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Penguin Plunge note from the Meet Director

PARENTS:  Please check our website Thursday night or Friday for warm-up times.  They have not been sent to us, but we did not want to hold up the team news any longer.

We have run in to a bit of an issue with this year's Penguin Plunge. In short it is going to be very crowded. All entries have been accepted although our entries went up dramatically from last year to this year. In an effort to accommodate as many swimmers as possible without cutting teams or swimmers we are going to make a few adjustments. 
We have cut all 10 and under 100s and 200s. This enables us to accept everyone and maintain the published timeline. Since swimmers were permitted four individual events, we expect that most will have at least three remaining events to swim. (NOTE: Coach Karr will comb through the Buckeye entries and add kids back in to shorter events if they are cut form too many swims due to this change).

We will not be swimming any relays in any session, this will cut down on time as well as the number of people trying to watch at any given time. Our stands only have room for about 150 spectators, which considering we have around 200 swimmers entered per session this presents a big space concern in the stands.

Last year we ran in to issues with parents not being able to watch their swimmers swim, which led to frustration. What we ask is that each of you communicate with your parents and inform them that spending the whole meet in the stands is simply not an option. Parents should be in the wrestling room or in the pool lobby with their children and move to the stands only when their swimmer is swimming. Also, this may not be a meet to bring extended family or grandparents to see their swimmer compete.

Please let your team families know in advance that it will be crowded and we need their cooperation to run a successful meet, and to help ensure everyone can watch their swimmer swim. If this doesn't work at the Penguin Plunge we will be forced to reduce the number of swimmers and teams we accept entries for our following meets. We really want to accommodate every swimmer and team that wants to participate but need your help to make this possible. Again, please let your parents know in advance about our space issues so they will be prepared and so that we can avoid frustrations for all.

We will be collecting Toys for Tots that can be dropped off as you enter the meet. Thanks for your support.

Looking forward to a great meet!

John Sands
Meet Director


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The Pollock Family has donated about 60 t-shirts sporting the new team logo to our Booster Club. The shirts come in a variety of colors and sizes. Each family will have their chance to pick ONE shirt on Monday or Tuesday at practice. On Wednesday, any shirts remaining will be available to anyone. A donation to the booster club for your shirt is optional. The kids are now receiving their team t-shirts that were made exclusively for kids and coaches. Kast-A-Way has not yet printed our red t-shirts, if you would like to order one I suggest you call today. These shirts are being printed on a light weight t-shirt from Sport Tek.


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