Monday, October 8, 2012

Practice Schedule Tweaks

We have a few schedule changes that need to be made for our swimmers benefits.  These have come out of seeing the schedule in action and coaches discussions about what is and isn't working within the schedule.  Please make a note of the following changes -these are effectively immediately.

Silver 1 will start later and finish later: 4:45-6:00
This will allow the group to work with Silver 2 for 45 minutes which is beneficial for both groups.

Scarlet will start at 4:45 and swim until 6:30.
Silver 1 & 2 will start at 5:30 and swim until 7:00
Once again, the coaches feel that we need to combine the groups to create a better learning environment for the swimmers.  The energy level on Fridays has been high and a bit difficult to work with.  By combining the groups we can push each lane at an appropriate pace.

ALL groups now start at 6:00
This is a tentative change as we wait for confirmation from OWU that we can utilize the entire pool at 6:10 until 7:30.

Scarlet 2:
We would like to encourage our Scarlet 2 swimmers to take Friday afternoon off and replace that practice with Saturdays at 7 am with Senior.

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