Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Unpaid Meet Fees

We sent invoices earlier today to several families that have unpaid meet fees on their account. Most of those invoices should have included and explanation and did not.  Here is what everyone needs to know about meet fees.

Meet fees are billed through your Active account to the card you have on file about a week before each meet.  If your card does not work or you do not have a payment method set up then those fees will never get paid unless you do something.  You can view these fees online as early as 3-5 days before a meet at your active portal.  You then have several options that should occur BEFORE the meet. First, you can simply click on the invoice number and pay the bill though Active.  This will include an additional charge of 4.95%.  Two, you could write a check to Buckeye Swim Club for the meet fee amount and hand it in to any coach at practice.  Three, you can pay the invoice through quickbooks, this includes a $2 admin fee per meet.

Please make sure you check your swim portal every week to two weeks.  Do not leave these invoices hanging as they really add up for the program.  We currently have about $1000 in meet fees due from various families.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

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