Thursday, November 17, 2016

Swimmers of the Meet

We certainly knocked it out of the park at the UASC meet.  We were very excited to see the kids' focus & hard work come together for a lot of terrific swimming.  The following swimmers had personal best times in each of their swims:
Leah Adkins, Sophia Arnold, Samantha Blackburn, Nanami Campbell, Phillip Johnson, Amanda Jones, Samantha Jones, Jeanette Lopeman, Nicholas Mountz, Nathan Reynolds, Christopher Sabharwal, Sai Vidur Senthil Nathan, Sai Vidyud Senthil Nathan and Brody Van Frayen!

Swimmer of the meet recognition was so tight that we had to calculate in practice attendance and percent of time dropped!

First up from the UA meet is Brody Van Frayen! Brody had what we like to call a 'break out' meet, making huge drops in his swims from just a few weeks prior.  Brody is a quiet listener at practice and tries very hard to apply our stroke concepts. Next, also from the UA meet is Sai Vidyud!   Sai swam his first ever 500 free (and in that race his first 200) at UA and also had big drops in his events from just a few weeks ago.  Sai is a diligent learner at practice and a great communicator! Also, from the UA meet, Amanda Jones! Mandy is one of our toughest workers and has been training with speed and a great attitude towards making stroke improvements.  She also had huge drops from her swims just a  few weeks prior! Last, from the OSU meet, Christopher Sabharwal!  Christopher not only continues to have time drops each meet, he also competed in his first mile.  The coaches were very impressed with how composed he was and his ability to follow the race plan - he descended his 500's and negative split the race!  Congratulations swimmers!!

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