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February Swimmers of the Meet!

WOW!!! What a month we had.  I am sometimes left wondering when our kids will stop dropping time. Her are our swimmers of the meet from February - the incredible swimming made for some difficult choices.

TYR Inivitational
Kelly Godfrey went 4 of 5 best times at the TYR meet and along the way learned a lot about her strengths as  swimmer.  This meet set her up for an outstanding Regional where she picked up her first ever JO cut and had near misses in a few others. All in events she would never have considered as her strengths at the beginning of the year.  Congrats Kelly!

Jeremy Baggs had a solid meet with a couple of event wins and 7 of 8 in best times.  During the meet Jeremy was met with a new challenge that he handled with poise & grace beyond his years.  Jeremy's maturity, but ability to keep things fun and in perspective is a part of his success int he pool.  Congratulations Jeremy!

Honorable Mention
The entire meet squad gets honorable mention as we were the top scoring team from Columbus at this meet. Great efforts from everyone to score points and contribute: Jeremy, Chase, Pierce & Reed Bateman, Cheyney & Rheygyn Carr, Maddie Eaton, Kelly, Wesley Hammond, Reece & Wyatt Hanley, Bobbi & Logan Indest, Ellie Ishida, Richard Mazur, Anna, Jack & Michael McGrath, Drew & Thaine Nederveld, Rachel Raque, Payton Roth, Emma & Jack Secrest, Gabrielle & Lincoln Shirley, Macey Swearingen & Arden Tonjes!

Event Winners
Jeremy Baggs - 50 fly, 100 IM
Macey Swearingen  - 100 free

NAAC Kicker Classic
Cheyney Carr had a great meet swimming 4 of 4 best times with a huge drop in the 200 free.  Cheyney finished 2nd in 3 of her 4 events as well. Congrats Cheyney!

Oli Gollmar was on fire, picking up not only her first JO cut but her 2nd in the 50 & 100 back   She went 4 for 4 in best times and set herself up to pick up more JO cuts at the Regional meet.  She also won all 4 of her events.  Way to go Olie!

Anish Indukuri had a great day swimming 4 of 4 best times and completing the 50 fly.  He had big time drops in his 100's and was able to finish 4th in the 100 free.  Anish is very diligent at practice, working hard on stroke drills.  Congrats Anish!

Honorable Mention Brianna Allenstein, Ulas Cini, Isabelle De La Rosa, Mateo De La Rosa, Kelsey Deistler, Katie Eramo, Donovan Hunt, Cris Kubatko, Ky Kralovic, Mia Provenzano, Julie Ritzler, Payton Roth, Gabrielle Shirely & Chase Swearingen!

Event Winners:
Caleb Baker - 100 back, 100 free & 200 free
Grace Baker - 200 free
Olie Gollmar - 100 back, 100f ree, 50 back & 200 IM
Wesley Hammond - 100 fly
Elise Robinson - 25 breast
Brendan Valleau - 25 fly

Regional Championships
WOW! What a meet....this was very difficult to choose
Anna McGrath  went 7 of 7 in best times at this meet, which included HUGE time drops in her races.  She made it back to finals in the 50 & 100 breast and 200 free as well.  Congrats Anna!

Grace Weidenhamer also went 7 of 7 on best times with huge time drops and some incredible racing moments. She is a great competitor that loves to track people down at the end of a swim.  Way to go Grace!

Caleb Baker  went 7 for 7 on best times and has really risen to the challenge of competing with the 13-14 boys nicely (he just aged up 2 months ago).  He is getting close to JO's that weren't a reality 6 months ago.  His drive to win and dedication to improving are outstanding.  Congrats Caleb!

Honorable Mention
Erin Baggs -all best times
Jeremy Baggs - NASA cut int eh 13-14 200 breast at time trials
Grace Baker - 6 best times
Chase Bateman - 6 best times, 2 new JO cuts
Audrey Butcher 5/6 best times
Grace Butcher - HUGE DROPS - 6/7 best times
Ulas Cini - all best times
Kelly Godfrey - all best times, one new JO cut
Olie Gollmar - all best times, # new JO cuts
Wyatt Hanley - 3 best times, finalist in 50 back (age 7)
Natalie Hegg- 3 best times, overcoming adversity award!
Maura Hickey - all best times
Bobbi Indest - broke 30 in the 50 free!
Logan Indest - 6 of 7 best times, one new JO cut
Ellie Ishida - all best times, one new JO cut!
Emma Logan - 3 best times
Katherine Miller - 4/5 best times
Nia Moutawakil - 5/6 best times, 3 brand new events!
Drew Nederveld - all best times, HUGE DROPS
Thaine Nederveld - 6/7 best tiems, one new JO cut
Liz Passias - 5 best times
Sloan Phallen - all best times
Abby Robinson  - all best times
Emma Secrest - 6 best times
Chase Swearingen - all best times, age 7 multiple event finalist!
Alex & Isabelle Walters - all best tiems!!
Graham Weidenhamer - all best times, 2 new JO cuts!

the coaches are BUCKEYE PROUD!!!


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