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The 12 Books of Christmas

 Find the perfect story to inspire and motivate your young athletes in and out of the pool! I have compiled all of our quarantine book reviews in one place plus a few new books and new releases that even we haven't read yet!

1. Silver Linings by Elizabeth Beisel
I have always been a fan of Elizabeth Beisel because we swam the same events. After reading this book I’m an even bigger fan because I learned that she also likes Harry Potter and we have the same favorite sub from Jimmy Johns (the #12 beach club btw). For those who don’t know, Coach Laurie is a HUGE survivor fan and Elizabeth competed on the show last season. When I saw that she was signing personalized copies of her book during quarantine I thought it would make a perfect Mother’s Day gift (plus then I could also read the book). Silver Lining chronicles the ups and downs of Elizabeth Beisel’s extensive swimming career. Her book takes you through being a fussy baby who would only calm down when her mom put her in the water, making her first national team at age 13, and through 3 Olympic Games. Her success in the pool did not come without failure and I believe her ability to learn from her mistakes is one of the things that pushed her to be not just one of the best swimmers in the world but also one of the best leaders. Her ability to express her feelings of loneliness, isolation, and anxiety was so relatable that it made me want to reach through the pages and give her a hug and let her know she is not alone. Elizabeth’s journey and how she carried herself through it truly embodies the Olympic Creed.
For a personalized signed copy, purchase from her website: