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Apparel Update

 “Thank you” to all of our Buckeye families for supporting the Booster Club’s winter apparel sale!!
We will be placing another sweatshirt order next week.  If you missed the sale and would like to order a hooded sweatshirt, please see Mary Owens, Salatha Evers, or Laurie Sallows at practice.  You may also contact Mary Owens via email   Cost is $25, please make your check payable to Buckeye Swim Club Boosters.  Orders are due by next Tuesday 1/2/17

Items Available For Immediate Purchase 
We will have samples at practices; let us know if you are interested in particular sizes so we can have them with us. Mary Owens –, Salatha Evers or Laurie Sallows
Speedo Dry-fit Polo Shirts - $35.00
We have 14 charcoal grey shirts ranging in size from x-tra small to XXL.
These are a new item and were not sold during the apparel sale.   
They are going fast, don’t wait too long!

Blankets - $25.00
We have 12 in stock ready for purchase!
Blankets are black waterproof nylon with a red fleece lining.  The lining is embossed with BKYS Swim Club.  These blankets will be great for meets where swimmers will be “camping” out in gyms during winter meets, and also during outdoor summer meets.  

$10.00 T-Shirts
Grey team shirt from this fall “Practice with Purpose”   Adult and Youth Sizes available
Pink BKYS Swimming – Youth L and Adult M sizes available
Red Goal Digger – (2) Adult Small
Grey Minion Shirt – Adult Large Only
White BKYS Buckeye Swimming – Youth M, L

Thanks again for your support!  

The apparel committee – Mary, Salatha, & Laurie


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The Pollock Family has donated about 60 t-shirts sporting the new team logo to our Booster Club. The shirts come in a variety of colors and sizes. Each family will have their chance to pick ONE shirt on Monday or Tuesday at practice. On Wednesday, any shirts remaining will be available to anyone. A donation to the booster club for your shirt is optional. The kids are now receiving their team t-shirts that were made exclusively for kids and coaches. Kast-A-Way has not yet printed our red t-shirts, if you would like to order one I suggest you call today. These shirts are being printed on a light weight t-shirt from Sport Tek.

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