Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thank You!

The coaches would like to thank all of the parents for their tremendous support this season.  It has been so rewarding for us to hear your kind words of encouragement to us and each other.  We are fortunate to have such a large group of swimmers (new and returning) and to see so many swimmers in the pool together having fun and swimming faster.  With our growth, we have faced new challenges with scheduling and space and we appreciate how everyone has adapted to the constraints of our current facility.

Tuesdays are our most challenging day and our Winter Schedule, which started yesterday, went very well.  Your cooperation with remaining in designated parent areas has allowed us to accommodate all of our practice groups comfortably.  Here are a few tips and reminders that will help everyone:
  • Drop your swimmer(s) off when possible
  • Remain in the designated parent area during practice
  • Allow the coaches to coach during practice.  If you need to speak with them, try to arrange a time via e-mail or catch them quickly (limit your time with coaches before or after practice so they are able to work with the next group)
  • Allow the coaches to work through difficulties with your swimmer.  Part of group activities is learning and gaining independence and confidence in themselves and others to "look out for them."
  • Be sure to stay clear of the pace clocks.  All groups are either using the clocks or developing this skill.  This is a greater interference than you may realize, so please be conscious of where the clocks are and avoid those areas
  • Please avoid the area at the shallow end of the pool (whiteboard) - this is reserved for coaches and all of the junk that they need to spread out during practice
  • Remind your swimmers that the tiled seating area (north side) is for swimmer bags, towels, shoes, etc.  We are using every bit of deck space!

Thank you again for your support of the team.  We have had three very successful meets and the parents have been a huge part of that!

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