Thursday, November 17, 2016

Scarlet Update #2

We are now into our winter routine and are happy to report the kids have adjusted well. We continue to be very impressed with this group and the positive attitudes they bring to the pool.  We have increased our accountability demand and they are responding very well. This is the first group Buckeye has had in a long time that has bought into the ownership of their swimming.  Excuses are dropping and smiles are picking up.

Stroke Progress
We hit on two very simple and very effective freestyle and backstroke drills.  The progress in free was more than obvious at the UASC meet making us very proud coaches!  The backstroke drill was added at the UA meet and is making some impact on their skills at practice. 
Our next/current project is adding stress to their swimming. We are pushing them harder at practice, but asking them to hold their technique together.  If they can do this under stress, then they will find it easier to do so when pushing hard at a meet.  We will also start to remind the kids to streamline and kick hard off their walls.

Swimmer Log
At UA & OSU, we asked the swimmers to remember the skills that we asked them to work on and improve.  Interestingly, several could not recall these quickly when asked at practice a few days later.  Keeping a swimmer log book would help resolve this.  After each practice, swimmers should jot notes on how they felt at practice and what went well, what didn’t (can use the commit app for this).  After each meet, swimmers should write down their times, feelings/thoughts and coaches comments on what they need to improve.  For those using the commit app, we will start adding meets into the practice log so they can use this for their notes.  If you are having trouble logging in to commit, please email.

Goal Sheets
Each swimmer should have completed a goal sheet.  We will begin setting up meetings with our swimmers to review these and go over areas to focus on to help them attain their goals.

Water & Shoes
Everyone should have a water bottle at practice.  Everyone should have athletic or running shoes on Monday through Thursday.

Scarlet Positive Leadership Project
We spoke to the kids several weeks ago about this and are finally ready to put it into play.  We would like each swimmer to give a 2-5 minute presentation to their teammates on what motivates them. This can be a video or speech but cannot simply be a song.  If they utilize a song they will need to analyze it further on why it is motivational. We will help the swimmers with their presentation and will approve all before they are presented.  By doing this our swimmer should gain a deeper understanding of their passion for swimming.  This will also give them an opportunity to be a leader in their group and should take quite a few of our kids out of their comfort zone.  Last, we will end up starting each practice with some very positive motivation over the course of 6 weeks.  The kids will receive the parameters for this assignment in writing.

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday Arrival at the Pool
On these days after arriving at the pool we would like our Scarlet swimmers to head straight to the dryland room.  Please take all gear and bags up to the room as well.  Parents are welcome up there until a coach arrives (if there’s room you are welcome to stay & do dryland with us).  This will help keep the pool deck quiet(er) so that coaches can concentrate on the groups in the water. This is not necessary for our Thursday practice as we are first!

Please continue to ask questions of us when you have them!
Go Buckeyes!
Laurie & Jenn

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