Monday, April 1, 2019

Communication & Social Media - Follow Us!

We have a few social media platforms that we use regularly to communicate with you.  Please make sure you are following us to stay up to date. Our top 3 platforms are:

Slack:  Slack is our newest platform and is an app that we use to get quick communication to everyone.  Full slack instructions will be at the end of this post.

Instagram - we use Instagram to recognize our swimmers
Facebook - Facebook will automatically post our Instagram posts, plus we will share useful swimming articles.

Google Calendars - we recommend you follow our google calendars on your smartphone.  We have recently split the calendars into specific group calendars to help you see only the events in your specific groups:
Senior, Junior & NPG
Scarlet 2 & Gold
Scarlet 1
Scarlet 3
Silver Competition
Silver Recreation
Intro to Swim Team
Meets & Events

Many of the calendars above have yet to be updated to our website.  Only Senior and the Meet calendar have events on them as of the creation of this post.  All of these will be updated in the coming weeks.

Twitter We are not actually on twitter often, however many of our posts will auto post there as a convenience to those of you that use this platform.

General team news - we send weekly emails through the help of Blogger and MailChimp.  This post was written in blogger and can be seen quickly by subscribing to our blog. Mail Chimp will compile all new blog posts each week and send you a weekly email. Those come from Laurie's email address (laurie@bkyswim,com) and can be replied to. The blog posts also are displayed on our website at

Specific Group E-Mails, Meet Sign-Ups and Specific Meet Information:
We use our registration system (Active) to send all emails specific to a group or meet.  These come from the email address that will need to be added to your safe sender list.

Website we primarily use our website as a marketing platform.  However, you can get team news, calendars, season information and other updates there.  At some point we will start embedding slack feeds as well.

What is Slack?
We’re glad you asked! Slack is a collaboration hub that connects your organization — all the pieces and the people — so you can get things done.

Why use Slack?
  • Collaborate online just like you would in person.
  • Bring the right people and information together in one place.
  • Communicate efficiently, stay connected, and get things done faster.
Slack is comprised of channels: a single place for messaging, tools, and files. Most of your communication with other members will happen in channels.

They can be organized around anything — departments, projects, or even office locations — and you can create as many channels as you need. Every workspace starts with two by default: a #general channel and a #random channel.

Channel types
👀Public Channels
  • Public channels are open to your entire workspace.
  • Messages are archived in Slack and searchable by all members, except guests.
  • A public channel has a # hashtag icon in its name.
🙈Private Channels
  • Private channels are not open to your entire workspace.
  • You have to be invited to view and participate in the channel's discussion.
  • A private channel has a  lock icon in its name.
Slack Best Practices
The first responses we received was a desire to keep important announcements in one place.  To do this we changed the name of the #general folder to #team-announcements.  The only things posted there should be time sensitive information that the entire team needs.  Please adhere to this, so that everyone keeps their notifications on for this channel.

We have the following additional channels to help communicate with smaller groups of people.
Group Channels
#Scarlet (Scarlet 1, 2, 3 & Gold), #Silver (Silver Comp, Rec and Intro) & #Senior (Senior, Junior & NPG).  These channels will auto pull the practice schedule off our team calendar each week.  It is a long pull, but easy to scroll right on past if you aren't interested in reading it.  These folders will also automatically post as soon as I make a change to a practice on our google calendar.  So if a practice is canceled you'll see a post come up much like this:

Scarlet APP [9:06 AM]
Calendar event was cancelled
Scarlet 1 Bonus Practice
Feb 23 from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM at Columbus North Athletic Club, 888 E Dublin Granville Rd, Columbus, OH 43229, USA

Swim Meets
In the week leading up to the meet we will post any updates such as psych sheets and warm-up schedules.

This is a safe place to throw any pictures from team events, practices, etc.

Everything Else
Anything you feel like sharing can go here.  This channel was used to find a team suit this past week-end.  Great use of Slack!

Not everyone wants Slack pinging every time something is posted.  You can change your notifications based on what is important to you.  We think it is a good idea to keep notifications turned on for #team-announcements.  Your teammates will get better at using it wisely as we learn.

To manage your notifications go into your settings (swipe left on iOS, tap the three dots on Android) tap notifications then choose your preferences.  You can set different notifications for mobile and desktop.  You can also have notifications emailed to you.

Our do not disturb hours are currently set for 9 pm to 8 am.  Notifications do not go out between those hours.

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