Wednesday, January 24, 2018

City BBQ Night

Please come out and support BKYS at City BBQ on Thursday, February 1, 2018.  The team will receive 25% of all proceeds with the attached coupon.  Be sure to help advertise by posting to your social media and printing out coupons for family, friends and coworkers! Let's enjoy some delicious food and raise some money for the team!  See you all there on Thursday!
Fundraising with City Barbeque!
Thank you for choosing to fundraise with City Barbeque! Here are a few ground rules to remind you
of how our program works:
•     City Barbeque holds fundraising events for non-profit organizations only. We’ll need your
group’s current tax ID number in order to schedule your event.
•     For you to receive credit for a sale, a guest must turn in a copy of your group’s flyer or
show the cashier your online fundraiser barcode from his or her mobile device when making a
•     You may not pass out or distribute flyers on City Barbeque property.
•     In order to receive your percentage of the proceeds from your group’s eligible sales, your
total fundraising proceeds must be $25 or more—City Barbeque can’t issue donation checks for less
than $25 due to administrative costs. Checks will be mailed out within three weeks of your
•     The percentage of sales you will receive is based on food, beverage, and bottled sauce sales.
Gift card or tee shirt purchases are not included in this total, nor is sales tax.

Here are some tips on promoting your fundraiser:
•     Print the flyer and distribute to your friends, family, colleagues, etc.
•     Email the flyer to your contacts—we’ve provided it in both JPEG and PDF formats, so you can
either insert the JPEG as an image in the body of your email or can attach the PDF flyer, asking
them to print and distribute.
•     Utilize social media! We’ve provided images for you to use online to get the word out. These
images do not have specific information about your fundraising day, just the address of the
restaurant, so be sure to include those details in the text of your post. Remember to always
include the date of your fundraiser when communicating it out to your friends!
A few example social media posts for you:
•     XYZ Organization is having a Fundraiser on XYZ date! Come out and show your support while
enjoying some ‘que, and we will get 25% of the sales back!
•     XYZ Organization is having a Fundraiser on XYZ date! All you have to do is eat BBQ, and we
get 25% back.
•     XYZ Organization is having a Fundraiser at City Barbeque! Be sure to scan the barcode on XYZ
date and we will receive 25% back!
•     Come out for our fundraiser on XYZ date. Please share this post with your friends!

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