ups

We will offer adult fitness, masters and tri swim training beginning in January.  Practices will be offered Mondays & Thursdays 7:30-8:30 and Tuesdays from 4:30-5:30. Cost is $150 for unlimited practices Jan & Feb or $8 to drop in. Please email Lew if you are interested (  Please share with your tri athlete friends!  This will be coached by Lew.  First practice is Tuesday, January 2! Intro to Swim Team Group will be offered Sundays 3-3:45 and Thursdays from 6:45-7:30 with Coach Laurie.  First day of practice is January 4 and swimmers in this group will be able to attend meets this winter.  Cost is $250 for swimmers new to the group.  We will not practice on Sunday, January 28. Registration is now available at Active for both groups.  The system will only charge a processing fee for Masters and will charge $150 plus processing for Intro.  All other fees will be collected through our QuickBooks (Intuit) billing system.  Please be careful when registering

Winter Break Schedule

The best part of school breaks is the opportunity to swim a little more and get a little faster! Swim teams everywhere look forward to school breaks.  Please work with your teammates to help get to as many practices as possible.  This is also an opportunity for you to drop off your swimmer and run errands child free! :) The final schedule is below.  The only tentative practice is tomorrow morning (it is dependent on the morning lifeguard getting to the pool/home in time from college). We will text and Facebook this practice status later today.  Please do not come to practice if you are in school (we have had some questions about scheduling practice during school).  The only way we are able to fit all groups in at once is because over  half of our swimmers will still be in school.

UASC Triple Crown declarations

A large number of families missed the UASC Triple Crown entry declaration deadline. Please email Laurie by end of the day on Wednesday if you want to be entered into this meet. You will need to go to our website or the Teamapp app to read the meet information in order to know dates, time of day and events offered. Your prompt attention is appreciated. You will receive an email reply from Laurie on Wednesday if you email your request early. If you wait until end of day Wednesday, please do not expect confirmation right away (office day is Wednesday). Reminder that your invites come from he following email address:  Emails from these kind of addresses will generally go to junk, clutter or the gmail promotions folder. Please make sure you have your email set to receive these in your priority inbox!  

Intro to Swim Team, Winter Session

Please share this with your friends that are interested in swimming! We will resume our intro to swim team group on January 4 and will offer the group through the end of our teams competitive season.  Practices will be held Thursdays 6:45-7:30 and Sundays from 3-3:45.  Last practice will be Thursday, March 1.  Current intro swimmers- if you would like to continue in our group, simply send me an email. We would like to add 6 swimmers to the group to bring our total to 12.  So, if you have friends interested, please let them know about us. Cost for the winter session is $175 for our returning swimmers (you will receive an invoice for this, please do not register at Active). Cost for new swimmers is a total of $250 ($150 to register at Active and another $100 invoiced to the family).  Please feel free to share cost information to your friends. Each swimmer in the group will be members of Buckeye Swim Club, with a USA Swimming membership.  This means the kids will be able to partici


We will be taking orders during practice.  ALL orders are due on MONDAY, DECEMBER 11th!  Please note the VERY quick turn around.  I will have order forms at practice and leave some with each of the coaches.  I will also have them this weekend at the MAKOS Holiday Invitational. Any questions: Please note, that the logo on the order form is for representational purposes only and may change.

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