Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Meet Entry Deadlines Approaching

Please head to your Active Portal and accept or decline your entry into the next few meets.  The first deadline is for our May 12 meet in Akron - the deadline is Weds 4/25.  The next deadline is for our June 15-17 Meet at Denison- this deadline is Monday, April 30!

Communication Notes:

  • We will make every effort to add deadlines to the Event Schedule - this is an easy calendar to follow on Google, see on the TeamApp app or view on our Meet Schedule page.
  • We will make every effort to add meet info packets on the TeamApp app, onto the Event Calendar and in our website (via the OneDrive folders).
  • The meet schedule is posted in the TeamApp app, can be followed via Google Calendars and is on our website under the Meet Schedule page (it is in pdf form, calendar form and in grid form).
  • An earlier error on the Meet Schedule Page that had our One Drive grid from last year has been corrected.
  • As meet entry files are received from, they are imported into Active. Once we invite you to the meet, you can see it in your portal.

Why all the redundancy? 
We're just trying to make it as easy as possible to find the information you need in this highly digital world.  You will not get paper copies of any of this.  Pick your favorite 1-2 methods and check often. Always check your Active Portal weekly.

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